Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016

This last week was the last week. Mee and Hansen got split up. The last week together he got this little infection thing in his eye and it started swelling shut. Ha I got to put his eye drops in haha. It looks a lot better now but it looked pretty painful for a few days.

I never got the birthday stuff.  It's been taking longer the past few times.

A few cool announcements are that we will be made a stake here.  It's been a district forever and we are finally gunna be a stake. The 7th or 8th of May they will have the conference.  So I've seen the creation of a district and now I will see a stake.  Pretty lucky to get to see that. Also we set our alarm for 4 in the morning Monday to go to Cordoba for a conference.... and me and Hansen both woke up to my other alarm at 6:30 jaja worst feeling ever.  So we got to the conference late. First time in the mission that that has happened and it'll be the last. I felt terrible.  Right when I walked through the door it was my turn to share. Ha so I walked in and opened my book and presented. Pretty sure there is a big lesson in that that I will learn one day haha right now it's just a face palmer. 

My new comp is Elder Pryor. I'll give more details next week.  He is cool. He has my time and one of the few African Americans in the mission. I'll train him as a ZL this transfer and then prolly be heading out of BellVille. We will see.

Hey love you and hope everything is going good for conference, super pumped, it'll be my last one in Spanish so best be good.

Love you 

Elder Lindsay 

Elder Hansen wouldn't let me put a band-aid on it, so i used it
Found some Street Art

Elder Hansen's eye got infected
From facebook post.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016

Hey mum

Sounds like everyone is doing good at home. Haha you guys should see One Good Man if you haven't yet.  Sounds like that is what will be going down at home a little bit with dad. Also good to hear Dakoda got the job.  Give him a nice pat on the back and like they do here, a kiss on the cheek.

This week was a pretty normal week. I wrecked on my bike cause the handle bars broke haha.  My comp will say I was going slow but I swear I was going like 40KPH -crazy fast. Also the weather here changed a lot. We woke up like 4 days ago and it was cold and rainy and since then it hasn't changed.  I was kinda sick Saturday, like my equilibrium was off or something and when we were going to lunch Choyo asked us to go buy a drink and walking down the stairs I fell TWICE!! Elder Hansen was dying and also this dude chilling at the bottom haha so was I.  But for reals the steps were like 2 inches long and I have giant shoes on OF COURSE I'M GUNNA FALL ha but I'm alive.

Yesterday at church it kinda hit me how close we are to listening to President Monsen talk again. Didn't realize how close April was but made me think of what we were studying in Mark the other day. Out of all that there is to learn about the atonement I think just knowing how much the Lord loves us is one of the biggest lessons. The way he reacted when he was SUFFERING and gets back to see his disciples sleeping on him. I don't think anyone will ever realize what he did for us or how he did it and for that I think it makes it that much more important to share and dedicate your life to being his disciple. I think that's also why I'm looking forward to listening to the Prophets and Apostles here soon. They understand a ton of stuff and are a lot more like Christ than I am haha so there are a bunch of things to learn.

Hope everyone has a good week and I'll talk to you next week.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lindsay-cito 

PS got a virus so no pics this week

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 14, 2016

This year the birthday fell on a Sunday so we couldn't go out to any boliches but we did have some cake at Gaston Reynoso´s house. Idk if you know this but here in South America they don't have a bunch of money.  So "to make you feel good on your b-day" they break an egg over your head, throw flour in your face, and your face goes into the cake. Ha I only got the egg over the head but hey I'm ight with that.

During the week we went to Cordoba for the conference and capacitated. Our group was definitely the best haha.  They understood  what we were talking about so I guess 20 pats on the back will do instead of birthday spankings. Also we went to do baptismal interviews in Marcos Juares. I interviewed Agueda.  She is in her 60s and can't read or write.  But she can listen and she has paid attention to the missionaries.  She will be getting baptized here soon.
Sunday Walter came to church again but we have to talk to his mom.  She is the only reason he isn't a member yet. She doesn't think someone under the age of 15 can make a decision like that yet cause they change a lot when they turn 15. Also Martina came to church.  She is praying for the 26th. También Nicolas. He wants to get baptized but when his wife wanted to get married he didn't and now when he wants to to get baptized she won't haha.  So we need to help Doris understand that he loves her and wants to be together forever. Those were the peeps in the church this week.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and everything else.
Hope this week is a good one and I'll talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

The Zone Crew
Elder Coooooooooombs!!
The asado we ate today for P-day.
The Crew
ñoquis are these noodle type of things made out of potatoes
Bell Ville
Eating lunch with the one and only Hermana Delgado
The light posts with millions of bug!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016

Hey my computer wouldn't let me sign in for a bit so I only have a sec to send so here is a groupy.
This week was pretty full. We went to Córdoba Monday and spent it with presidente and the crew and then in the afternoon we played some fütbol, osea soccer, and then at night we headed back to Bellville. We had about an hour in the terminal and we found good ol subway haha not the same but it's still subway. 

During the week we had to plan the Zone meeting and Friday we had it. After the reunion we had intercambios and I went with an elder to Villa Maria and "Thad" stayed in the area with the other elder to do an interview. Gabriel and Walter both were gunna get baptized but I guess Walter's mom was kinda ify about it. She is less active and I think that kinda makes her double think it.

Gabriel got baptized and Walter will get baptized this next Saturday. This week we will go to Córdoba again for a zone conference. Elder Hansen and I have to give a capacitacion to like a third of the mission so we will see how it goes. 

Glad to hear everyone is doing good. If not.... suck it up ha wasn't meant to be easy and love you all.

Elder Lindsay 

President and Sister Alliaud

It's a long story.

I can spin a football. Impressive?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016

Yesterday we didn't end up writing because we were in Córdoba for concilio. At the begging of all the leaders we got together and talked about what needs to happen in the mission to keep it progressing. We also had a Broadcast with Elder Bednar. Between the two things it was pretty spiritual. In all I think one of the biggest things I learned was about the agency we have. Talked about how the questions we ask make people objects and not agents. Kinda like a yes or no question. You make people play "guess what is in my head". When you actually let people learn on their own you realize more of how the spirit teaches people.
This week we had only 2 of the kids come to church. Gabriel and Walter. They both have this coming Saturday for their baptisms. In church they changed up a lot of stuff with the leaders. We have a new lider misional. His name is Gaston Reynoso. He is the guy that always helps us out. He lives in the building right by ours and is super cool. Good friend now. We go there to wash our clothes.
This week we have to plan for the zone meeting Friday and the baptisms Saturday. Then next Tuesday we have another conference with a few other zones in Córdoba so we will be traveling back there. Love the mission. Love the area. Comp is dope, and the fields are ready. 
We have found a bunch of cool people this last week but one that hit the heart the most was Marta and her kids. Marta is 29 with three kids. The oldest is 15. She had a kid when she was 15 and has had a rough life. She lives in this shack of a house and when we contacted her it had rained the night before and the floor of her house had some water on it.  But the worst was that she doesn't have a bed frame so the mattress just sits on the ground. All 4 of them sleep on this mattress and don't have hardly anything. The oldest son is a little special and her son that is around 9 can't talk. She has a little 2 year old boy that keeps her going. It's super humbling to see that and she is starting to see the hand of the Lord in her life. We invited her to pray and when she prayed she started thanking the Lord for everything she had... I mean if she would have made other choices in life she wouldn't have been in that situation but definitely cool how the Lord prepares people for the gospel. 
Hope everyone is doing good and has a good week. Talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay