Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014


So I'm writing this on a members computer and it's slow so this might be short. Things that I'm most thankful for on the mission... probably either my family or just the opportunity to give the gospel to the people here. It is sad to see how families are so spread out compared to our weird little family, Makes me grateful to have everything I have, including my socks. But yeah I'm for sure a lot more grateful for the examples we have in our town.  Lots of the people here aren't good examples for their kids or their neighbors or anything so it's awesome to come from a town where everyone is close and just makes the church special. Also I'm grateful for the family.  I don't think i realized how important a family was until setting down and reading my patriarchal blessing and just everything is so special and sacred.  Oh and I'm thankful for the states.  We are a blessed people with a blessed land for sure. 

Bueno that's what I am thankful for.  And yes I've had a good share of grido helado. Grido is the store name and helado is ice cream but yeah I've had a good amount of ice cream and only like 6 bloody noses so hey that's cool too ha.  Oh yeah i received 4 packages.  Ha you prolly should only send like 1 or 2 packages a month just cause they charge me to receive them.  That or put money on my card for them and then send away haha.  I got the freaking awesome Christmas tree and then the stuffing with candy and then also other candy ones.  Yeah i got 4 and everyone was so jealous haha awesome mom thanks.

Well like I said this was gunna be short.  Hope all the family is doing good.  Love you all and porta se bien. Lots of love, and have an amazing thanksgiving!

Elder Lindsay 10

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hola Familia y amigos

Que tal eh? 

Hope everything is going great in the Basin. Things are still kinda slow here.  We have like 4 investigators that will get baptized but time is kinda bad. Some have to wait until the end of this month because that's when they go on their big break.  So we will have some to teach then.  Also after January they will pass a new law that lets people get divorced a lot easier.  Then that's two baptisms more that we will have. There are a lot of people down here that either don't want to get married or that were married and broke up but didn't get divorced cause it was too much money. They have had to know the address of their spouse that was probably in a different place.  So now all they will have to do is sign a paper for one of them and it's done. We have a couple that will get divorced and married after January. Another guy, Javiar that speaks in English, his wife is a teacher of a Catholic church.  The preacher found out he was taking lessons and said if he didn't stop he would fire his wife.  Freak yeah that was the devil throwing a boulder. So we will talk to him later this week and see what we can do. We have another girl named Natacha.  She is like 45 and she knows the church is true but she smokes.  She is working on that now.  Her son has a bad infection in his lungs right now and will go to Cordoba for a surgery.  So that's crappy. Also we have this family that the mom just had a baby but they have two other boys that are about the same age as those two kids I was taking pics with the one day.  They are good friends so I think that is a good possibility too. The biggest thing that we have a problem with here is assistance. If there was one thing that I know that would help the most is to have members being involved in the work. Two 18-21 year old kids sharing the message isn't gunna do it in all cases.  Satan is working harder than in the past and through some crazy ways. 

In answer to mom's email. Things I like would probably be learning.  That might be weird coming from me but like there is some pretty cool promises that are taken for granite in the commandments. That and seeing how forgetful people in the scriptures are. Between that and then seeing how people are here is pretty cool to compare. But I like always knowing what I should be doing.  Not like at work.  Kind of like you should know what you are dong but you don't know what you will be doing one year from now.  The mission work is always the same. Always just trying to help people.

My favorite thing in the MTC was probably gym, or when I actually did something right.  That didn't happen often for me but when it did I was Elder Fuego ha, 

The hardest thing right now is just not knowing everything I should.  Like i want to be able to help and give good thoughts in the lessons but I don't feel like I give enough. I'm definitely not up to my potential so I'll keep working.  Having 2 gringo companions, one from Vegas, is super cool but they just talk in English.  So learning is slow but hey it's going.  I can get by in small talk for the most part.  But when I don't understand one word, I don't understand anything of what they say. So yeah got a ways but its going good. 

But yeah those are just some things that I could think of so good luck with your talk ha. You'll do great as long as you don't cry haha.  Just know I'm alive and in God's hands. But hey that's about all I have for today.  Other than I need a workout schedule.  My gut is actually a gut now. Like I'll prolly muffin top haha no I'm gunna start changing my eating habits and do more abs. Ha it's crazy.  Fat is so weird.  But i can still grab the rim so its all good. 

Hey love you all and hope all is well.
Love Elder Lindsay 10

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014

Hola me mama amado!

Hey so this pday. We went to Rio Cuarto for our zone conference yesterday, so we didn't have time to email.  It was kinda crazy.  We were at this guys house named Gustavo and I was like man we got to go or we are going to miss the bus peeps! But we sat there forever and Gustavo wanted to make us an asado but we had to go.  We ended up still missing our bus at 7 so we had to get a bus to Almafuerte at 8:30 and then catch another bus to Rio Cuarto. We made it there about 11 but yeah ha good stuff. This happened Sunday btw.

But hey mission is doing ight. This week went a little slower because I swear I'm like the senior companion haha. No Elder O´Hanley is chill. He is from sin city but he's a good kid. He is fun to talk to.  It sucks though because I read better than him in Spanish so I'm like... Well crap now how am I gunna learn Spanish.  No i'ts good though.  This will help me learn to study and all that good fun stuff. He just never went over the grammar stuff so I'll be slower learning Spanish this transfer. He has the same time as Elder Biggs so he will prolly die here in Rio Tercero.  Haha hopefully I'm here so I can inherit all his stuff haha like the converter y los cosos. But yeah don't worry about me.  I'm not one to have a low head, unless its like the last game of ball or something. Those always got to me. 

But in answer to your email.
So big sis Ave be dating now. Thats crazy ha keep her around in case I need a fade haircut again. And yeah tell her to watch out for those stupid peacocks... Stupid things.

Ha good to hear you fixed the lawnmower, and even better you didn't get hurt. I'll still say maybe next time if that happens stay on the mower till dad gets home haha.

So man that hunk on the church board... Yeah who was that?  Said he was in Cordoba Argentina... Oh hmm would you look at that.  That's me! ha looks good, and tell Grandma Shields hello for me, and also let me know how Joe is.

Ha so yeah there are people here that if I don't shave for a stinking day they think I'm like 25.  One guy thought I was a doctor haha and then I talked. No but he really thought I looked like a doctor con mi poco barba. but yeah I feel bad for the kid that looks like he is 12, ha i can only imagine. Oh yeah hey good on CJ too. I wish everyone could see how important the stuff with church is. But hey ellas tienen su albedrío. Ha I hope you like these little inserts of Spanish once in a while. 

Super sad to hear about Pyper. Prayers to that family.

So idk if I've got any packages yet.  I think so but the dang elder over mail is lazy and didn't get it in time so we have to wait till December until we get mail ha yeah sucks but it's ight. Only 2 years.

Hope all the family is doing good. Ha don't be thinking I'll have an accent because I'm around my greengo comp and yeah already said that but just saying for Christmas.

Well hey love you all to death and back. Keep me updated on everything. Tell Ryan and Allen thanks for writing and emailing me.  I appreciated it and hey until next week. Buenas nachos! That's what I say at night...( I know its wrong btw) 

Love you and later
Elder Lindsay 10

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014 (Dean's Letter from Dylan)

So yeah it was super cold here these last few days, compared to what it has been.  But it's warming back up. It was just a cold front I guess. But yeah turns out Elder Biggs se fue, he left and now I have a new companion.  Kinda sucks. Made me sad cause Elder Biggs is a really good friend now.

So the investigators are very tough here. They havent had an investigator in church since the last baptism like 6 months ago.  We are working hard but the people don't like to do more than they need to.  But we will get it.

Ha I'm gonna be terrible at ball when I get back.  I'll always be able to dribble but the area I'm in we are 2 hours aways from the rest of our zone so we don't ever play them and it's tough.  So I'll prolly not get to play much soccer or ball in this area and I'll prolly be here for 6 months. So yeah long time without basketball ha and Steve Nash would be a good coach I think. 

Ha Devin is a goon but good thing he is keeping his head right and thinking mission haha.

We go and get our hair cut around town.  Last time I think they did ight.  It wasn't like mom's but it was good enough. I don't have as much style on the mission haha.

Hey you could have mom but some stuff from this message and add to her blog cause i forgot to add the little things. Oh and let me know how devs christmas present goes.

Love you dad!
Elder Lindsay

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Dear Family

So this week was kinda sad. We had transfers and Elder Biggs got transferred.  Now I have a new companion from Las Vegas named Elder O´Hanley. He is pretty cool but I can tell it won't be like Elder Biggs.  We were pretty close. But that's alright.  I'll just have to grow up I guess haha. 

I had to go to Cordoba this last week for some legal stuff and seen my district.  I guess the rest of my district from the MTC comes this transfer too,  so that's cool.  Also went to sleep at like 2 in the morning during this transfer because I had to go with Elder Biggs and drop him off. So that was a late night.  But I was with the office elders and they took me to a McConalds haha, it was cool. But yeah I'm back in Rio Tercero right now.  I'm still being trained but I'm like helping him out to know the area.  Man, mission is crazy.

When I went to do all that legal stuff I guess the people in the office thought I was a Visa waiter too so they had all my mail in the office.  I had like 10 letters.  So yeah, tell people to send them and have their emails on their letters so I can at least email them back, I'll try to send a letter to grandma and you guys and Shonia like once a month if I can.  It's just real pricey so don't be offended if you don't get them. Also I hear some packages are getting here faster.  One elder got his in a month and I asked the elder in the office if I had one and he said he thought I might.  But he also said some got sent home cause they couldn't go pick them up right away.  So let me know if you get one back.  I doubt it was mine but yeah. Ha Mail is so cool to recieve cause it is tangible and stuff so send away.  I'll try to keep it all.  When you send it, you should send a nice journal that has an okay amount a paper cause my two little ones idk if they will make it. 

Have devin get a 17 for Christmas we can have shoot offs and he can't complain haha

We have a ward in our area.  We are also over an area called Almafuerte.  It's to the west of us. But we don't go there very often anymore unless they have someone ready to get taught or something. But no only like 20-40 people go. So yeah it's small.  There are places in Cordoba with like 150+ people. Church is new here.

Mission is great. At times I miss you peeps.  Ups and downs of living in a small town.  You get really attached to the people you have in the town. Just a warning for anyone. 

Anyways I'm about 160-165 pounds right now and solid as a rock....Or mud.  I think they are about the same, but imma keep working out haha I might get fat but I'll have a layer of muscle under that fat at least haha

Love all you to death y tanga buena semana
Le amo mucho y gracias por toto ustedes hacen para me . No se si esta es correcto pero suerte. 

Ha Love you all and bye

Elder Lindsay