Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

Hola Mom!

This week was pretty long. We spent this week trying to help out the ward. The baptisms that we have had here don't stay so we are trying to help out the leaders. The Bishop asked us to come over to the church one night and we were there till like 12 talking about callings for people and stuff like that. It was cool to help but the bishop here is kinda hard headed. He just says everything against what we say to "be boss" but between the counselors and us we got a lot figured out. There are a lot of leaders that have been less active for a while now, so we went and passed by some.  For example, the counselor to the young men's was contending super hard and asking why we are going condemning people if they could get the gospel in the spirit world..... Ha after a little discussion they said they would go to church. They are a family of nine so it would help a lot. We had 29 people this week show up for church, so anyone that goes helps. 

For investigators, we are still teaching all those folk but the ones that are progressing the most are Ever and his wife Karen. They are friends of my comp from Jesus Maria. Ever came to church this week while we were teaching the gospel principal classes about temple work and stuff and had a bunch of questions of how he could make his family eternal.  So we are helping him out now. Alos Maria Eva, we found her again. She was kinda hiding from us but this week there was a ton of rain storms so no one thought we were working haha but we were.  We showed up to her house and you could tell she was kinda freaking out. She promised us she would get baptized in December but then we couldn't find her or talk to her again.  She said the closer she got the more she felt like something didn't want her to get baptized. She is praying for the 30th now. So are we  ;) 

Tell goober good job in the game.  Just gotta take it to the varsity now. Ha I'll train him up a little when I get back. Like 3 months ago I couldn't touch the rim and Friday night I almost dunked it so maybe I can help the runt out.

Mission is going great. It's hot and humid but it's dope. Hope you guys are having a good time at home. Be safe and love ya

Elder Lindsay 

These pictures are from our friend Rita.  She was making Fig Jelly.  She is AMAZING!

And she snapped a fun little picture of Elder Lindsay teaching. 

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