Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

 semana 6 ended.

  This was pretty cool.  We ended up baptizing the kids of Luciana. We have been working a ton with them and then Saturday we were all cooking some rice and melanesas and we got the text. "Pilar tambien va a bautizarse" ha we went crazy and called her and stuff and then like 20 min, later we get the other text "Pipi tambien va a bautizarse..." well you gotta see the videos we did right after that. In the end we had a really cool baptismal service and could see them get confirmed Sunday in the church.

   For Christmas we spent it with a menos activo family that we are reactivating. Familia Tula. They are cool and super nice.  They joke around like our family. We made some empanadas with them and some pizza and then watched all the fireworks and then by 12:30 we had to be in the pension.  It was pretty cool. For new years we will be with a hermana Dora. She lives solo so we will pass it with her.

   Transfers came and Eldet Campos left. Sucked but it is what it is. I now have a mini. Elder Castañares from Cordoba. He is dope.  He is a convert as of November of 2014 and is waiting on his papers- He will prolly get them while we are together haha but it's like having another kid kinda. He is 24 and it will be cool to see how it goes. We have this lady that is "the chosen one"  she is super awesome.  She contacted us because one of her friends from Buenos Aires said we had a message for her. She will get baptised. We just gotta get her family with her. We taught her yesterday before we had to go to the terminal and.... she is cool. Her name is Mariel. And also the bishop's grandkid is Brian. He will get baptized this Saturday. 

   Hey love ya mom and good luck this week. Dont miss me too much ;)

Con mucho amor
Elder Lindsay 

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