Monday, January 25, 2016

January 26, 2016

Hey mother, please tell dad feliz cumpleaños for me and count every spank and pinch he deserves haha.

Hey this week was good.  We got back at 3 Wednesday in the morning. Had a meeting with the zone later in the morning, ate some pizza and lomitos and then we watched a meeting for the missionaries around the world. They talked a lot about the missionary work with members and teaching with the spirit.  Something I liked was talking a lot about repentance. To the effect we teach repentance and baptize converts. It was cool to listen to.

Later in the day we had to do some zone plans and then went to a BBQ for the ward.  Hahaha just happened to be the day I got here they had one too. So I got to know a lot of cool members. 

This area is smaller than my last one but the ward is better.  It's actually a branch still cause we are in a district but it's cool. The members actually hold their callings and fulfill them. 

Sunday in the church I was stressed, just cause it was a habit to be stressed in my last area.  Sundays were always stressful cause the members scared away the people we brought.  The church was run down.  The bishop, well we never knew if he would be there or no, we taught all the classes and led the music and also talked most Sundays. Ha here I got to church and they have a different schedule. Sacrament is first here and I was asked to talk before so it wasn't a surprise. After I pretty much just participated in the classes and helped Antonella (the miracle we are teaching) in the classes. Ha super relaxing compared to the other ward. So it was a very nice Sunday.  Makes me think of the churches we have in good ol Utah and how they work. Sometimes I feel like we all get a little too lacks though at home and get stuck in the rut of just talking during class instead of teaching.  Anyone can physically go to church but saints go spiritual. If something isn't how we want it we can't complain until we've done what we can to change it. 

So the emergency transfer was cause a kid has a few bad discs I guess in his back so he is in the mission home with physical therapy and yeah, that's why all this happened so sudden. 

Coolest, most chosen lady I have ever seen. So my comp had contacted a lady in the street before and we had a date to return. We went to see how she was and Holy Moses..... Long story short, she is getting baptized the 31st. We taught her twice, felt the spirit super strong in each lesson and she understands a lot. Never knew the Mormons but when we taught her about everything she was kinda frustrated because she didn't find it before and started crying. We would just share our testimonies and she would get teary eyed and wow.. We take the church for granted a lot. There are people that go to church for the first time and are impacted so strong it's hard for them to explain. Makes me think about us needing to find holy places and being elevated in a spiritual aspect. TEMPLE!!! If we are comfortable in the church and don't feel the spirit as strong, it's time to go to the temple.

Hey love you guys and hope your week goes great.

Elder Lindsay.

New dope shades

Cordoba Temple Selfie

An Asado

Elder Campelo from Brazil (he goes home in two weeks)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016

Dear mother,

This last week was pretty crazy.....  So Wednesday night the missionaries from La Rioja called us and asked us where we were. Ha we had no idea what they were talking about but it turns out we had to do tramites in La Rioja Thursday. So we left our pension at 3 in the morning to go to the terminal and then we left for La Rioja. When I woke up we were passing these cars in a big race called Dakar. It's a race they have every year here that goes through Argentina, Chile, and Peru. It's dope, look it up ha. Also we spent all of Thursday doing the legal stuff and then spent the night in a HOTEL!!  It was super cool. Then in the morning we went and did some more stuff. They thought I only had to renew my DNI BUT! Turns out I was suppose to be doing all the paperwork like the others there haha so they will prolly be calling some time soon to get me legal. Cause I'm super illegal right now. The other picture is of some of the kids waiting for tramites.

We got to ride on the bed seats on the bus ride back ;) Saturday morning after we got back we had a service in the church with bishop and his family cleaning the church. Holy moses it is dirty. It was pretty much me and my comp cleaning but I sent the little kids on a bug hunt and whoever found the most dead or alive bugs in the chruch won. Ha each bug alive or dead, depending on its size, got a score and the first to 500 won an alfajor. They didn't make it to 500 so they didn't get anything ha but they did find like scorpions and stuff.

After the Activity we went and ate in the pension. Hermana Rita was sick to the stomach but she sent us empanadas. She is the best!  After, we had to go and look for the keys from bishop for the activity we have on Saturdays and inviting some people. Then we went to set up for the activity. We opened the church and went to buy a few drinks and when we were buying the kiosco lady told us that the other day when we were gone someone was trying to break into the chruch where we have the goals stored and the police and people came. So when we were walking back to the church I was kinda keeping my eye out to see who lived around that could have done it.  When we got to the church it was full of kids. haha I thought it was the kids that tried to rob in there but they came with a member we reactivated. We played soccer, ping pong and watched a church movie.  The guy we were reactivating´s wife came with like 4 other little girls and they were like, hey when you gunna finish cleaning the church. We told her Sunday in the morning we would have to come in and she was like well let's just do it now. So she, with her kids, started cleaning the church!! Then she came Sunday! Ha and I had to lead music again Sunday.

After church we went and ate with Dora. She lives alone around the pension and then after I bought a big bible for a member that her husband is in a vegetable state and can't move. She can't see very good so I got her a big bible and some hymns. Cool stuff to see them reactivating too.

Sunday night we stayed in the pension of the other elders. Elder Peterson and his son Elder Smith. In the morning I cut his hair and we went to the church. Played soccer, ate tacos, and then had a splash. Thats when all the elders from the zone go to one area to work. During the splash I was with Elder Quary from Canada and I get a call...... it said. Presidete........ Ha I was freaking out a little and he told me that I would be going from one area to the other of the mission. Ha and I would be ZL.  So I had to pack my bags in 2 hours and leave at 12:30 AM. I got to cordoba this morning and went to the asistents pension and now I will be heading to Belvile... Ha crazy stuff. But I'm pretty sad to leave that area.

Love you guys, this is getting long. I hope everyone is okay and I'll talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

PS my new comp is Elder Campello from Brazil and he ends here in 3 weeks haha so I have 3 weeks to learn the area and how to be a ZL haha que caaaaaaaaapo no?

Service Project Before
Service Project After
Intercambio with Elder Peterson
Dakar Race
Hotel Fun
Leaving La Rioja
La Rioja
Big dog of a convert

I found this map online just so we have an idea where Elder Lindsay was transferred to.

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

Hola Mom!

This week was pretty long. We spent this week trying to help out the ward. The baptisms that we have had here don't stay so we are trying to help out the leaders. The Bishop asked us to come over to the church one night and we were there till like 12 talking about callings for people and stuff like that. It was cool to help but the bishop here is kinda hard headed. He just says everything against what we say to "be boss" but between the counselors and us we got a lot figured out. There are a lot of leaders that have been less active for a while now, so we went and passed by some.  For example, the counselor to the young men's was contending super hard and asking why we are going condemning people if they could get the gospel in the spirit world..... Ha after a little discussion they said they would go to church. They are a family of nine so it would help a lot. We had 29 people this week show up for church, so anyone that goes helps. 

For investigators, we are still teaching all those folk but the ones that are progressing the most are Ever and his wife Karen. They are friends of my comp from Jesus Maria. Ever came to church this week while we were teaching the gospel principal classes about temple work and stuff and had a bunch of questions of how he could make his family eternal.  So we are helping him out now. Alos Maria Eva, we found her again. She was kinda hiding from us but this week there was a ton of rain storms so no one thought we were working haha but we were.  We showed up to her house and you could tell she was kinda freaking out. She promised us she would get baptized in December but then we couldn't find her or talk to her again.  She said the closer she got the more she felt like something didn't want her to get baptized. She is praying for the 30th now. So are we  ;) 

Tell goober good job in the game.  Just gotta take it to the varsity now. Ha I'll train him up a little when I get back. Like 3 months ago I couldn't touch the rim and Friday night I almost dunked it so maybe I can help the runt out.

Mission is going great. It's hot and humid but it's dope. Hope you guys are having a good time at home. Be safe and love ya

Elder Lindsay 

These pictures are from our friend Rita.  She was making Fig Jelly.  She is AMAZING!

And she snapped a fun little picture of Elder Lindsay teaching. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016


Hey the first week with the mini was dope. We taught and bishop baptized his nieto Brian. He is 8 but his dad is in prison and so we helped out with the baptism this week. 

We are teaching Mariel.  She is super cool.  She contacted us in the plaza one day and is cool but she comes from a church that there leader is in prison for doing naughty things. She had doubts about Joseph Smith when we passed by but when we left she understood. She has a friend that's stake president from Buenos Aires. She is cool but is about to get a divorce so we trying to help out the family.

Maria Eva is a lady that said she would get baptized in December.  We are working with her.  She is never in her home so it's hard to see her. 

Also someone else you could pray for is Kevin. He is 11 and both his parents are way inactive but his grandpa is president of the quorum. He was inactive but we finally got him to come yesterday to church.

We have around 8 people that can get baptized this month but those are the ones we will focus on here this week.

The mission is going good.  Hope you had a good birthday mom. Ha Rita is always happy like that and always talks me into doing stuff.  We did a rain dance and it got cloudy haha.

My mini is super cool. He is teaching me to be Latin and also he will get his papers here soon. We just looked and he has been assigned so pray for Elder Casntañares. ES capo

Hey love you guys hope everyone is doing good and I'll talk to you next week.

Con amor
Elder Lindsay 

The District

Yep that's a snake

Let's just say that for me, this was the best video message EVER.  Love these missionaries. To Rita Gracias amigo

Brian's Baptism
My Christmas Gift :) 

Cleaning the Church

New's Years Eve with Dora Moreno

One big spider!