Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Dear Mother Carol

Sorry for revealing your name there.  So about Knudson.  He was in Rio Tercero before me with Elder Biggs. He was a good kid. He knew Kyle so we were best friends. 

Ight that's all I have about him now. So Christmas, hey if you could send me a picture of the presents I got.  The screen was blurry the whole time so I couldnt see anything but hey it was super cool to see and talk to you guys.  It felt like I was home for a little bit.  Next time though you should just pass it around so I can talk to peole individually.  That's what Elder O´Hanley did and it was better I thought, but hey not saying to do anything.  Next day is mother's day so I'll talk to you the most for sure, but if Shonia is around that's cool too haha. 

Aw I know how Grandma Shields feels. It's super hot here too.  I couldnt sleep very good last night just cause it gets hot but it's all good. 

Hey I forgot to tell you this but.... FELIZ CUMPLE AÑOS!!!!!!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever ha now how old are you? 32? man you're still a young buck ha. 

That's cool someone still remembers me haha I hope they realize they helped my decision for the mission too.  They have some pretty good kids too. It's crazy to think we are all growing up and all that good stuff.

Wish Devin good luck for me. I don't have a ton to say. We will be going to Rio Cuarto this Wednesday so maybe we will have some good stories for you guys then. 

This Sunday I blessed the sacrament again.   I bless it prolly every other Sunday but anyways it was me and Elder O'Hanley blessing it.  I did the pan or the bread, because it was longer ha and he did the agua.  I read pretty fluent, so I was like a freaking latino.

Hey if you have questions ask me.  I don't know what to say so yeah ask me stuff for a longer response.

Just know I'm good here and love you all and hope you have a great new years and birthday and that Devin steps it up in sports and all that good stuff ha. Love you and talk to you next week.

Elder Lindsay

MTC District at the Cordoba Argentina Christmas Party
New kicks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23, 2014


Just imagine that Hello in a Spanish accent haha.
Hey good to hear from you.  So skype plans are to call from here at 2 to 2:30 anywhere in there and that means it will be 10 at home so let me know how that goes.

So you said it doesn't feel like Christmas with the rain??? Bienvenidos a mi mundo. Welcome to my world ha no it's pretty crazy to think I'll be spending Christmas away from home for the next two years. But also it's pretty crazy living the meaning of Christmas too. Like you aren't just thinking about what your gunna get people and all that stress stuff ha you put a lot of thinking into what the Savior actually means. Like Christmas being the nacimiento de Jesucristo. For some reason I feel like we never really celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, or we just skip over the fact that God gave us his perfect Son. That's pretty cool to think one baby that was perfect and yet denied by many, living a life in a way that gives everyone a perfect example to follow. We are pretty dang privileged to have that gift in our lives, like the gospel of Jesus, the teachings of Jesus Christ, all his life wasn't for us to over look the true meaning of Christmas. So for Christmas this year I guess that's kinda just one thing I'll change.  More than just presents and parties but what started it all, getting to be with family and stuff is pretty cool and stuff but Jesus is a stud so remember him at Christmas.

Well yeah now how about that picture frame?!?  Looks pretty dang good to me.  Especially with that mullet.  I was thinking the other day what all your grandkids will think haha freaking hick redneck, Aw man it was worth it though.  I at least have some mission pictures without it to show I wasn't totally messed up in the head.  I'll prolly grow another one with a beard when I get home. Now this time I'd be fat though. I got your package for Christmas, the one with the journal and high chews ha and as well as Shonias.  Good heck I hope you know she is pretty freaking awesome. Well I know you do but another reminder never hurts.

Mission is going good. Still super hard to get people to church here.  We had some "promises" and we went like heck on our bikes to get them to church.  The kid we were going to, when we got there he was like, oh sorry i have a girl here in the house I slept with last night and I cant just leave her here alone. So yeah stupid stuff like that happens about every Sunday, Satan really knows how to keep people in their home Sunday mornings I guess. Still no baptisms.  Frustrated, but I know it's not about the baptisms.  There are plenty of people to reactivate too so we'll try to knock 2 birds with one stone here this transfer.

Well hope everything is going good, Love you all and have a very Merry Christmas!

Elder Lindsay 10

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hola todos!

Okay so sounds like the house is pretty set for Christmas.  It doesn't quite feel like Christmas yet. It is always super hot and don't tell the Argentinians but I don't think a big fat man in a hot red coat wants to come and give them presents in this heat, haha.  I guess that will be my excuse for not getting present. Santa doesn't belong where it's hot on Christmas. But hey trees look good outside the house at home. I dont think I'll recognize any of our house when I get home.  Especially with my queen size bed gone! I was pretty sad at that one. Ha black doors too? eh hey i guess whatever pinterest has is really getting in your head mom.

 Hey tell the older lurp hello, ha idk if he realized I was gone. He's been with that red head for some time now ha.  Tell him to watch for airplanes while he has his head in the clouds. And happy b-day to the red head también.

How bout that New Testament.  I dont spend a ton of time in it.  But hearing a testamony of Jesus is pretty cool. Jesus was an awesome Savior.  As for christmas I was asking a few members today and also my companion what goes on and what time we Skype.  I guess it's around 5 so that is like 1 at home ha but I'll let you know next week with more detail. We have the mission Christmas party the 22nd so maybe I'll get like a present haha that would be cool.  I was thinking about like a notebook or laptop or something but idk if that will happen.  ha No Last year they gave ties to everyone so hey that will be cool.

Also tell Devin that basketball is a mental game as well as a physical game. The average athlete will run until they feel like they are tired and then quit.  Then there are athletes that run until their body is actually tired.  Your body can go crazy forever and still be good but mentally we start breaking up and thinking we can't go on.  The mental part is when you have to quit thinking you're tired and just keep going and giving it everything.  So it's physical and mental at the same time.  If you master them both what do you get?  A real athlete like Michael Jordan.  Conquer the mental!

Well you asked if I have been in any scary situations haha well I guess you will just have to wait two years before you get that answer haha. Well hey I know I didn't have a lot to say but I'll be here in Rio Tercero for the next 6 weeks and prolly 6 more after that but for sure these 6.  Hope everything is going great and love you all and make sure you tell everyone Feliz Navidad for me.

Love you and cho.
Elder Lindsay 10

The fiesta antes Papa Noel llegar

Just messing around before the transfer ends.

Santa O'Hanley

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014


Hey hope everything is going good en casa. It's easier to say stuff like that cause those kind of little phrases are printed in mi mente ahora. Sounds like that house has been getting a little make over. I'll probably think it's a different house when I get home. So a little story to get Devin scared! So I haven't played ball since ball season last year. I was like freak Devin might be able to touch me when I get home. So yeah yo tuve un poco miedo. But the other day I was walking with Elder O´Hanley and we passed a building with a door open and inside was a gym. We went in and there was some people in there so we asked if we could shoot around for a sec. They said sure.  The kids that were in the gym were on this championship team here in Rio Tercero.  They were anywhere from 18 to 28 so they were pretty good. My comp and I were and shooting around and then we asked if they wanted to play some 2 on 2. They agreed.  Ha might I add my comp has only played church ball before and is comparable to the wrestlers at ball ha ha.  But anyways we were playing these dudes in our church clothes with my slippery shoes that weigh like 15 lbs each.  We won! I was freaking on fire and yeah Devin better keep practicing. This extra weight I've gained just made me unstoppable haha.  But hey after they were interested in what we do so it wasn't just for a pick up game haha.

Well hey sounds like everything is going good. Transfers are this next week.  We will know by Saturday what's happening and then Monday are transfers. It's about 50/50 still but I bet I'm staying in Rio Tercero but no promises. 

The sisters here had a baptism this last week so good on them.  We cleaned the baptismal font and everything for them.  It's super hot here right now and they said to put just hot water in the font so we did haha.  I felt really bad.  Lets just say the investigator felt the spirit very warm haha. 

Well hey that's about all I have to say for this week so love you all and tell Dev good luck.

Elder Lindsay 10

Last week's baptism.

Before the haircut - Sorry about the scary face.

 After the haircut - Ready for zone conference.

 Companion Elder O'Hanley's bike.  It was a bad wreck.  There was a scorpion involved. lol

Her kidney stone. Yikes!  She is deaf and Dylan says she is AWESOME!!

With Elder O'Hanley
Being a King in a talent show.

She wanted a good picture with the missionaries.
I learned long ago that when Dylan cooperates for a picture, it's not going to be good.
I sure miss his goofball face!


Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

It was super hot so we went to the pencion to get some water.
Hey good to hear your talk went good mom, ha I was thinking about it Sunday. I'm sure I would have been proud. I didn't think you would actually frame that picture haha, guess I'll be more careful of what I send home.  No jk it looks good.. Really! Good. Ha tell Devin to take notes and maybe someday he will look that good. I'd say that to Koda too but he has a girl that likes him the way he is ha. No good to see they are alive. 
Oh and that present for you know who will be perfect! Tell Kristy Mushisimo Gracias for me. 
And Also Grandma Lindsay and Junior and Norita.  Money is always nice to have here. I promise I won't get robbed. Jk I cant promise that but I'll promise I wont have all the money on me when I do ha just to keep you on edge mom. 

So for Thanksgiving we had empanadas and then the bishop's wife, Hermana Matillio, had me write down some desserts that she could try to make so I wrote down everything I could ha and heck yeah she ended up making some pumpkin rolls and some other pie but yeah pumpkin rolls.  Tell grandma not to worry hers are still the best.

This Sunday was super good, except our investigator Natacha didn't make it to church because her 10 year son Kevin didn't want to.  We went to the house and she wanted to but he didn't so they didn't make it.  The sisters in this area have an investigator that is de 10, her name is Irma and she is getting baptized this Saturday so that's awesome. 

Well hope all is well back home ha mom yeah dulce means sweet but maybe amable is a better word to use ha the words literally mean what they mean here ha so yeah not as much slang, just saying. I knew what you meant but hey good job with it.  I enjoy reading it and seeing if you did it right ha. Castellano is fun.

Love you all and have a great first week of ball. Miss it but hey I can still grab the rim. The only difference is I score a soccer goal before I go grab it ha.

Bueno le amo mucho y porte se bien.
Love Elder Lindsay 10

Dylan's Letter To Dean:

So the packages of candy were good.  I ate some and my comp ate some and then I gave a lot to some members so they are all pretty well gone. I'll make sure to let you know if I need something else. Socks and everything are good. Shoes are wearing down slowly but they are still good. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that my pants were getting tighter but I haven't been eating near as much as before, which is a good thing. I think I've actually lost some weight. Ha good thing cause I don't want to buy new pants at 2 transfers into the mission ha. I've been doing my workouts still and my comp is like a big kid and I'm stronger than him. So yeah you best be scared when I get back ha. I look like a mut right now cause haven't cut my hair for a bit.  My comp didn't have money for it so we have been waiting but we will go this week. We have a conference in Rio Cuarto this Wednesday so I'll get it cut before we go to that. Well everything is still going ight.  Hope work doesn't get too crazy and have a good one padre
Love you and cho
Elder Lindsay

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014


So I'm writing this on a members computer and it's slow so this might be short. Things that I'm most thankful for on the mission... probably either my family or just the opportunity to give the gospel to the people here. It is sad to see how families are so spread out compared to our weird little family, Makes me grateful to have everything I have, including my socks. But yeah I'm for sure a lot more grateful for the examples we have in our town.  Lots of the people here aren't good examples for their kids or their neighbors or anything so it's awesome to come from a town where everyone is close and just makes the church special. Also I'm grateful for the family.  I don't think i realized how important a family was until setting down and reading my patriarchal blessing and just everything is so special and sacred.  Oh and I'm thankful for the states.  We are a blessed people with a blessed land for sure. 

Bueno that's what I am thankful for.  And yes I've had a good share of grido helado. Grido is the store name and helado is ice cream but yeah I've had a good amount of ice cream and only like 6 bloody noses so hey that's cool too ha.  Oh yeah i received 4 packages.  Ha you prolly should only send like 1 or 2 packages a month just cause they charge me to receive them.  That or put money on my card for them and then send away haha.  I got the freaking awesome Christmas tree and then the stuffing with candy and then also other candy ones.  Yeah i got 4 and everyone was so jealous haha awesome mom thanks.

Well like I said this was gunna be short.  Hope all the family is doing good.  Love you all and porta se bien. Lots of love, and have an amazing thanksgiving!

Elder Lindsay 10

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hola Familia y amigos

Que tal eh? 

Hope everything is going great in the Basin. Things are still kinda slow here.  We have like 4 investigators that will get baptized but time is kinda bad. Some have to wait until the end of this month because that's when they go on their big break.  So we will have some to teach then.  Also after January they will pass a new law that lets people get divorced a lot easier.  Then that's two baptisms more that we will have. There are a lot of people down here that either don't want to get married or that were married and broke up but didn't get divorced cause it was too much money. They have had to know the address of their spouse that was probably in a different place.  So now all they will have to do is sign a paper for one of them and it's done. We have a couple that will get divorced and married after January. Another guy, Javiar that speaks in English, his wife is a teacher of a Catholic church.  The preacher found out he was taking lessons and said if he didn't stop he would fire his wife.  Freak yeah that was the devil throwing a boulder. So we will talk to him later this week and see what we can do. We have another girl named Natacha.  She is like 45 and she knows the church is true but she smokes.  She is working on that now.  Her son has a bad infection in his lungs right now and will go to Cordoba for a surgery.  So that's crappy. Also we have this family that the mom just had a baby but they have two other boys that are about the same age as those two kids I was taking pics with the one day.  They are good friends so I think that is a good possibility too. The biggest thing that we have a problem with here is assistance. If there was one thing that I know that would help the most is to have members being involved in the work. Two 18-21 year old kids sharing the message isn't gunna do it in all cases.  Satan is working harder than in the past and through some crazy ways. 

In answer to mom's email. Things I like would probably be learning.  That might be weird coming from me but like there is some pretty cool promises that are taken for granite in the commandments. That and seeing how forgetful people in the scriptures are. Between that and then seeing how people are here is pretty cool to compare. But I like always knowing what I should be doing.  Not like at work.  Kind of like you should know what you are dong but you don't know what you will be doing one year from now.  The mission work is always the same. Always just trying to help people.

My favorite thing in the MTC was probably gym, or when I actually did something right.  That didn't happen often for me but when it did I was Elder Fuego ha, 

The hardest thing right now is just not knowing everything I should.  Like i want to be able to help and give good thoughts in the lessons but I don't feel like I give enough. I'm definitely not up to my potential so I'll keep working.  Having 2 gringo companions, one from Vegas, is super cool but they just talk in English.  So learning is slow but hey it's going.  I can get by in small talk for the most part.  But when I don't understand one word, I don't understand anything of what they say. So yeah got a ways but its going good. 

But yeah those are just some things that I could think of so good luck with your talk ha. You'll do great as long as you don't cry haha.  Just know I'm alive and in God's hands. But hey that's about all I have for today.  Other than I need a workout schedule.  My gut is actually a gut now. Like I'll prolly muffin top haha no I'm gunna start changing my eating habits and do more abs. Ha it's crazy.  Fat is so weird.  But i can still grab the rim so its all good. 

Hey love you all and hope all is well.
Love Elder Lindsay 10

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014

Hola me mama amado!

Hey so this pday. We went to Rio Cuarto for our zone conference yesterday, so we didn't have time to email.  It was kinda crazy.  We were at this guys house named Gustavo and I was like man we got to go or we are going to miss the bus peeps! But we sat there forever and Gustavo wanted to make us an asado but we had to go.  We ended up still missing our bus at 7 so we had to get a bus to Almafuerte at 8:30 and then catch another bus to Rio Cuarto. We made it there about 11 but yeah ha good stuff. This happened Sunday btw.

But hey mission is doing ight. This week went a little slower because I swear I'm like the senior companion haha. No Elder O´Hanley is chill. He is from sin city but he's a good kid. He is fun to talk to.  It sucks though because I read better than him in Spanish so I'm like... Well crap now how am I gunna learn Spanish.  No i'ts good though.  This will help me learn to study and all that good fun stuff. He just never went over the grammar stuff so I'll be slower learning Spanish this transfer. He has the same time as Elder Biggs so he will prolly die here in Rio Tercero.  Haha hopefully I'm here so I can inherit all his stuff haha like the converter y los cosos. But yeah don't worry about me.  I'm not one to have a low head, unless its like the last game of ball or something. Those always got to me. 

But in answer to your email.
So big sis Ave be dating now. Thats crazy ha keep her around in case I need a fade haircut again. And yeah tell her to watch out for those stupid peacocks... Stupid things.

Ha good to hear you fixed the lawnmower, and even better you didn't get hurt. I'll still say maybe next time if that happens stay on the mower till dad gets home haha.

So man that hunk on the church board... Yeah who was that?  Said he was in Cordoba Argentina... Oh hmm would you look at that.  That's me! ha looks good, and tell Grandma Shields hello for me, and also let me know how Joe is.

Ha so yeah there are people here that if I don't shave for a stinking day they think I'm like 25.  One guy thought I was a doctor haha and then I talked. No but he really thought I looked like a doctor con mi poco barba. but yeah I feel bad for the kid that looks like he is 12, ha i can only imagine. Oh yeah hey good on CJ too. I wish everyone could see how important the stuff with church is. But hey ellas tienen su albedrío. Ha I hope you like these little inserts of Spanish once in a while. 

Super sad to hear about Pyper. Prayers to that family.

So idk if I've got any packages yet.  I think so but the dang elder over mail is lazy and didn't get it in time so we have to wait till December until we get mail ha yeah sucks but it's ight. Only 2 years.

Hope all the family is doing good. Ha don't be thinking I'll have an accent because I'm around my greengo comp and yeah already said that but just saying for Christmas.

Well hey love you all to death and back. Keep me updated on everything. Tell Ryan and Allen thanks for writing and emailing me.  I appreciated it and hey until next week. Buenas nachos! That's what I say at night...( I know its wrong btw) 

Love you and later
Elder Lindsay 10

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014 (Dean's Letter from Dylan)

So yeah it was super cold here these last few days, compared to what it has been.  But it's warming back up. It was just a cold front I guess. But yeah turns out Elder Biggs se fue, he left and now I have a new companion.  Kinda sucks. Made me sad cause Elder Biggs is a really good friend now.

So the investigators are very tough here. They havent had an investigator in church since the last baptism like 6 months ago.  We are working hard but the people don't like to do more than they need to.  But we will get it.

Ha I'm gonna be terrible at ball when I get back.  I'll always be able to dribble but the area I'm in we are 2 hours aways from the rest of our zone so we don't ever play them and it's tough.  So I'll prolly not get to play much soccer or ball in this area and I'll prolly be here for 6 months. So yeah long time without basketball ha and Steve Nash would be a good coach I think. 

Ha Devin is a goon but good thing he is keeping his head right and thinking mission haha.

We go and get our hair cut around town.  Last time I think they did ight.  It wasn't like mom's but it was good enough. I don't have as much style on the mission haha.

Hey you could have mom but some stuff from this message and add to her blog cause i forgot to add the little things. Oh and let me know how devs christmas present goes.

Love you dad!
Elder Lindsay

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Dear Family

So this week was kinda sad. We had transfers and Elder Biggs got transferred.  Now I have a new companion from Las Vegas named Elder O´Hanley. He is pretty cool but I can tell it won't be like Elder Biggs.  We were pretty close. But that's alright.  I'll just have to grow up I guess haha. 

I had to go to Cordoba this last week for some legal stuff and seen my district.  I guess the rest of my district from the MTC comes this transfer too,  so that's cool.  Also went to sleep at like 2 in the morning during this transfer because I had to go with Elder Biggs and drop him off. So that was a late night.  But I was with the office elders and they took me to a McConalds haha, it was cool. But yeah I'm back in Rio Tercero right now.  I'm still being trained but I'm like helping him out to know the area.  Man, mission is crazy.

When I went to do all that legal stuff I guess the people in the office thought I was a Visa waiter too so they had all my mail in the office.  I had like 10 letters.  So yeah, tell people to send them and have their emails on their letters so I can at least email them back, I'll try to send a letter to grandma and you guys and Shonia like once a month if I can.  It's just real pricey so don't be offended if you don't get them. Also I hear some packages are getting here faster.  One elder got his in a month and I asked the elder in the office if I had one and he said he thought I might.  But he also said some got sent home cause they couldn't go pick them up right away.  So let me know if you get one back.  I doubt it was mine but yeah. Ha Mail is so cool to recieve cause it is tangible and stuff so send away.  I'll try to keep it all.  When you send it, you should send a nice journal that has an okay amount a paper cause my two little ones idk if they will make it. 

Have devin get a 17 for Christmas we can have shoot offs and he can't complain haha

We have a ward in our area.  We are also over an area called Almafuerte.  It's to the west of us. But we don't go there very often anymore unless they have someone ready to get taught or something. But no only like 20-40 people go. So yeah it's small.  There are places in Cordoba with like 150+ people. Church is new here.

Mission is great. At times I miss you peeps.  Ups and downs of living in a small town.  You get really attached to the people you have in the town. Just a warning for anyone. 

Anyways I'm about 160-165 pounds right now and solid as a rock....Or mud.  I think they are about the same, but imma keep working out haha I might get fat but I'll have a layer of muscle under that fat at least haha

Love all you to death y tanga buena semana
Le amo mucho y gracias por toto ustedes hacen para me . No se si esta es correcto pero suerte. 

Ha Love you all and bye

Elder Lindsay

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hola mama y amigos (Hi mom and friends)

Dear Mother and family and whoever else that reads this.

In reply.
So that's crazy you are friends with President.  You prolly have more contact with him than me but hey that's cool. He is a cool guy.  Fun to talk with in the English that he learned and he has a thick accent so that's fun. Yeah I keep track of how many days I've been out.  Today is like 75 or 76 I think. But I'm not trunky, That's what they call people that are ready to go home.  I'm here for the long run so don't think me keeping the date is bad.  It's just cool to know. 

Devin Devin Devin............. You should prolly get your work in when it's due.  No one is gunna hire an employee that waits till the due date to turn stuff in.  Teachers will be a lot easier and willing to give you an A if you just turn it in and they don't have to grade late work... Easier to brown nose is what I'm sayin ha.

Still no packages.  They say it's like 4 months mom! But I haven't gotten any mail like letters or anything so yeah.  There could be stuff at the mission home that we have to wait till the zone meetings to get.  Which the next one will be like the 15 of November.  They're usually at the beginning of the transfers but not this one. So I'll let you know if I get anything then. 
Oh I also bought a jersey so that's why I don't have any money... It's nice mom and I'm a sucker for cualidad (quality), 

Suits fit fine.  I was smiling weird in that pic and it made my cheeks look fatter than they are.  I'm really not that swollen. Nothing is too tight.  This nice work out plan will keep me lean.  Even if I ate a tub of ice cream today.... That killed my stomach haha bad idea but we have 2 more haha.

Well mission is going good I guess. It's still a bit nerve racking to talk to people in Spanish.  Just cause I freak out when they talk to me.  When they talk to other people I can understand them fairly good I think but then they talk to me and it goes right over my head. But it's good. I like it. Struggles are good for me right now. I learn more I think.

We have a bunch of people we are talking to but none came to church so that sucked. Elder Biggs said it's always been like that so I guess we will just keep working on them.  The Lord can definitely soften there hearts though.  I wouldn't mind that at all. But no the mission makes you realize a lot of things for sure. Cool to have a better understanding of what life is really about. Well hey hope all is well with the family, let me know if anything new happens. I'll send some pictures now. 

Elder Lindsay 10 

Hanging with members. I'm pretty sure this 
picture needs enlarged and on my wall!  Love it.

Elder Lindsay and Elder Biggs

Elder Lindsay making friends. :)

Touring a Museum on Pday

The work out plan is working.  He is determined to not 
come home chubby. LOL  We'll see about that.

Hanging out with members

The pench owner's dog.  His name is Oso (bear) and they let him in all the time.  

Elder Lindsay on Pday

Elder Lindsay and Elder Biggs with their Zone Leaders

Back in the day they had a bomb factory and one day some went off and blew up
some of Rio Tercero. It killed 7 people and this is one of the bombs they found

Our District

A boxer's trophy collection in a Museum.  If only they could see 
Elder Lindsay's room full of trophies and medals.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Loving His Pictures

Elder Lindsay and Elder Biggs - First Companion

Elder Lindsay and Elder Coombs

Elder Lindsay and Elder Coombs

Dylan's Mission President - President Ruben V. Alliaud

Arriving at the Buenos Aries Temple

October 20, 2014

Hello family!!

This first part is in reply to mom's message.
Holy Moses! That's crazy to think that football is already over!! Ha I'm glad because I've missed sports here. The most sporty I get is hitting jumps on the bikes.  I gotta stop though because I always have a flat tire and messed up handle bars. Also the corn maze sounded like fun. Ha I hope we can have a little candy or something for Halloween here but prolly not. Its all good tough.

So with the ancestor thing, that's super awesome. Ha I have to print off the pictures so I thought you were just going to email them but I think I can still make them work, thanks. We just need pictures of them and not big ones just a face shot but I can print and cut those so thanks. I'll look on the family history thing too and see what they say about them.

So are there any gardens in Argentina? They have like flowers and then one member family has some trees behind their house that will have fruit but.... No, they have no idea what a real garden is like. It's like Roosevelt but a lot more compact and with just crap whole houses.  I'll see if I can send pics this time.  I bought a little usb thumb drive and also an adapter thing so if the computers will work this time I will get you some. But yeah there is a part of here called Center and it's the shops and stuff and there is a super market there.  Not a ton of options.  So I just get eggs and cereal and yogurt.  The yogurt is really good with the cereal so that's what I eat.  That and pancakes with some jam. Ha I can't wait for good food that I don't have to cook.  Haha mom that's your job.

So with the ebola virus I heard about it before I went into the MTC but yeah nothing after that. That's crazy though! Ha it doesn't surprise me how people get sick though, people are nasty here... Like they lick the spoons when they are cooking and stuff... Yeah hygiene really bugs me. But eh as long as I'm getting fed I don't really care ha 

For Christmas we should get to skype.  We will go to a member's house usually and use their stuff so yeah we will skype.

Oh happy mothers day mom!! Ha yesterday was la dia de madre here in Argentina, so happy mother's day! Guess you get two of them. 

Everything is going good.  I'm making my companion talk to me in Spanish so I can learn it better. He said he thinks I'm catching on fast. I had a hard time the first few weeks because I didn't know how to conjugate but after I studied those I have an easier time.  I don't know Spanish by any means but it's coming better. I can teach all the lessons in Spanish but that's just cause I know the gospel words.  Now it's just small talk and general talk that I'm learning. I guess just real world talk. 

Mission seems like it's going by fast right now. At least while I'm with Elder Biggs.  We are pretty similar ha so we have a good time. Transfers are like the 3rd of November so I hope he gets to finish my training.  We have a couple investigators that are getting close and I'm pretty sure we'll get them baptized so I hope he can stay and help.  Training is for 12 weeks or for 2 transfers so that's why. 

It's crazy how real the devil is. Like he always puts inconveniences in our way. Like a taxi driver that is crazy or like the loudest freaking mopeds in the world drive by during the sharing of the first vision. Ha oh and everyone here drives motor bikes and scooters! Its crazy! well it's about half and half.  They have a bunch of foreign small cars too. Ha all the cars would be perfect for the derby too, they sound like derby cars.

The zone leaders are coming ever tonight and going out with us tomorrow so I'll have a different companion for tomorrow. But then after I'll be with Elder Biggs.

I bought a mate cup and bombilla, idk how to spell them but I got a nice one for a souvenir. 

Mission is going good. Miss all you fellas at home but I'm in the work so it's going good.  Scary how fast it's starting to go.  I'm sure some weeks will be slow but this week was fast.  Oh and I just got done watching Planes. Yeah the Disney movie Planes. After I ate 6 hotdogs.  The hotdogs aren't as filling... I hope ha but I made a work out schedule for me and Biggs cause we are gunna ser guapo.. Be hansome, or what I'd like to think to be sexy but eh we will prolly not make it ha it's pretty tough,

Well good to hear from you.  Keep me updated on the Basin and stuff.  Still don't have any mail just an fyi. But it's all good.

Tell The family hello and talk to you next week.

Te amo mucho y bien tarde 

Elder Lindsay 10

After getting our new dos.
This little dude went with us, he is funny, his name is Fransisco but we call him Fran.

Our Pench.

Our District

Mate cup and bombilla

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Dear family.

Ha so it's crazy dad actually got an elk.  Like what is this ha but don't be too proud it was just a baby.... Nah it's good ha maybe he will actually let me get one when I get home.. Ha but no that's good.

Hope Dev does good at region.  Just remember it's mental Devin.  Just think of how bad it sucks while your running.  And remember if you're behind someone there is always the chance that they poop themselves and it gets on you.  So just run past them and all of a sudden you'll be at the finish line. Ha enjoy the activities while you have it cause i think I'm gonna be way out of shape when I get home. 

So while you say it's cold at home it's getting super hot here. I am starting to get a little tanner so that's cool.  Send me some pics of the snow so I can look at them for Christmas haha.  We had like a picnic kinda get together thing today with the sisters in the district and also a family Colaso. Colaso is the last name.  Instead of saying the Lindsay family here we would be the familia Lindsay.  But yeah family Colasa was there and they fed choripán so it was good. We did our shopping today also and I am starting to get more healthy stuff.  Oh and milk doesn't do anything to me here! Haha I've had bags of yogurt and nothing happened so yeah that's awesome!! The humidity sucks when it's really bad. Like right before or the day after a storm. We are suppose to be going into the rainy season here so we'll see how that goes.

I've got to ask Dylan to be sure but this is what I found when I searched for choripan.

Ha how's about you can hang one of my mullet pictures and then when I get home you can put up my after mission picture.  That would be cool.

And no we don't get to use iPads.  We have one cell phone that Elder Biggs has to call members and to talk to the other missionaries.  We are like one of the only ones that have a washer.  President is trying to get washers in every penchion. That's what our house thing is called. I cant wait for a dryer!! Clothes aren't as nice when they aren't fluffed up.

Ha the awkward guy named Javiar that we teach learned English for 9 years in his house, so we teach him in English.  He was super surprised when I said I was 18.  Also he was super impressed that we aren't all caught up in sex and drugs and that we are serving a mission and only get to talk to our families 2 a year.  So yeah he is gonna get baptized.  We just got to get his catholic wife on board and I'm pretty sure that'll be easy.

Oh and I haven't even got the letters that you guys sent.  Packages take many months so yeah.... Ha I'll be lucky to get it for my birthday I think. But hey it's all good.  I'll let you know what and when stuff makes it.  Ha just plan on me having a Christmas in 2016.

So about divorce... they just passed a law here, well they all voted on it. But there are a lot of famalies that are living together but can't get married cause they were married before.  To get a divorce you had to pay a ton of money, so they would just not get divorced.  But now they passed a law that all you have to do is send in a peice of paper and then they pass it off, then you can get remarried. But yeah if they aren't married they are breaking the law of chastity and stuff so yeah now people can start getting divorced and remarried so we can baptize them!!! how about that ha.

But hey that's about all for now.  Stay humble always cause this is crazy compared to the USA, Love you all tons and talk to you next week.

October 13, 2014 - Oh Yeah...

Hey so the Mission President wants us to email our families and have you send like a picture of our family back to our great great grandparents.  So if you could get a picture of you and a picture of dad, and then grandmas and so forth, back as far as you can find them I guess. We have to make these little books of our family history so we can show people and get them excited for the temple work with the new temple in Cordoba.  But yeah like a picture and a little description of the person. I forgot to tell you last week.  I know you're good with that stuff ha so yeah do what you can and thanks 

Love you bye
Elder Lindsay 10

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hello family!!!

So I dont have a ton of time. We are in the terminal at Rio Cuarto waiting to get a ride back to Rio Tercero. Ha I had a ton of mail so I'll for sure have to finish reading it all later. That was crazy about Hanberg and Brooklyn. Poor kid. He is pretty chill. 

A map to show the distance from Cordoba to Rio Cuarto

Hope everything is going great back home.  Mission is going pretty good. We have a lot of work to do here. Some days it's frustrerating cause the people have a really hard time following through with commitments or we will ask when we can come back and when we get there they send their kids to the door and say they aren't home. But it's not bad. Only when we walk or ride or bikes along ways.

Ha so the other day we were eating at The Colasa families house and it was like this stew stuff but not really.  But anyways I thought it looked kinda really weird and had some interesting textures in it but I downed like 3 big plates of it.  They had talked about what it was while we were eating but because I don't know Spanish, I was like chowing down.  When I got done they asked me what it was and I had no idea.  I was like the insides of a cow so yeah that was fun. I just deciding I'm gunna eat everything and until i don't wake up in the morning I'm gunna eat everything.

Conference was good. We watched the first two seasons in Spanish which was hard but the next day, because bishop loves us, he set us up with English on so that was good. Made me think about just chillaxing when I get home with some female (Shonia) and you guys watching it. We should all prolly watch those ha. 

We found this guy that is very awkard to talk to.  He is super honest and shy and you guys would laugh soo hard at him.  Cause I mean it's very hard not to. I know that's mean. But he is a blessing because he has learned  English for 9 years and he is very interested in the church. But his wife definitely wears both pairs of pants in that relationship and she is super catholic so yeah hope that goes good.

There is another lady that I'm sure we will get to baptize. She is from Brazil I think.... ha I say think cause I don't speak Spanish but we have been to her house a few times and they are richish. It's super weird cause there is no middle class.  They're either super poor in a shack or rich and stuck up. So it's good to find the humble rich people. But yeah she is at Buenos Aires now voting for Brazil's president and then when she gets back we will teach her more. She had a dog that got hit by a car when we were there and she was crying and it was sad. We didn't know why till after. She had me pull up my facebook and so I showed her a picture of spud and told her what happened and idk maybe it helped her. Anyways yeah I don't have a ton to say right now. We left at 8 last night and got to Rio Cuarto about 10 so yeah we have a 2 hour bus ride here soon back. but it's good.

The weeks go by pretty good but at times a start thinking about home.  That's just the gringo in me. Thanks for making home perfect. Yeah it'll be super cool to meet back up with everyone after the mission and all the new friends too.

I didn't have any mail yet.  The only other time I think I might get some is tomorrow.  We have interviews with the president so maybe he might have some.

Yeah tootsie rolls, candy corn, idk I crave that stuff here ha.  So don't take anything for granted. 5 min showers suck and yeah joys of the mission. I still gotta love it but I like it now. Well I hope everything is going good. Tell Dork hello, and Devin. Dork is Dakoda, also give Kim a high five for getting his hands on grans house.

Love everyone 
talk to you next week.

Elder Lindsay 10

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hello family!

Okay so this is in reply to your email first mom. So yeah you know the situation with my wallet ha yeah i feel super dumb and irresponsible for that but hey we'll figure it out. 

It was good to hear Drake made it out alive.  I was worried for him for a bit ha just cause he's a bud I guess.

So the food that president was talking about was empanadas and they were pretty good, and the drink was pritty. They have siesta here so for lunch we always usually go to members houses for that and yeah they have some pretty good food here. I eat like three plates full cause I'm used to eating like 6 plates in the MTC. But thats also because we dont have very big breakfasts and dinners cause the one at lunch is big. There aren't many members here. It's super weird cause we had so many in our ward. But back to the food and the pritty. President said that without those two things we won't get baptisms. He is a really cool guy. He let's us watch Disney movies if we want on p day. But we couldn't today because I guess it's some holiday here in Argentina so all the rental places were closed.

So about the package and mail stuff.  In your emails send away! Ha I could get like 5+ pages and be good, I like reading English stuff.  It makes me feel not so dull ha.  But yeah packages take like 3-7 months to get here.... You can send them I'm just saying don't send stuff that will go bad.  There's always the chance it wont make it too and they send it home. But yeah American candy would be amazing!!! Like star burst and all that, high chew, laffy taffy.. idk anything ha their candy they give us is pretty much cough drops ha. But it also costs a ton to send stuff out like letters so thats why I'll not be sending hardly anything home.  I'll just bring you stuff in 2 years.

Who did Dev go with to homecoming? Ha curious. Oh and you all better watch yourself.  So far I'm up to like 100 push ups every morning so yeah imma keep gaining too ha, call me hulk if you'd like it's up to you.

So this week, it was pretty hard, idk if it's cause I lost my wallet or what.  It was just hard, I feel naked without one and yeah.... worst feeling ever to be 5000+ miles away without something like that. But as soon as I get over that I'll focus on the mission I think. 

Trying to understand the people is hard because most of them are old and they I would swear slur there words but I get the most part of what they say I think. OH YEAH ha hey so this area is a biking area and we ride like a flipping ton on our bikes like definatly over 12 miles some days.  Ha and they don't have shocks and after the first day with the rock hard seats I'm pretty sure I damaged my butt, haha.  I couldn't sit on the bike the rest of the week so I road it standing up. O MY GOSH that was the craziest pain ever haha but it's fun. 

My area is Rio Tercero. It means the third river but it's like 2 hours south of Cordoba so yeah look it up. 

We got a bit of good contacts this last like Friday and Saturday.  So possibly we can get them to be baptized.  You have to teach them the principles and get them to go to church 2 times before you can baptize them. There is conference this week that if they go to a session that counts too.  So we have the opportunity to get some baptisms here soon. 

My trainer's name is Elder Biggs from Gilbert, Arizona and he is a pretty cool guy.  He has been doing a good job with me from what I can tell ha. I'm suppose to ask a guy to get baptized tonight. His name is Oscar.  There are many people that we are gunna ask but he was the first person I ever seen here so yeah that would be cool to get him. 

I had to share my testimony Sunday in Spanish and all the stuff I wanted to say left my head.  So yeah I felt dumb but its ight. It was like my 4th day here. Oh so I ended up leaving those charger attachments at the mtc and turns out I needed them... Ha yeah another dumb move but I can get them here so that's ight. This is prolly good for this week.  I have more but I can save it for next week, ha this is getting long as well. I'll try to send some pictures.

Keep me up to date on how all the family is and whats going on.

Love you all and talk to you next week.  I expect emails ha. Oh yeah your letters aren't here either so ya might just want to email.

Love you and peace!
Elder Lindsay 10
Saying goodbye to Elder Minaga.

The District before leaving

The spider in his place in Argentina. 
Yes I will be checking his luggage thoroughly 
when he gets home to make sure there are no hitch hikers.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23, 2014 Letter From Mission President

Dear Parents,
            We are pleased to inform you that your son has arrived to the Argentina Córdoba Mission perfectly well.  We received him in the airport and we came directly to the mission home where we had a welcome meeting and a traditional dinner for this area.  They will spend this night in a nice hotel and that is close to our home.  Tomorrow he will meet his companion and they will go to their area together. 
We are extremely grateful to receive a noble spirit like your son who is so consecrated to the Lord.  Thank you very much for all that you have done to prepare him.  We will take care of your son as if he were our own child.

President & Sister Alliaud

Élder Olsen
Secretario del Presidente

Misión Argentina Córdoba
Gay Lussac 5270, Villa Belgrano
Apartado Postal 49-X5009ZAA
C.C. 17 Suc. 9
Córdoba - Argentina
Mobile: +54 (0351) 286-9240
Oficina: +54 (03543) 420-699

Monday, September 22, 2014

And He's Off

After a phone call in Salt Lake City this morning and one this evening from Atlanta, Georgia Elder Lindsay is off to Argentina. He will arrive tomorrow morning in Buenos Aries, Argentina. From there he will have another flight to Cordoba. So by tomorrow night, he should be in Cordoba, Argentina. And let me just say, I definitely recommend a disposable cell phone for missionaries traveling out of the country. Without the cell, we would not have been able to talk to him in Salt Lake City because they were running close on time and the conversation in Georgia would have been very brief. And one of the other elders borrowed the phone because his calling card wasn't working. Anyway, note to self - get a disposable cell for kids traveling to missions outside of the US. A real must. Dylan sounded GREAT! Loved hearing some of the language that he has been working so hard on for the last six weeks. And as for his pneumonia... He sounds like he is feeling much better. No coughing and no fever. We are so excited for Elder Lindsay. I can't wait to hear from him when he arrives in Cordoba, Argentina. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Tender Mercy for the Day

After finding out Dylan's Visa came and he would for sure be flying out Monday morning, I kind of went into panic mode. Yes I do this often. I've flown internationally before and know that finding a pay phone while your running around through customs could prove to be a nightmare. And since the disposable cell phone was an option I set out in a mad rush Thursday after work to get a disposable phone for Dylan to use at the airport. Just remember this is Thursday after 3. I head to Roosevelt and am fortunate enough to get a phone that will work in SLC and Atlanta, GA during his layover. I leave the store and rush to the post office. I had grabbed some shipping stuff from the house before leaving. I package the phone and run into the post office in Roosevelt at 4:30. They close at 5. I was lucky enough to make it there before closing. I know this is my only hope to get that box to Dylan before Monday. I mailed it so I could track it and felt pretty confident that he would get it Friday. HE DIDN'T! I seriously started panicking at this point. Saturday morning I called the MTC to speak with their mail room. Why? I don't know. Wishful thinking I guess. The main mail room hadn't seen the package but they transferred me to the West Campus mail room to see if they had. The young man that answered the phone was so nice. I asked him if by chance there was a way to know if a package had been received for my son. He told me that they receive well over 200 packages a day and would probably have no idea unless someone there specifically remembers seeing it. He asked for my missionary's name. I said "Elder Dylan Lindsay". The man asked "Elder "Dylan Ray Lindsay?" I said "Yes". I told him it was a small black box. He said "I'm holding it in my hands right now." Yep. This momma started to cry. Seriously. What are the chances that is a coincidence. Slim to none I would say. That's my miracle. All the anxiety and stress that had totally wiped me out for two days lifted in one sentence. This nice young man told me he would make sure Dylan would receive the package today. Thank you Dear Lord for your tender mercies.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Visa arrived in the nick of time

so last night everyone got their reassigments but me. So that was kinda freaky but this morning after I went and set up a doctor's appointment, that I will have later today at 2:45. I dont think I should tell you all this but after last night's class I was like dieing so I checked my temp and it was 102.  So I took some fever reducers and it went down fairly quick.  This morning it was back to normal but I'm still coughing super bad but I'm okay.  Nothing different than my normal sick self ha. But yeah after I went and scheduled the doctor's appointment, I went and caught the travel lady. She was like oh are you Dylan, and I was like yeah. She said she was gunna mail it this morning but she had my travel plans. So turns out I didnt get reassigned my visa just came. So that's cool. I feel bad for Minaga though. He is my Asian friend.  He was the only other elder that didn't get his other than an Elder Church in a different district but yeah. So he is going to New York and then 3 of the sisters, Swan, Westman, and Perry, they didn't get theirs.  So all three of them are going to Califorina. But yeah Calling Card... So I can get one here at the bookstore for like 5 bucks that might do it for me or you can send one.  Some of the people had their parents send them like a disposable cell phone that had prepaid.  Ha so yeah that's an option, or just let me know what you want.  I can get like 2 calling cards from the bookstore here and be set for good.

So as for my flight plans I have to be up and have all my stuff ready to go in front of the chapel here at 6 in the morn and from there they'll give us stuff and I guess take us to the airport. Our flights are all Delta but the first one leaves salt lake at 11 o'clock on the 22nd.

Here this might be easier

Airport                                               Time                                   Date
LEAVE: Salt Lake City                   11:00 AM                              22 Sept
Arrive:   Atlanta, GA                       4:41 PM                                22 Sept

LEAVE: Atlanta GA                        9:06 PM                                22 Sept
Arrive: Buenos Aires                      8:20 AM                                23 Sept

So this lady that came in and talked to us last week said that when she went to Cordoba from the airport in Buenos Aires they just took a smaller flight that was like an hour.  Pretty cool it came on time. I might be checking on my email later today so let me know if you have any questions.

Oh also that shot I got last week was 71 bucks and I paid it in full but they gave me a thing that I can print off and sent to you so the insurance can take some of it. I'll grab that today. 

Hope Your Week Is Grand!!

Love Elder Lindsay10

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014

Hello family!

So this week has been pretty good. Not gunna brag too much but the fellas taught me how to use a rubics cube during the nights. Yeah add that to my hidden talents.  And also I'm learning to spin stuff like notebooks on my finger so maybe someday I can brag about that. 

Got another haircut today after we went to the real world and I got a bacon cheeseburger and a hawaiin burger. Yeah I was still starving after. I have lost a few lbs since I got sick but that's the usual so don't worry. I'll say something about my bloody nose just to keep your emotions up. One of my bloody noses was pretty bad.  I like plugged it good and then it started coming out my other nostril and then my mouth!!! Ha that was meant to scare you, make dad shake his head and Devin laugh ha. Speaking of Devin, I heard he died. Make sure he doesn't get too soft dad. 

Well you heard it right. MY visa didn't make it, but that's okay.  I was a little bummed but I think it was just cause the fact that I'll have to pack up and all that jazz again. It will be cool to get to serve in two places though. IF!!! They reassign me. Hope they do ha. 

It was good to hear that you stopped working at the vision clinic.  I know it was stressful so good for you. 

Man oh man I'm already looking forward to a foot massage when I get home!

Spanish is going ight.  I can like tell people little things in lessons and it's pretty cool. Spirit definatly delivers the message cause I'm pretty sure when they say i delivered a concept to them I know it wasn't my words ha cause they are messed up. It's really fun to mess up though just cause it's funny. I accidentally shared a scripture last week with Adrian, our trc investigator, and said if he didn't get baptized then he would be damned.  So yeah gotta be careful ha but he committed so it's all good. 

I'll prolly send a couple things home to you before I leave.  Like my white shoes and stuff.  Please don't throw them away.  That's like my first born ha. 

Yeah I think they just didn't make it to the letters later in the alphabet yet for the visa and so that's why I didn't get it. So yeah everything should be turned in. 

Padre.. Ha I dont think that google translate does the translations right just so you know, pero esta bien. Hey glad to hear you put your foot in the door and said the prayer.  Be careful though you might be the next bishop if you ain't careful. So with the Traveling they wont have them until Thursday or Friday so until then I have no idea.  Ha so start the guessing game again. I freshened up my ball today and man you better be scared.  The holy ghost coaxed everyone of them bad boys in. I Fue en fuego. Better work out to keep little Shaq from powning you. 

Devin.... Hey let me know how gta and what the new games are and stuff. ha That's your job, oh and hey you should get your patriarchal blessing. Hope you keep doing good in sports and don't be afraid of a little criticism from dad. I wouldn't have been half the athlete I was if dad didn't think everything I did was wrong. I just practiced all the wrong stuff until I was good at it, He does know what he is talking about even if he sounds like a dork.  Give it a try and if it doesn't work then don't do it. Just remember he isn't picking on you. If he is talking to you know he is trying to help.  He could be like all the other dads out there and pat you on the head for airballing a free throw or running a 25 min 5k. That crap just don't fly around our place ight. Ha love you dork. You're  getting a nuggy even if your a giant. I hope you grow 15 feet. I haven't lost a fight night yet here so watch yourself ricky bobby. 

Well hey that's about all I have for this week. Tell Gavin congratulations and give Grandma Shields and Lindsay a wave for me. Tell Gma happy birthday.

Good to be able to have this opportunity, it's a challenga diariamente, pero es divertido.

Tell Shonia hello every once in a while. Yeah I went there. No dad girls don't distract me from my mission. 

Ha Love you guys and talk to you later, possible later this week so keep a heads up.

Elder Lindsay 10

Elder Coombs, Elder Minaga, Elder Chaves and Elder Lindsay

The District

The District's last trip to the temple

One day without a shave. 

Loves his American Burgers

Random Angels

Today I received a random text from "a BYU Student" saying
The elders had an amazing day at the temple today! They're all ready to head out into the field! :) They also enjoyed the brownies I made and brought to them. You guys have wonderful sons! :) -a byu student
This kind person doesn't realize what an angel they are with me today.  I hope they receive many blessings. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 9, 2014

  Dear Mom, Dad, Devin, Dakoda, and whover else reads what I reply to my mom's letters

So It sucks to hear that your work wants you to go in the office. It's prolly cause they know you like your job at the school alot better. I imagine there is alot of drama involved with that whole situation but since I'm the missionary I'll just say pray about it. I'd rather see you be happy then frusterated. That's only if you have to choose between the two though. You can be frustrated and happy though haha.
     Sounds like Devin is doing good. Imma have to blame that one on dad ha. I mean I know your old and stuff dad but I'm thinking it's time to bring Shaq back. It wont be as hard to do cause it's Dev and not me ha. I imagine you'll let him beat you too cause you "feel sorry for us" ha. Devin..... Let me give you some words of wisdom.... We have the same blood. Just because I was fairly successful in sports and stuff like that doesn't mean you can't be either. It's kinda crazy what a little practice and a little want and drive can do for you. Success isn't given it's earned. 
     Oh and when you said that some people said I glow, you have to remember that although a gifted athlete I'm still white. So with the right amount of sun and sweat with the right angle it might look like I'm glowing ha. 
        O man today it rained like crazy for like 2 hours and there was like a river on the road. I'll send pictures to you.
            Man you are definatly redneck ha sending those leaves in the package.  Thanks btw for the drink mix and the ties and everything!!!! You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!
        In the evenings there are whistles from what i assume to be a team practicing and between that and driving by the track I get goose bumps and my adrenaline starts pumping pretty good. Ha even if I have gained 10 lbs it would be fun. 
      Dad. Sounds like you made the ride to the ranch a bit less sketchy ha. That rack was a pretty big problem I thought. I coulda sworn that everytime we drove to the ranch we were going to die because of how bad it would sway. 
     O mom you might be crazy yeah but that's not why the kids don't talk to you. They know your my mom and because I'm so disaplined they think your strict haha.
      So Sister Williams, our teacher came in and talked to me like last Saturday while I was writing our Mission President and kinda had like a little meeting thing with me for a sec.  She said for me to write you and let you know how I've changed. She said I'm super patient and humble so heyoo ha. No but I always used to think that I never felt the spirit and it was kinda hard for me to believe I guess you could say, in stuff like the church. But when I was reading my patriarchal blessing it talks about how I will be blessed and blessing will role forth in my vida (life). After reading this I know that I've had the spirit in my life almost all my life and thats why it's hard to feel the spirit unless it's super super strong. So thank you for raising me the way you have.
  Dad I dont tell you your the best dad in the world often or at all but I know and hope you know you're the best. Ha yeah you're right that was too gushy.  On the manlier side of things me and Elder Coombs wrestle some nights and he's got nothing on me. So you best watch yourself when I get back ha. 
      The garmets all worked out like I said.  They send them and I have the new ones already so thank you. Ha yeah um there wasn't a building called that and it was upstairs not down haha.
      We get our travel plans this Friday so then I'll know what's going on. Thats crazy to think it's almost time to leave. I don't feel ready yet ha but hey that's part of the experience. Gunna be kinda funny to try and talk with people in Argentina ha.
      Right now in the MTC or CCM we teach 4-5 investigators and soon we have to skype with members that are pretend investigators in Argentina so that's cool too. Also this Thursday is the day I have to get the shot, on the 11th. If I'm not better by then I'll go and see the doctor. 
      Ha so the new teacher we have is Brother Turley and he married his girlfriend that waited and he got a 22 on the act score. It's like looking at a future me haha there is still hope!!!! 
     Tell all the family hello and let me know how everyone is doing. Gma Sheilds, Hows Brady, And whoever else i dont hear about.

Well thats about it for ese letter, gracias por todo hacen, Thanks for all you do.

Love Elder Lindsay 10