Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

How's the crew?

This week went by very fast. We found a bunch of cool new families to teach out in the middle of nowhere this week. None of them came to church cause everyone had to vote here in Argentina Sunday. It was pretty crazy. That's the first time I've seen people out and about during the siesta in a long time. I've had to have a talk ready the last two weeks but right when they start sacrament meeting they say don't worry about it.  Now I wont have to speak until I leave here. Sunday during church they made the announcement that sacrament will be first and then the classes like it is in the states. Since I've gotten here we always have the classes first and then the last thing we do is the sacrament but they are changing that here.

President Donoso, the District President, was here yesterday for church with his counselors and they pumped up the ward pretty good. We looked up the priesthood that was there and then the number of people that have the priesthood that don't come to church and how we can go and do visits with the members. It's a super good idea.  Now everyone just needs to get on their horse and do it. We have divisions every Tuesday but only like 2 people show up so I hope it changes a little. 

We are planning 2 activities right now. We will be doing a Halloween activity on the 31st and sing karaoke and then the 14th we will go to the lake and eat some asado or chori pan. We also play soccer once a week every other Wednesday and Thursday. Ha I kicked this dudes foot like a month ago and every time we play my foot kills but it's fun as heck when the greengo gets the goal.

Gillermo was in Cordoba this week so he couldn't make it to church and also pray for the Oliva family. They are a family that got offended by some members but still want to go to church. That's the usual story here, people getting offended. But they have a little girl that wants to get baptized named Abigael. 

The guy that had the heart attack is named Rocky and his girl friend (cause they aren't married) is named Patricia. They are the parents of those little kids in the picture.

Hope everyone is doing good. It's getting super hot here but it's always hot. This week we will be going to Cordoba for a zone conference and I think the Seventy Leaders will be here so it should be cool.

Love you guys and talk to you later.
Elder Lindsay 

My District
Canned meat like Spam only Argentine style. 
Patricia and Rocky's kids.

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