Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hey good to hear from you!

Freaking awesome to hear about Ryan and Amanda's 3 stoodges :).  That's awesome they are at that stage in life ain't it? It's crazy how the church is so true.  I thought I would like hit a point where I would know and I would get surprised with the miracles that God works right? Freak no! Holy Moses, Every time I read and study the scriptures. Yeah there are so many little things we miss that just make it more and more true. Ha makes me excited to study a fül when I get back. Ha well I will try anyways.

Man we had a really good lesson with this less active member named Elsa Bustos. She is awesome and knows the church is true.  She committed to going to church, but like everyone else... Didn't go ha.  That's okay.  Not the first time that's happened.  I would have been surprised if she went but hey don't ever go inactive okay? The mission is hard enough with the active members ight. No everyone here in Almafuerte is super nice.  We went to this nice restaurant place and there was this girl that asked if we were mormons and that was all.  Later I went and asked if she had talked to some mormons or something before.  She said her ex boyfriend was a mormon ha so yeah be a good example for the world cause they are watching. They will make the judgment from one person and if that person happens to be you... what would they think right? 

Yeah well shoot hope everything is going good at home.  Sounds like it is pretty cold right now at home. Enjoy it!  You can always layer up.  You can only take so much off.  Especially as a missionary eh?  But hey love you all and grandma! If you are reading this thanks a ton for the bday money! I might splurge with that this week ha. And so far no pkg but hey don't worry about it. Transfers are in two weeks.  If you've heard anything from or about Kyle, Ethan Tony or Tathan, everyone that was or is going out, if you talk to any of their parents let them know I say hello.

Hey love you all and church is so freaking true its crazy.
Elder Lindsay 10

What a good son.  Takes a selfie just so I can see that he's doing well. :)
Argentina clouds.
And Elder Curtis gives a great tour of their new pencion.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 16, 2015 (Dad's letter)

Hola papa dude,

So our pension doesn't have warm or cold water.  It's just water, so the bidet isn't that bad.  It was weird at first but now it's like the best thing ever.  I was worried it would clean but haha man does it clean ha.

It's super awesome being in the mission and learning all this stuff now.  They say a mission is equal to 70 years of normal scripture study so that's cool. Makes you look at the big picture.  Don't be telling me you're  having your mid live crisis ha.  My comp just had his quarter life crisis. But hey I know you're on the right path so keep it up. 

Almafuerte is a lot more calm then even Rio Tercero.  It's pretty crazy how different they are. Everyone here is nice too. So after we get going with the investigators we will have a good go. 

And yeah the sinus infection is like gone so I'll be ight. Ha I've just been taking some allergy stuff and that could be helping idk. 

Keep after Devin.  You were the only reason I turned out how I did.  So you can do the same with him.  Just need to show him what he can do. Some times low confidence can make an athlete if that's what he has, at least a smart athlete.  He just needs drive. 

Well hope everything is going good. We are all good here. Crazy I have been gone 6 months ha I'll be home before we know it.

Elder Lindsay 

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015


Weeks been good. 

So a lot of stuff has happened.  We messed up an asado one day and then a banana bread another day, BUT!! Ha we redeemed ourselves a few days later.  Aw man I will be a pro asado cooker for sure after, ha that was one of the tastiest things I've ever had. But yeah then a banana bread that would have made you proud too.  The members liked it too so we are getting our cooking down here. 

Sounds like the streets are closing down here pretty soon, or at least they should if Devin is driving. Tell Dave to stay awake.  He always fell asleep with me driving.  It probably won't be the same with Dev. But hope he passes 

Ha man what is Devin trying to do take my spot?  No he always has got what he wants.  He doesn't need to give the freaking puppy dog eyes to get what he wants.  He's the baby so it's different.

So for now we are focusing on making the menos activo members here more active.  It's cool getting to know the members here.  They have some strong testimonies. Sunday I had to give my first actually talk about how we can rescue the members that are in the church. 

So that's where the work is at here.  The less active people. We have like 5 investigators right now too and they are interested in the whole church stuff.  So we will get to working on them. The temple here is really helping people realize they have an eternal possibility. Gets me excited to think about that myself and how small this life is. 

Hope your knee is okay.  I'd say check the ankle out too but we need the barometer thing to tell when storms are coming haha. Cuff Devin for me once in a while. Try to light a fire behind him to get him running faster. Be cool to see him do good at state. 

So I'm pretty good health wise.  Not near as bad as I was and improving, so yeah just stay healthy at home.  Good to here from you guys again. 

Love you and be safe
Elder Lindsay 

PS Ill be in Cordoba this Thursday for a conference, so maybe I'll get another package or something, I'll let you know next Monday.

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Dear moma

Ha so with this change we had to Almafuerte we don't have a washer yet, until later I think idk.  But anyways your story reminded me of that, ha and the fact that I washed my first clothes by hand haha. Yeah enjoy the washer.  Oh and also our new shower is electric haha blew my mind when I found that out, and also we have a bidet, the thing that shoots water at your butt to clean it ha.  Yeah, I hear that once you use one there ain't no going back to toilet paper... when you think about it, it really is a lot cleaner.  Ha just really weird, and yeah you will feel molested the first go. 

The buses are kinda like the Cancun ones but smaller and crappier.  That was a nice tour one we had in Cancun.  We did have a random guy that was going to an AA meeting talk to us. It's funny to talk to people and have them start telling us stuff like " yeah that's one think I wish our church does." It's like people know but don't want to know.  They just want their church to be the true church, but hey it's their salvation no? No gotta love them and help them the best that is possible.  I think he will be talking to the missionaries in his native land.  He was pretty intrigued.

So for packages I got the valentines one.  I'm in the office right now so I know that that's the most recent one that's gotten here.  I got grandmas too with some pine cones and nuts and a couple other things, like a picture holder thing.  I will for sure be using that ha. But yeah I'm pretty sure I receive the most in the mission so don't feel like I'm missing out.  I've been practicing a fül with the soccer ball and basketball haha ill be Messy before you know it (he is a famous soccer player from argentina) but yeah thanks a ton.

Are you trying to make me trunky talking about all that good food? No but I actually have had those thoughts about where to eat.  So remember that place Los Hermanos?? yeah that means the brothers haha I flipped when I realized that that's the place we used to eat but yeah idk Cafe Rio sounds good but I might want some American ribs.  Holy moses malone that would be good ha. We ate at this sisters house yesterday, holy! Yeah it was the worse place I have ever been in.  It smelt like poo and mold and was unorganized and yeah ha but we have lunch with her every Saturday now.  Might have to do some service there but yeah glad our house is nice.

Speaking of that sick kid, ha I have a pretty mean sinus infection, sore throat thing that is gnarly but it's no different than when I used to get them at home.  Just didn't want you to be in the dark on it and get mad when I tell you when I get home.

Aw man was that the guy that worked at the school as a janitor last year?   Man that's too bad.  I always tried to say hi to that guy at school.  If it's who I'm thinking of but I had no idea it was that rough for him. Hope his family is okay.  I'll keep them in my prayers.

Well ight love you guys and hope everyone is doing good.  Let me know how Valentine's day goes haha jk dont tell me..... 

Ight love you and chau
Elder Lindsay 10

New Shoes.  He still loves a great pair of shoes.
Resorting to cutting his own hair.  What a learning experience.  He is now washing his own clothes by HAND too.

In front of the NEW Beautiful Cordoba Argentina Temple.  It will be dedicated in May 2015.
What a great experience for this Elder.

He had a slight run in with a garbage can. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey my loving family!

So as of right now we are still living in Río Tercero but everyday we take a bus to Almafuerte and back. They are suppose to move us to Almafuerte here in the next week or so but idk.  It just depends on how ambitious the Elder is that is in charge of moving us, could be another long while. But we have been working in Almafuerte in the afternoons.  We've just been visiting all the less active members. There are some really cool people there that loved the missionaries when they used to live there so I guess it should be pretty nice. 

Freak it's super crazy! The branch president told me and Elder Curtis that we would be his councilors..... Holy crap ha I went from barely having a testimony to having to be a councilor?!? It really is pretty cool how if you put your mind to the gospel how much Heavenly Father works on you. I've learned more about the gospel and church than I prolly would have in 20 years.  That's like in 6 months so maybe I'll know something when I get back ha. But yeah that's where we are at with Almafuerte.  Just visiting the members that are there.  There were 10 people that went to church this week.... Ha yeah and a few are crazy but hey love them. It will be a hard area for sure but we will get it done. 

My new comp, Elder Curtis, is from Springville, Utah with 18 months in the mission. We get along and are chill with each other so this will be a good transfer.  This is his first time being district leader so yeah pretty intense for him.  I've just been trying to help him out and make it the best for him. HAHA ight so here is a story, yesterday after church we went and ate at the president's house.  After my comp really wasn't talking too much.  I guess he was like super sick and stuff and so he was like, I need to go to the pension.  I don't feel very good.  I was like like how not good? "Like I need to throw up". So we started walking back to the terminal and I was like "still gotta throw up?"
Me "Bad?"
E.C. "Yeah"
me "like how bad"
E.C. "Pretty bad"
Ha and now like 1 minute later he freaking puked his guts out.. PS I'm prolly the worse comp in the world. But yeah it was pretty bad.  I thought he was gunna die. But learned my lesson, ha when he is sick... He is sick. But yeah that's what happened yesterday and early.

Hope everyone in the family is doing good, I'm at about 6 months here in a week and feels like I have been in the mission for about a week. Crazy how short it is. 

Oh this Wednesday we have a zone meeting in Río Cuarto so I might get a package.  I heard there was some waiting for me so yeah pretty pumped. 

Ight that's it. I'll send some pics.  Love you all and hope you have a good week.  Get a shock collar for Devin and every time he doesn't shoot the ball push the button.  Ha I'd pay money to watch that haha. Ight that's it now 

Love you and chau.
Elder Lindsay 10
As handsome as ever.  He loves his ice cream in Argentina. 

Love this Missionary.

This is the first picture he sent today.  He said "I think I forgot how to smile."  I'd say.  Actually this is what I usually got at family picture time.  He still cracks me up 6000 miles away.

TWO of the BEST missionaries in the WORLD!!!