Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

How's the crew?

This week went by very fast. We found a bunch of cool new families to teach out in the middle of nowhere this week. None of them came to church cause everyone had to vote here in Argentina Sunday. It was pretty crazy. That's the first time I've seen people out and about during the siesta in a long time. I've had to have a talk ready the last two weeks but right when they start sacrament meeting they say don't worry about it.  Now I wont have to speak until I leave here. Sunday during church they made the announcement that sacrament will be first and then the classes like it is in the states. Since I've gotten here we always have the classes first and then the last thing we do is the sacrament but they are changing that here.

President Donoso, the District President, was here yesterday for church with his counselors and they pumped up the ward pretty good. We looked up the priesthood that was there and then the number of people that have the priesthood that don't come to church and how we can go and do visits with the members. It's a super good idea.  Now everyone just needs to get on their horse and do it. We have divisions every Tuesday but only like 2 people show up so I hope it changes a little. 

We are planning 2 activities right now. We will be doing a Halloween activity on the 31st and sing karaoke and then the 14th we will go to the lake and eat some asado or chori pan. We also play soccer once a week every other Wednesday and Thursday. Ha I kicked this dudes foot like a month ago and every time we play my foot kills but it's fun as heck when the greengo gets the goal.

Gillermo was in Cordoba this week so he couldn't make it to church and also pray for the Oliva family. They are a family that got offended by some members but still want to go to church. That's the usual story here, people getting offended. But they have a little girl that wants to get baptized named Abigael. 

The guy that had the heart attack is named Rocky and his girl friend (cause they aren't married) is named Patricia. They are the parents of those little kids in the picture.

Hope everyone is doing good. It's getting super hot here but it's always hot. This week we will be going to Cordoba for a zone conference and I think the Seventy Leaders will be here so it should be cool.

Love you guys and talk to you later.
Elder Lindsay 

My District
Canned meat like Spam only Argentine style. 
Patricia and Rocky's kids.

Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hola mama

It's hot here...

So I'm sure I'll be good with Ingles. We talk castayankee so I should be good, but um mom Christmas is like in a long time so yeah don't worry about it.

Sounds like Devin is happy as ever. Ha I remember one time I went to the doctor too and they straight up told me I wasn't growing anymore so I hope the dork is like 7 foot tall when I get back. Wish him good luck at state. No pouting either when he doesn't beat my time ha.

This week was pretty good.  Two of the triplets got baptized and confirmed.  Maybe this week we have a couple more coming up. We went to La Falda for the zone meeting and I had to capacitate on being diligent. That's one thing about district leaders in this mission, we have to teach a lot. But it went pretty good. I definitely have a more focused feeling. Por lo menos!  

This week we also saved this couple's marriage and humbled them a little. They were pretty mad at each other but it's cool how the Gospel applies to everything. Satan really does try to tear everything apart and I always liked  your advice mother. Ha if the grass looks greener on the other side, it's time to water your own. I don't remember when you said that but hey it's true and sometimes you just have to have a comp inventory and get back out there. But yeah the family proclamation is useful too and I would advise everyone get a copy. Helped their marriage.

Also this week we found a kid named Gillermo that is in the hospital.  Super cool and loves to talk to us but more than that he wants to follow God and Jesus´s example and be baptized on the 7th of Nov. So pray for Gillermo Castiñarles haha good luck with the last name.

So you asked about the zoo and yeah I was possessed at the age of 3 so I don't really remember anything other than giraffes, ha but the truth is I thought that was a dream haha so nope not really.

Hope everything is going good at home and keep up the scripture stuff. Tell Devin it pays off and is possible even if you are doing sports. 

Love you all and talk to you next week. 
Elder Lindsay 

Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Dear Mother

This week was pretty interesting.  We all got sick in the pension and yeah just was a cold week. I don't really remember getting sick from weather change in the states but here if it's cold one day you have to wear a scarf or something so that you don't breath in the cold air cause you'll get sick for sure. But everything is getting better. 

About the whole ponderize thing, this last week I used a 2 Nephi 32:3. Listen to those angels and you'll know what to do and now me and Shonia are doing 2 Nephi 31:19-20 that I'm pretty sure talked about persevering to the end. Super cool.  Makes you focus on it during the week and you get lots out of it. Tell Dev good job with running I never did run in Manila but that's ight ha. 

Yohana and Brenda came to church again this week. Yohana was embarrassed from last week so we are still talking to her about her baptism and helping her not be scared of water. They are good kids and it would help them a lot to stay out of trouble so before the month is over we will see if they can be baptized. 

There is also a few cool families that we have been talking to. The Romero Family and Rocky and Patricia with their 7 kids. They are both really cool families that need to get married but are willing to follow Jesus.

That's about it for what went down this week.  Hope everything is good at home.  

Love you guys and talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 
PS Elder Sparks says Hi

Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Dear mother,

Conference was good here in Argentina. I didn't get to see the first session Saturday and missed some of the second because of Interviews. The triplets have their interviews and are planning on their baptisms this coming Saturday. Yohana was ready for her baptism but when she got there and changed she got nervous because all the people were there to watch conference.  She only wanted a few people so she got stage fright and didn't go through.   Now she feels ashamed ha but we said it's all good and she wants to get baptized with her cousin now so we are going with that now. 

The conference I watched was in English just cause they use big words and I mean I don't even know some of the words in English ja so I watched it in English.  I liked all the talks but the ones that got me the most were about mothers and also in the priesthood session a very simple message from the prophet about just Keeping the Commandments. Seeing the Prophet like that gave me chills and with that consejo I feel like nothing really matters if we just keep the commandments and live our lives the way God wants us to. It's frustrating here cause nooo one keeps even the love thyself stuff. It's a big blessing to be here and see the difference just keeping the commandments is in life. Makes Exaltation sound that much better.

For transfers we all stayed the same here in Cruz Del Eje. Elder Malta is going in Dean Funes and Elder Lubas will train a newby so that's the District. Ha Elder Lubas is a cool, crazy, but cool Brasileda. I am learning a little Portuguese now, I have a BOM in port. so I will see if I can get 3 languages out of the mission ha. 

Well everything is going good, ready for 6 more weeks here and then I might be out so it's just gunna be hitting the grind and following the angels seeds.

Love you guys and hope all is good.
Elder Lindsay 

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