Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015

Mis queridos 

Yesterday we didn't have p-day cause today is day of the Virgin of the Valley. It's only in Catamarca but people come out from all over Argentina to worship the Virgin of the Valley. They go to extremes.  Crawling miles to make promises with the Virgin. The best part is how hot it is today too. Hope no one dies. 

This last week in church we confirmed Anibal and after gave him the priesthood menor. He is a stud. He use to be in prison doing drugs and now you wouldn't have known that he wasn't always a member. He likes to read so we got him a new bible. Also we had 5 other people in the church. Luciana came and will get baptised this Saturday with her twin daughters Pia and Pilar and also her other son Gabriel, but they call him Pipi ha. Saturday we had the activity, but like every other thing no members came. We were gunna give a little pump up thing to the ward but the leaders didn't come but Luciana and her kids came and we played soccer and pingpong and watched a movie. Por lo menos!! They are cool. 

Also Sunday at church was David and his mom... David started doing drugs when he was 14 and is all sorts of addicted but is willing to quit so in the mornings we have been teaching him. He has a date for the 19th. During gospel principals class after we got done we asked how it was and he said he wanted to preach the gospel like us. He is 18 and dope as heck. But not like dopeing dope just dope ha.
We had interviews with President last Thursday and holly freak the dude is cool. I've been studying a fool the scriptures and thinking pretty deeply about them and then when I talk to President, he just opens up my mind and teaches. Hope after the mission I can keep up the whole church stuff and can be smart like that. We have the Christmas Conference this next Monday the 14th so we will be in Cordoba. A 6 hour bus ride there and then after 6 hours to return ha. I'm excited though. Just have to baptise Luciana first. 

Last week I learned for prolly the 6th time in the mission to keep your treasures in the heavens and not the earth cause wherever your treasures are is where your heart is. If they are on the earth robbers, or VIRUSES can get them. Ha I lost all my pictures on my camera again... But at least for the last 7 months I'll have pictures :)

Freak, this morning when we woke up there were tons of stupid little maget worms on the floor. Freaking nasty as heck!! But we cleaned the pension very well yesterday so it doesn't make sense. I think it has to do with it being hot and humid during the night in the kitchen cause the door to the kitchen is seperate so it's hotter in there but yeah it's nasty. Ha we'll prolly burn down the whole pension now. Ha worked for us right?? haha. 

Hey love you guys hope everything is going good at home. Christmas is awesome. The mission is cooler. Sorry but it's true. Wouldn't want to be in any other place than the mission. Hope everyone is safe for the holidays and besitos para todos!!

Con mi amor
Elder Lindsay-cito

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