Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hola mama

It's hot here...

So I'm sure I'll be good with Ingles. We talk castayankee so I should be good, but um mom Christmas is like in a long time so yeah don't worry about it.

Sounds like Devin is happy as ever. Ha I remember one time I went to the doctor too and they straight up told me I wasn't growing anymore so I hope the dork is like 7 foot tall when I get back. Wish him good luck at state. No pouting either when he doesn't beat my time ha.

This week was pretty good.  Two of the triplets got baptized and confirmed.  Maybe this week we have a couple more coming up. We went to La Falda for the zone meeting and I had to capacitate on being diligent. That's one thing about district leaders in this mission, we have to teach a lot. But it went pretty good. I definitely have a more focused feeling. Por lo menos!  

This week we also saved this couple's marriage and humbled them a little. They were pretty mad at each other but it's cool how the Gospel applies to everything. Satan really does try to tear everything apart and I always liked  your advice mother. Ha if the grass looks greener on the other side, it's time to water your own. I don't remember when you said that but hey it's true and sometimes you just have to have a comp inventory and get back out there. But yeah the family proclamation is useful too and I would advise everyone get a copy. Helped their marriage.

Also this week we found a kid named Gillermo that is in the hospital.  Super cool and loves to talk to us but more than that he wants to follow God and Jesus´s example and be baptized on the 7th of Nov. So pray for Gillermo Castiñarles haha good luck with the last name.

So you asked about the zoo and yeah I was possessed at the age of 3 so I don't really remember anything other than giraffes, ha but the truth is I thought that was a dream haha so nope not really.

Hope everything is going good at home and keep up the scripture stuff. Tell Devin it pays off and is possible even if you are doing sports. 

Love you all and talk to you next week. 
Elder Lindsay 

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