Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28, 2016

Last week one is over....

This last week we spent trying to get everyone to baptize in the zone.. Really that was the whole last transfer but IT PAYED OFF!! The last weekend we had to baptize it was raining and super cold but we didn't care and we finally got the hermanas here a baptism. There were 3 that were gunna get baptized but in the end it was just my bud Nahuel. Love the little kid. On the way to a FHE the other day I asked if he was ready for his baptism (cause we were double on my bike) and he told me that he was kinda worried. I asked him why and he made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone. It was cause he didn't know how to read and was nervous they would make him read and he was trying hard to learn. I gave him a little picture book of the BOM and we read it together at church ha. Love the family.

Yesterday was the official last day of Presidente Alliaud... We went to Córdoba and had a little conference with the leaders and it was dope ha. Only 3 zones got to give an account of their work and we were one of them cause we got Zion.. That means that the whole zone baptized. After that me and Elder Bretón from the DR had to capacitate the new district leaders. Pretty cool stuff.

This morning we got back at like 2 in the morning and my comp Elder Gomez started throwing up cause he had drank too much coke hahaha. Yeah you're right it isn't funny. Anyways after we woke up we got a call that a member the night before had gotten in a wreck and wanted us to go to the hospital. We had to take some medicine to the sisters cause they got sick yesterday and then after made it to the hospital at like 11 and had to wait until 1 to give her a blessing. She is still unconscious and is in bad shape. She hit her head pretty good and yeah pray for Guadalupe Peralta. 

Also I have a buddy here in the mission that headed out this morning. His dad passed away about 3 days ago. I talked to him a bit and he is a super nice kid. Super sad to hear that but I seen him before I headed out of the mission home yesterday and fua.... Crazy stuff. Change of game from instead of just teaching about the gospel, having to put all of it practice. HOPE=GOSPEL

Anyways love you guys and hope you have a great week.

Elder Lindsay

President Ruben Alliaud

Nahuel's baptism

The Mission

hahahaha ight so I had to play doctor, this was a crazy cut and he might or might not have cried 

Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016

We are officially on my last transfer.... Sucks

This morning we had to catch the bus at 4:00 and headed off to Córdoba. The bus took longer than usual and we had to get Elder Pryor off to the mission home cause he finished the mission. It's super hard to just know you are gunna be leaving friends around but I mean guess that's one reason the mission is dope. Pryor boy is a good friend and if you see him on Facebook in the next couple days give him a shout out for me. 

My new comp is Elder Gómez from Honduras. We were in the same district in Las Flores so I know him. He will be the elder that kills me.  (From mom:  The elder that kills them sends them home from their mission.  It does not have a literal meaning - don't panic. lol)

This week we should have 2 baptisms lined out. Last Saturday we went to see how the kids were and turns out their parents just up and left to a different city... Sucked cause I wanted to be in white with Elder Pryor. 

Sounds like Brady needs to come down to Argentina and learn to drive on the roads here. They drive offensively here instead of defensively and they hardly ever wreck. Hope he gets feeling better and I'll send some good words up above for him. 

Hope dad had a great father's day and he goes and gets lost now cause we will be able to find him. Let him know I love him and that he is for sure the biggest role model I have in life. Words can't explain or actions in the mission field but he deserves a lot. 

Love you mom and talk to you next week,
Elder Lindsay 

The last selfies with Elder Pryor

A pic of me and Elder Pryor that Elder Hansen drew
Elder Smith during our trip to Villa Maria
Cheese cake the Hermanas made.
New Companion Elder Gomez

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 14, 2016

This week we spent pretty much traveling the whole time. We went to the Villa Maria Tuesday for the interview of Mariana and also an elder was sick there.  Wednesday we went to Leones for the district meeting of them and then Thursday we were in Cordoba. Friday and Saturday we stayed in Bell Ville. Those days we spend preparing the baptism and paying the rent and all that good stuff. This week we will baptize at least the two younger brothers of Brian Ojeda that got baptised this last week. 

This is officialy the last week of my comp Elder Pryor. Gunna miss the kid a ton.  He's a good friend and really hope I was able to leave the same impression with him. That means I'll be getting a new comp and starting my last 6 weeks in the mission. We just had a conference with President Alliaud and he will be leaving here in a few weeks and we get the new President Correa from Chile. Lots of changes but lots of great memories I've had up to this point. If there is one thing that has impacted me alot is that this isn't just for 2 years. Maybe I didn't catch it as fast as Pedro to leave my nets and follow him but I know that's what I need to do. For sure if there needs to be something God needs I don't want to be the one sitting there looking at others to see who will do it but just getting it done.
Thanks for everything and I'll talk to you next Monday. 


Elder Lindsay

Jorge is from Marcos Juárez
Mariana is from villa maria. Me and Elder Sosa found Mariana on intercambios and we put a baptismal date and.... she got baptised!!!!

Chillin in Cordoba for some legal work

Baptism of Brian. His two younger bros get baptized this coming Saturday.
Some of the original district from the MTC
Some of the original district from the MTC
Some of the crew from Catamarca

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6, 2016

This past week we went to Cordoba for the ZL meeting and then came back and had a pretty good week. We had to capacitate the zone Thursday and then in the night we went to Marcos Juáres for a few baptismal interviews. I interviewed a guy named Jorge. He is cool guy and will get baptized the 19th after church. He is 52 and lives with 2 of his little kids. They had a ton of energy but just when he wants to come back to Christ the missionaries found him. God knows us too well. 

We have been stressing a lot on baptisms this week and we put the goal to have every area with someone in the church with a date for baptism. Fasting is for real too. In the end there were 10 people in church, and 5 of them were ours here in Bell Ville but anyways 5 of the 6 areas had at least one person in the church and that is super rare. Ether 12... If you don't have faith read that. God works miracles for sure.

This week we will be going to Villa Maria tomorrow and then Wednesday to Marcos Juarez or Leones idk yet and yeah we have 6 or 7 people here of a family that are getting ready to get baptized so we need to figure out a time to get everything done. 

I think the mission will help for when I have a thousand things to do at home. Here we have a full agenda and then someone else calls and adds something else. When we went on intercambios to Villa Maria there is a guy named Pablo that only pays attention to the missionaries when I am there and so the missionaries dropped them a little and just passed me the number and I call them to help them out and the only thing that keeps Pablo from getting baptized is he isn't married and today his girl (less active member) called and said they are gunna get married.  They only need the birth certificate from her here in Bell Ville so we will get that out and they will get married in November... I won't be here but it will still be cool to see happen. 

Next week we go to Cordoba Monday.  We won't be emailing the same time. It's a special conference for President. Gunna be a rough one I can already tell but it's time. 

Love you guys a ton and I'll talk to you next week.

Elder Lindsay

Friday, June 3, 2016

May 31, 2016

Hey Mom

Yesterday we went to Córdoba for the reunion and got back this morning at 1. We ate Subway in the terminal. Don't think it was as good as the states but close enough. We had three new peeps in the church this week. Agustina, Braian and Romina. Found them this last week and their mom had listened to the missionaries so we stopped by and they have 7 kids and Sunday 2 of the kids went and Agustina is the friend of Romina. They have a date for the 11th and also Carla Juarez but she didn't go to church. She loves us and is super dope so pray for her. 

Hope everyone is doing good and stay busy without school. Let me know if anyone needs some prayers.

Love you and dont get trunky ;)
Elder Lindsay 

Rolled my ankle again

First pug I've seen here
Smallest orange I've ever seen
La Zona Bell Ville
distrito de Villa María
Elderes Hansen and Smith 
Elders Paz and Coombs 

Hermanas Salomon y Oviedo de Leones
Hermanas Ramirez y Osccorima de Bell Ville
Elderes Garcia y barahona en Marcos Juárez
With Elder Pryor