Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 23, 2016

Sorry it's shortish

Hey Ma
This week was good.... 
We have found a lot of cool people the last two weeks and I was feeling super good about this week with everyone going to church..... but I guess like it says in D&C 101:44-54 or something like that, we didn't have our atalayas up. In the morning every single person had an excuse. Like my kid had a bad night or we have to go to the hospital LATER. Little stuff like that that keep people from feeling something life changing. Anyways this next week we will be in Leones, Villa Maria and who else knows so it'll be busy. 

Not a ton to say but everything is going good. Just busy and don't want to come home.... Love the mission.

Love you and talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

Getting our shots
so we were walking down the street and i seen this baby bird laying on its back not moving and was like, dude watch im gunna heal this bird. Ha i flipped it over and it was alive. Did i heal it? idk but it was cool. Just the life of a missionary.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 17, 2016

Querido mother and family

This last week flew by super fast!! We had the Zone meeting here this last Wednesday and talked to the zone and seen some of the new kids. There is a 25 year old from Guatemala and also Elder Smith from the Catamarca days are here. He was super happy to see me haha I think every like 5 minutes he said, man I'm just so happy you're my zone leader and I know you. In Catamarca there are like 10 missionaries so that's all he knows cause he started there. Good kid. Also we have Hermana Oviedo and Hermana Osccarima from Spain . Other than that the zone is the same.

It was the first week here as Ward Bell Ville ja we aren't a branch anymore so they are still calling people for all that. A lot of people got called up as high priests and stuff so they have to fill a lot of positions. Anyways.... Guess who the first holder of the priesthood to give a talk in the ward of Bell Ville.... That's right baby it's me. I mean I'm pretty humble about it but it's hard when it's something as big as that jaja.

This week we taught a few really cool peeps. Valeria and Milagros are mother and daughter that the missionaries taught before but only Milagros and she didn't get baptized cause I guess the mom didn't like the missionaries. Anyways one day we were looking for Milagros and we seen a lady working outside of the house and figured it was the mom so we talked to her and sked her what she was doing raking leaves.  Then we helped her and got her thinking about her family and in the end she said she didn't think she would ever even think about the church but we were convincing and she felt something... HOLY SPIRIT BATMAN!! She has a daughter that is deaf and also her husband left her like a week ago. She couldn't go to church Sunday cause her daughter was trying to run away. So we had to eat the banana bread I made in the church.

Also Argentino and Maria are an older couple that really want to get baptized that we found looking for a lady that used to listen to the missionaries. Turns out the lady we were looking for died last week and this couple live across the road from them. They need to get married but they need the birth certificate of Argentino. We will be looking that up for a little while.  He was born in Jesus Maria so we are gunna call the municipalidad there and the registro civil and see if they can help us out.

Also Nani, Frederico, and Martin. Nani is the dad and Frederico and Martin are the kids. We have been teaching them and they used to have doubts with Joseph Smith but we are helping them gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Frederico likes to play the guitar jaja too bad I don't remember my rock smit band stuff.... 

Also there is a couple we found that moved here about 5 years ago and in the house they live now a year ago but the dad is a member as of 20 years ago and the wife didn't really know.  They are a super sweet family with 3 kids that like the church and can get baptized. Her name is Daiana and his is Marcos.  I only know Nacho the youngest kid with 11 years of age.

This Thursday we have to go to Cordoba and maybe we will see a package there ;). This week we will also have to travel to a little town for a baptismal interview with a guy that wants to get baptized close to Marcos Juárez. Tons of stuff to do.  Little money and little time jaja guess it'll help me out for after the mission eh jaja.

Hope everyone is doing good and ill talk to you guys next week. 

GO OKC!!!!!

Con mucho amor
Elder Lindsay-cito

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 9, 2016


Hope you had a good one mother. Super good to see you guys and talk to you all. Ha weird I'll be back in under 3 months now but guess that just means... You have that long till I can clean my room again. 

This last week was pretty special. Finally got to see the creation of the stake here and learned a lot about the organization of the church and how it works and also about being a priesthood holder. Pretty important to be worthy and trusted and using the authority always. We gave prolly 5 blessings of health this last week and then got to see a bunch of people moved up as high priests to form the council and stuff here.   Just made me think about how important it is to fulfill our callings and do what the Lord wants us to do.

I also started thinking about a question that someone asked Elder Gonzalez of the 70. They asked how he studied the scriptures and he said something and then said that that is how he studied NOW but maybe it's different for where we are at in our lives. Made me think a little about the style that each of us has to do stuff. Anyways the topic is pretty much " Find your own style" Like in the mission some people see a missionary and want to be like them but the truth is it's just gunna put you in the ruts of them and you won't reach your own potential. Helps me see that we should find our own way to do stuff. Lots of times in the scriptures it talks about it.  For example when Jesus was with his disciples it says that it got late and so he decided to stay and later he shares the sacrament with them and seems like it's just a coincidence that he stayed but I think it has alot to do with listeneing to the spirit and finding your own style to doing stuff.  Also when Jesus was in the Americas before he headed back he seen the faith and stayed and blessed the sick and the children and stuff. He still fulfilled his job but he listened to the spirit and could do more than just what he was sent for. Looking for the gifts of the spirit I think are some keys to the finding your own style to doing things. That's just kinda a little thought I had between our choir songs ha.

Anyways this week was dope! This next week we have to prepare a capacitation for the zone and then Wednesday get the zone here and teach some doctrine about baptizing :) best calling ever...

Hope everyone is doing good and I be praying for y'all. 
Give Dev some birthday beatens and I'll talk to you next week.

Con Amor
Elder Lindsay 

Mega Pizza Burger

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 3, 2016

Hey mother

This last week was pretty interesting. Wednesday we went to Villa Maria and for the reunión de distrito de Elder Coombs and then came back.  The next day we went to Marcos Juarez in the evening for a baptismal interview with Santi.  Friday we had another baptism for the sisters here in Bell Ville and then Saturday in the morning we had a service cleaning the church.  After we ate, then we had to hurry and change cause at 2 I had to go to Villa Maria for choir while my comp stayed back in Bell Ville with our mission leader to set up the baptism of Juan and our baptism of Immanuel. Then right when we got back from choir I had to hurry over and start the baptisms. Sunday night we had to also travel to Córdoba for concilio (counsil). We got to the mission home at about 12:30 and we talked it up with some of the old mission buds for a little bit and hit the hay. I was sleeping on the crack of two mattresses and when I woke I was on the floor ha.
  Concilio was pretty cool. Pres answered one of my questions and my team destroyed in soccer haha so I mean ended alright. We ended up getting home at 12:30 last night and this morning we had to clean up Elena Delgados jardín (garden). 
  This weekend will be pretty crazy. We have to go the Marcos Juarez tomorrow and then Saturday and Sunday to Villa Maria. Also Saturday we have to call the zone and let them know what is going down with transfers so everyone will be crazy busy ha. Love the mission. Too much going on right now though.  It's flying by. Hope everyone is doing good at home and I'll talk to you this Sunday.

Con amor 
Elder Lindsay

The little kid in the red got baptised.  His name is Santiago.
Two of the people in the choir thought they could move the tree in the pot.
The Choir Trip
The two peeps that we baptized here in Bell Ville last Saturday.
Elena Delgado, we did a service for her this morning and then she made us some home made noodles. she is one of the mothers to the missionaries here.