Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Hola mother. 

This week went by pretty fast. In our ward there are about 3 leaders that assist and 2 that actually do stuff.  We spent this week looking for the leaders that are inactive.  Like the quorum of the elders president that doesn't go and talking to them and animating them to come to church and help them fulfill their callings. Also our bishop is less active so he pretty much gave us permission to run the ward haha.  We have been capacitating the members this week and planning an activity to get people going to church other that on Sundays. Lots of work but it makes me excited.  Idk why.  It is pretty sad but it's cool to see a change. 

This week we had 3 baptisms in the District. Noe and Noelia and then we baptised Anibal. All cool people coming from the world of drugs but they have all stopped now and have strong testimonies of the atonement.

Yesterday at church this lady told us she had a kid that is way into drugs and wants to change.  After around 4 we went over and seen what was up and he's this 19 year old kid that has all these scars on his arms.  Like prolly 50 that are big nasty looking things that he does when he is drugged.  His name is David Barrionuevo.  Pray for this kid.  We are gunna be passing by him to help him out. We talked to his buddies outside and we are in the gang now so well get to him ha. 

Lucianas cousin died Saturday night.  He was stabbed to death.  She was pretty hurt by that and didn't make it to church. We will be passing by this week to help her out too.  Pray for her.

There is a lot of potential here but we need to help the ward out first or no one will stay. We reactivated a family, Tula. They all came to church.  Well it's only a dad and his 2 kids BUT all the members kinda got a little light in their eyes to see we are bringing back old members so I hope they will catch a little fire.

Well that's a hint of what went on this week.

Love you guys and hope you don't freeze.  I won't when it's over 100 here.

Con mi amor

Elder Lindsay

Thank you to my friend Rita for the fun pictures of Elder Lindsay this week.

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

What's going on?
Work, Work, Work.

That's prolly the most appropriate subject for this week cause we went ham!
I told dad it was kinda one of those half time gut checks that we always had to do and with a new comp with fire we are just going to town. This week we started looking for the escogidos and now we have 7 people on schedule for this next Sunday. For sure satan will be there but we will be working hard this week to make sure they can't back out ha. 

Pray for Luciana, Pia, Pilar, and Gabriel. Luciana was at shurch yesterday and her twins Pia and Pilar love us. She has another son Gabriel. They are all super nice and are progressing a fool right now. 
Also a guy that they thought was baptized but isn't named Hanibal.  He will be getting baptized and also Auristela is another and then two other people the Muños family. So yeah pray for them.

So crazy story. Sunday when we went to church I seen this truck and in the back it had like 8 huge dudes with guns and like swat gear. Anyways after church we were walking back to the pension and we seen a TON of people outside this corner and it had this drug bust car outside too and so we decided to walk by it. We saw a bunch of the people hanging there heads and other people crying and yeah idk what went down but yeah crazy election stuff. Maybe drugs and I'm positive someone passed away. But the craziest part about it.... Was that that was normal. Ha so yeah swat from Argentina don't have anything on the states but still sad to see stuff like that going down.

Hey love ya mom and hasta luego.
Elder Lindsay

Thank you to Rita for the fun pictures this week.

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Transfers came and so I left. I am now in a different province. Catamarca in the area Ancasti. My new comp is Elder Campos.  Ha he is Elder Coombs' kid and I guess he asked for me to be his comp. So yeah now I'm in the hottest part of the mission. I will be black for sure after cause here in December and January it's the hottest time here.  I will be cooking. 

It was hard to leave the last area.  We did have a mean activity to say goodbye though. Ha even if I never felt any of the earthquakes, I will still always miss that area. BUT now here I feel like there is a lot more work to do with the members. It's a ward but it has less people than my last area.  We will see how it goes. Pension is nice.  It was dirty when I got here but I cleaned it.  It only lacks a washer...... First area without a washer but the cold water showers are nice por lo menos. 

I honestly forgot about Tthanksgiving.  Prolly won't do anything.  Maybe just in the pension but Christmas will be this transfer too so I guess that's the one thing I have to look forward to. It's weird to think I have 15 months in now.  Doesn't feel like it. Cruz del Eje passed by very fast.  I think that is why but hey I love the mission. Lots of stuff to do here. It's just me, Elder Campos and two sisters in our district now. Oh and Elder Campos is from Chile. 

Love you guys and talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

Our Mission Leader and his family
Elder Sparks sleeping

My haircuts


(He sent no words with this picture.  I do believe his next package will have Neosporin in it for sure.)

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Sup Mother!!!

Anyways this week was pretty crazy in terms of traveling. I went to Dean Funes Wednesday to work with Elder Lubas the Brazilian and then got back in the morning early Thursday for a Zone meeting and then I had to go with Elder Aldas, my kid, to Cosquin and then when I got back Friday in the morning I went with Elder Southwick from Kanab and then Saturday in the morning I worked with my comp Elder Willis.  After lunch we had a branch meeting but we had a appt. so I went with Elder Días from Uruguay to visit this guy named Alex from Columbia. In the end we had 7 people that promised to go to church with us the next day. Yohana and her sister Brenda. The old investigators, and Abigael, their friend. Also the Romero Family Silvia, Cacho, and the daughter Marisol. Also we taught a girl named Yanina that about a month ago her friend died and she was super sad so we taught her a little of the plan and then prophets and she was gunna go but NOBODY CAME!! It's super normal though for that to happen ha. This week there were elections for the mayor here in Cruz del Eje and they only vote on Sundays and they HAVE to vote. So Yanina slept in, Yohana was sick, and Abigael would only go if Yohana went and then the Familia Romero wasn't there..... It's frustrating but that's how the Sundays are here. Other than the ones that didn't come we had the triplets and their mom came.  The sister that didn't get baptized along with the mom have planned to get baptized after the activity we have planned at the lake.
Mission is going great! At least there are a lot of people interested. When I got here there were a lot of friends to the missionaries but I feel like now they have a lot of potential. I will prolly be leaving here next week for transfers but I'm not sure yet.  I hope I get to stay but I most likely won't... But at least I have lots of friends in Cruz del Eje. Mission is awesome. Passing by too fast but gotta make it worth it. 

Love you guys.  Hope everyone is all right and talk to you next week. If I stay it will be about the same time, if not I will be in transfers. 

Con amor 
Elder Lindsay 

It's been a little rainy

Intercambios with Elder Lubas

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Hey. How are you??..

So last night we had a lesson with the triplets to help them set goals and stuff. We read 1 Nephi 8 with Lehi's dream. We're trying to help Katy, the triplet that didn't get baptized, feel a little more comfortable with the baptism.  She is just worried she will lose her friends and that she doesn't make friends as easy, so she is scared.  She prayed last night so we will see how it went here soon. 

Rita is the Grandma of the Triplets.  They told me to look you up and so I did.  She is super cool. She paints amazingly. You might get other facebook friend requests from that family so heads up.

This week we were crazy.  We had to do everything for the Halloween party here. It turned out super good and everyone loved it.  So score!  We were the ninja turtles and yeah... My eyes still have a little tint of green around them ha. 

We changed the order of the meetings this week and it was cool. Ight it sucked for the work but if people learn to commit here it would be awesome.  Not many people come for Sacrament meeting but it just feels better to have it first.

Well that's a breve of what happened here hope everyone is doing good. 

Love you talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

Elder Ninja Turtles
Best Halloween Costume ever. lol
Elder Southwick
Elder Sparks
The new Elder Souza on intercambios
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President as Dracula (yes he is that tall)

A typical home in our area