Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hola Familia y amigos

Que tal eh? 

Hope everything is going great in the Basin. Things are still kinda slow here.  We have like 4 investigators that will get baptized but time is kinda bad. Some have to wait until the end of this month because that's when they go on their big break.  So we will have some to teach then.  Also after January they will pass a new law that lets people get divorced a lot easier.  Then that's two baptisms more that we will have. There are a lot of people down here that either don't want to get married or that were married and broke up but didn't get divorced cause it was too much money. They have had to know the address of their spouse that was probably in a different place.  So now all they will have to do is sign a paper for one of them and it's done. We have a couple that will get divorced and married after January. Another guy, Javiar that speaks in English, his wife is a teacher of a Catholic church.  The preacher found out he was taking lessons and said if he didn't stop he would fire his wife.  Freak yeah that was the devil throwing a boulder. So we will talk to him later this week and see what we can do. We have another girl named Natacha.  She is like 45 and she knows the church is true but she smokes.  She is working on that now.  Her son has a bad infection in his lungs right now and will go to Cordoba for a surgery.  So that's crappy. Also we have this family that the mom just had a baby but they have two other boys that are about the same age as those two kids I was taking pics with the one day.  They are good friends so I think that is a good possibility too. The biggest thing that we have a problem with here is assistance. If there was one thing that I know that would help the most is to have members being involved in the work. Two 18-21 year old kids sharing the message isn't gunna do it in all cases.  Satan is working harder than in the past and through some crazy ways. 

In answer to mom's email. Things I like would probably be learning.  That might be weird coming from me but like there is some pretty cool promises that are taken for granite in the commandments. That and seeing how forgetful people in the scriptures are. Between that and then seeing how people are here is pretty cool to compare. But I like always knowing what I should be doing.  Not like at work.  Kind of like you should know what you are dong but you don't know what you will be doing one year from now.  The mission work is always the same. Always just trying to help people.

My favorite thing in the MTC was probably gym, or when I actually did something right.  That didn't happen often for me but when it did I was Elder Fuego ha, 

The hardest thing right now is just not knowing everything I should.  Like i want to be able to help and give good thoughts in the lessons but I don't feel like I give enough. I'm definitely not up to my potential so I'll keep working.  Having 2 gringo companions, one from Vegas, is super cool but they just talk in English.  So learning is slow but hey it's going.  I can get by in small talk for the most part.  But when I don't understand one word, I don't understand anything of what they say. So yeah got a ways but its going good. 

But yeah those are just some things that I could think of so good luck with your talk ha. You'll do great as long as you don't cry haha.  Just know I'm alive and in God's hands. But hey that's about all I have for today.  Other than I need a workout schedule.  My gut is actually a gut now. Like I'll prolly muffin top haha no I'm gunna start changing my eating habits and do more abs. Ha it's crazy.  Fat is so weird.  But i can still grab the rim so its all good. 

Hey love you all and hope all is well.
Love Elder Lindsay 10

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