Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

 semana 6 ended.

  This was pretty cool.  We ended up baptizing the kids of Luciana. We have been working a ton with them and then Saturday we were all cooking some rice and melanesas and we got the text. "Pilar tambien va a bautizarse" ha we went crazy and called her and stuff and then like 20 min, later we get the other text "Pipi tambien va a bautizarse..." well you gotta see the videos we did right after that. In the end we had a really cool baptismal service and could see them get confirmed Sunday in the church.

   For Christmas we spent it with a menos activo family that we are reactivating. Familia Tula. They are cool and super nice.  They joke around like our family. We made some empanadas with them and some pizza and then watched all the fireworks and then by 12:30 we had to be in the pension.  It was pretty cool. For new years we will be with a hermana Dora. She lives solo so we will pass it with her.

   Transfers came and Eldet Campos left. Sucked but it is what it is. I now have a mini. Elder Castañares from Cordoba. He is dope.  He is a convert as of November of 2014 and is waiting on his papers- He will prolly get them while we are together haha but it's like having another kid kinda. He is 24 and it will be cool to see how it goes. We have this lady that is "the chosen one"  she is super awesome.  She contacted us because one of her friends from Buenos Aires said we had a message for her. She will get baptised. We just gotta get her family with her. We taught her yesterday before we had to go to the terminal and.... she is cool. Her name is Mariel. And also the bishop's grandkid is Brian. He will get baptized this Saturday. 

   Hey love ya mom and good luck this week. Dont miss me too much ;)

Con mucho amor
Elder Lindsay 

Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015

Dear Mother

This week was pretty crazy. All the people that we had planned to come to church on Sunday and be baptized didn't happen. One by one they kinda failed. I think that's part of the plan. If we are in the house with a member ready to go to church or in a house with pan de banana... Satan still has his ways. 

We were talking with those twins that WERE gunna get baptized and one of them will get baptized this Saturday no matter what. But the other one is kinda scared and just when she was feeling good, her brother walks in and says. "Hey if you get baptized,  You're ugly"..... But we will keep helping them out. They are super cool.

We have been helping Anibal out this week. He fell back into his addiction and smoked marijuana cause he was stressed but this Sunday helped him out alot. He knows a bunch and seems more like a college professor than anything. But he is super cool and willing to change. We are talking with his mom Norma and we have a service with them tomorrow.
Super crazy that this will be my last Christmas in the mission. I miss Christmas at home but there is something special about here in the mission for Christmas. 

Hope Devin doesn't see Santa this year. I mean 16 years is alot but make sure he gets to bed. 

Love you guys and talk to you Friday!!!!!!!!!

Con amor
Elder Lindsay 

Elder Lindsay decided to not shave his stache one morning to see if his companion would notice.  Um Yeah, I think he did. lol

 Sleeping with the district and P-day playing soccer

Random Bugs and Lizards

Some fun pictures from our dear friend Rita

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15, 2015

Sup Family.

Mis queridos.

This week voló pero mal.

We had the baptisms of Luciana this last week. It was sad cause the kids didn't get to get baptized with her. They all kinda got scared at the last minute and didn't end up going through. But when they seen their mom get baptized they all wanted to.   So this weekend we will see a family there in the church making convenios. 
Also this last week David, the kid that was super into drugs didn't make it to church but his mom did. They have a date for the 19th that he won't make but at least I think if the mom will come to realize that she needs to be baptized too then she will do it. She only talks about him being a sinner and him needing to change.  It's hard to teach someone that doesn't want to be taught but thank goodness the Spirit helps us out. 

In total, Sunday night to Tuesday morning we road 20 hours 30 minutes on a bus to and from the Christmas Conference. It was awesome again.  I finally got to play some ball and threw around the ol pig skin. Missed that but also to see the buds. Ha Elder Coombs ran into a wall.  He has a huge goose egg now and also an Elder Church from my group broke his arm yesterday. Ha pretty crazy stuff but the best was listening to President talk. I was kinda sad thinking about the whole I'll prolly never be in a Christmas Conference listening to deep doctrine and laughing over contacting or daily planning. Gotta enjoy it while it's here. 

Hope everyone is doing good and read some of Lucas 2 in the ol Bible. Jesus is awesome and hope everyone is safe for the holidays. 

Con mi amor 
Elder Lindsay-cito

The MTC Crew Back Together

(A few of the fun pictures sent from Rita)

The Crew

Luciana and her twins

MTC Crew

MTC Crew

Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015

Mis queridos 

Yesterday we didn't have p-day cause today is day of the Virgin of the Valley. It's only in Catamarca but people come out from all over Argentina to worship the Virgin of the Valley. They go to extremes.  Crawling miles to make promises with the Virgin. The best part is how hot it is today too. Hope no one dies. 

This last week in church we confirmed Anibal and after gave him the priesthood menor. He is a stud. He use to be in prison doing drugs and now you wouldn't have known that he wasn't always a member. He likes to read so we got him a new bible. Also we had 5 other people in the church. Luciana came and will get baptised this Saturday with her twin daughters Pia and Pilar and also her other son Gabriel, but they call him Pipi ha. Saturday we had the activity, but like every other thing no members came. We were gunna give a little pump up thing to the ward but the leaders didn't come but Luciana and her kids came and we played soccer and pingpong and watched a movie. Por lo menos!! They are cool. 

Also Sunday at church was David and his mom... David started doing drugs when he was 14 and is all sorts of addicted but is willing to quit so in the mornings we have been teaching him. He has a date for the 19th. During gospel principals class after we got done we asked how it was and he said he wanted to preach the gospel like us. He is 18 and dope as heck. But not like dopeing dope just dope ha.
We had interviews with President last Thursday and holly freak the dude is cool. I've been studying a fool the scriptures and thinking pretty deeply about them and then when I talk to President, he just opens up my mind and teaches. Hope after the mission I can keep up the whole church stuff and can be smart like that. We have the Christmas Conference this next Monday the 14th so we will be in Cordoba. A 6 hour bus ride there and then after 6 hours to return ha. I'm excited though. Just have to baptise Luciana first. 

Last week I learned for prolly the 6th time in the mission to keep your treasures in the heavens and not the earth cause wherever your treasures are is where your heart is. If they are on the earth robbers, or VIRUSES can get them. Ha I lost all my pictures on my camera again... But at least for the last 7 months I'll have pictures :)

Freak, this morning when we woke up there were tons of stupid little maget worms on the floor. Freaking nasty as heck!! But we cleaned the pension very well yesterday so it doesn't make sense. I think it has to do with it being hot and humid during the night in the kitchen cause the door to the kitchen is seperate so it's hotter in there but yeah it's nasty. Ha we'll prolly burn down the whole pension now. Ha worked for us right?? haha. 

Hey love you guys hope everything is going good at home. Christmas is awesome. The mission is cooler. Sorry but it's true. Wouldn't want to be in any other place than the mission. Hope everyone is safe for the holidays and besitos para todos!!

Con mi amor
Elder Lindsay-cito

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Hola mother. 

This week went by pretty fast. In our ward there are about 3 leaders that assist and 2 that actually do stuff.  We spent this week looking for the leaders that are inactive.  Like the quorum of the elders president that doesn't go and talking to them and animating them to come to church and help them fulfill their callings. Also our bishop is less active so he pretty much gave us permission to run the ward haha.  We have been capacitating the members this week and planning an activity to get people going to church other that on Sundays. Lots of work but it makes me excited.  Idk why.  It is pretty sad but it's cool to see a change. 

This week we had 3 baptisms in the District. Noe and Noelia and then we baptised Anibal. All cool people coming from the world of drugs but they have all stopped now and have strong testimonies of the atonement.

Yesterday at church this lady told us she had a kid that is way into drugs and wants to change.  After around 4 we went over and seen what was up and he's this 19 year old kid that has all these scars on his arms.  Like prolly 50 that are big nasty looking things that he does when he is drugged.  His name is David Barrionuevo.  Pray for this kid.  We are gunna be passing by him to help him out. We talked to his buddies outside and we are in the gang now so well get to him ha. 

Lucianas cousin died Saturday night.  He was stabbed to death.  She was pretty hurt by that and didn't make it to church. We will be passing by this week to help her out too.  Pray for her.

There is a lot of potential here but we need to help the ward out first or no one will stay. We reactivated a family, Tula. They all came to church.  Well it's only a dad and his 2 kids BUT all the members kinda got a little light in their eyes to see we are bringing back old members so I hope they will catch a little fire.

Well that's a hint of what went on this week.

Love you guys and hope you don't freeze.  I won't when it's over 100 here.

Con mi amor

Elder Lindsay

Thank you to my friend Rita for the fun pictures of Elder Lindsay this week.