Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016


Hey the first week with the mini was dope. We taught and bishop baptized his nieto Brian. He is 8 but his dad is in prison and so we helped out with the baptism this week. 

We are teaching Mariel.  She is super cool.  She contacted us in the plaza one day and is cool but she comes from a church that there leader is in prison for doing naughty things. She had doubts about Joseph Smith when we passed by but when we left she understood. She has a friend that's stake president from Buenos Aires. She is cool but is about to get a divorce so we trying to help out the family.

Maria Eva is a lady that said she would get baptized in December.  We are working with her.  She is never in her home so it's hard to see her. 

Also someone else you could pray for is Kevin. He is 11 and both his parents are way inactive but his grandpa is president of the quorum. He was inactive but we finally got him to come yesterday to church.

We have around 8 people that can get baptized this month but those are the ones we will focus on here this week.

The mission is going good.  Hope you had a good birthday mom. Ha Rita is always happy like that and always talks me into doing stuff.  We did a rain dance and it got cloudy haha.

My mini is super cool. He is teaching me to be Latin and also he will get his papers here soon. We just looked and he has been assigned so pray for Elder Casntañares. ES capo

Hey love you guys hope everyone is doing good and I'll talk to you next week.

Con amor
Elder Lindsay 

The District

Yep that's a snake

Let's just say that for me, this was the best video message EVER.  Love these missionaries. To Rita Gracias amigo

Brian's Baptism
My Christmas Gift :) 

Cleaning the Church

New's Years Eve with Dora Moreno

One big spider!

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