Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Blake's Home!!!

  Ha Holy Moses that's crazy.  Tell him hello for me. Good to hear he gotter done. You asked if I've learned something that will help me in life.... mom, everything in the mission helps you in life. I dont think there is one thing that doesn't help you in life, from waking up on time, to helping doubters get a testimony. There are so many little things and feelings that go on in the mission that you apply to everything. 

  This last week we got to go to La Falda and participate in the establishment of the Punilla District. It was super cool to be there and see the members getting called as District President and stuff. Made me look at my life and think what I was "willing" to be in life. I think everyone has the potential to be great things but the decisions we make take away from what we actually achieve. It was cool to see Brother Donoso from Capilla del Monte called as President. He's super spiritual and cool to be a part of.  When else will I get to be in Argentina when they form a district. Prolly never again! Glad I got that opportunity. 

  So yeah that was the cool for this week. We moved the baptisms to next week in between the sessions Saturday. We have 6 planned but we will see what we can do. Potential is 8. 

  Oh and the Park City cross country race was one of my favorite ones for sure. Ha it's super level and I got 3rd in the varsity race there. Ha lots of really skinny kids there is all I remember. But wishem' all good luck for me. 

Love ya all and talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015

So this week we were pretty crazy busy with kids in the pench sick or traveling and stuff like that. I worked in our part of the area for like 2 days and was helping out the ZL´s the rest of the week. The twins that we had don't want alot to do anymore cause their whole family is against the church pretty much but the triplets are a little better. They still are going for the 26th. Those are being taught by us and the ZL´s but me and Elder Willis are teaching another two girls Yohana and Brenda.  They are set on the 26th. The mom of Yohana is a Buddhist and the mom of Brenda is nothing.  We started to talk to them and they like what we teach and are good with their kids getting baptised. They both have the same dad so they're half sisters. They are pretty cool. They have a crush on me too so that's akward haha but they are 10 and 11 so don't worry.

Other than them we have some news from this week but I think the main one you could pray for is Yanina. A different Yanina from last time.  She was a solid new this week but when we called to set another appoinment she hung up. We were like freak man let's pass by anyways to see how she is and turns out her friend died that morning. So we taught her a little bit about the plan and where her friend is and she is gunna pray to see if it's true and is super cool. But pray for her.

The week flew by.  This is week 5 of 6 and I'm sure it's gunna be the same. Ha you asked if I got homesick and prolly once a week we get asked if we miss home.  I tell them of course you miss your family and friends and stuff but it's definitely worth it to be serving the Lord. You learn alot. More about being selfless and that's what the mission is about. If you ever get down it's not cause you are homesick it's alot more of the time you aren't doing what you should or not understanding your purpose. That's what it is when you have time in the mission. Ig you are new in the mission I would just say that the reason to be on the mission is good enough.  Even if you just went cause your mom said so or not. It's like the atonement. Jesus didn't want to suffer but he did anyways.  If you don't want to serve, serve anyway and in the end you will have your own convertion. But yeah that's how I feel about that. 

So everything is good.  This is longish so I'll cortarlo there and talk to you next week.

Love you guys!
Elder Lindsay 

The Crew in Capilla
Yahana and her brother Gaston
Elder Willis
Brenda and Yohana

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hola mother mía

   This week has been going good so far. We have the triplets, twins and another set of sisters set on date for the 26th. They are all really cool and would help out the church alot.  So pray for the little girls in Cruz del Eje.

   Today we are chilling in Capilla del Monte for p-day and tonight we will have a splash with all the elders here and have a sleep over.  Tomorrow we will have interviews with president. I left all of my stuff in the church so I can't send pictures today.  We had to pull a car off the road. I cheese graded the crud out of my hand but we helped a poor lady out so it's chill. There are alot of hippies here ha it's pretty dope.

  Tell Devin good job with the elk. Ha and if you guys get bored you could make some elk jerky and send me some. 

   Family sounds like they are doing pretty good. Missed out on the family party but thats ight lots more to come.

   We threw around a football all afternoon and I can't move my wrist. Been a while ha not like it used to be. Fun but im just older. Cause when I get drafted to the NFL I'll have to practice a little more. 

  Soldier Hallow was the worst race in the world ha but I liked it. I remember that race I was like the only one that ran varsity haha thought it was jipped cause I wasn't that fast but ended up doing pretty good for a white boy. 

  So last night my comp was pretty frustrated. He kinda just had a break down and didn't feel like he should be on the mission. He is a good elder just had his moment of not feeling the language alot and yeah got frusterated so I talked to him and now he is good and ready but just pray for him. Elder Willis. After we baptise he will feel better but untill then it'll be stressful. Just cause thats how satan rolls. 

  All is good here, it's super hot during the day already. I realised I have like 10 months and weeks left. Pretty crazy but I'm just trying to do the most good I can do and after I do what I can the Lord helps out with the rest. Pretty cool.

  But hey love you guys and talk to you next week mama

Elder Lindsay 

Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Last Monday after p-day was over I had to go and do interviews for the Valle family. They were a mess when we got there and first thing the mom said was, well I'm Catholic. She was worried about not being able to worship the virgin and saints and also didn't know much about tithing so during her interview we settled everything and cleared up things for her and all went good. She has a gay nephew that was baptized and talking bad about the church saying she had to pay a bunch of money and hire a lawyer if she wanted to take her name off the records but the whole family Natalia(mom), Ariel(dad), Milagros(hija), Antonella(hija), Mariana(hija) all got baptized on Tuesday.  Also a little dude Lautaro Gonzalez got baptized.

Friday we had a zone meeting.  I had to capacitate (train) again there.  I always try to make it interesting so we learned some ways to get people to church. Hey you aught to have Devin go out with the missionaries. That would be good for him. But yeah that's what went down Friday.  We had a noche de hogar with this awesome lady Monica Barrionuevo. Her daughter Celeste is a ful with the work ha she introduced us to twins AND triplets.  Ha the triplets are the Lindsell's so maybe the name connection will help them with baptisms ha. 

Sunday the lady we healed came to church, the twins and two of the triplets, and also I wheeled this lady that was like 90 years old to the church and talked her grandkids into coming.  So 4 of her grandkids came too. Brenda and Joana are the only ones that can get baptized but we put a date with almost all of them and yeah pray for the 19th of this month.

It was cool. My first Sunday we had 49 people in the church and this last week we had 79 without 2 families.  So it's increasing. And the news that President had is that here in our zone, we won't be part of the mission anymore.  We will be our own district apart from the mission.  So it's like we are evolving ha. But yeah that's what went down this week. 

We had another service with our President of the branch. But it was only me and Elder Sparks that went and we took the bikes. It takes the bus about 20 minutes to get there and we got there in 30 minutes on bikes haha it was cool. On the way back we were sling shotting each other. Later that night the other elders had the bikes and we showed up to one of our appointments and they were there so we took the bikes.  Haha and they both broke on us... Freaking Carma..

That's about what went down this week.  Love you guys.  Say hello to the family and to Blake for me, Give Gma Shields a hug for me. I had no idea she was 80.  Ha people with 80 years here are in pretty bad shape so yeah thumbs up to her. 

Elder Lindsay 

noche de hogar with Monica Barrionuevo.  We have a set of twins and a set of triplets. The triplets last name is Lindsell  so I mean maybe a Lindsay was meant to find them.
Family Valle