Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Last Monday after p-day was over I had to go and do interviews for the Valle family. They were a mess when we got there and first thing the mom said was, well I'm Catholic. She was worried about not being able to worship the virgin and saints and also didn't know much about tithing so during her interview we settled everything and cleared up things for her and all went good. She has a gay nephew that was baptized and talking bad about the church saying she had to pay a bunch of money and hire a lawyer if she wanted to take her name off the records but the whole family Natalia(mom), Ariel(dad), Milagros(hija), Antonella(hija), Mariana(hija) all got baptized on Tuesday.  Also a little dude Lautaro Gonzalez got baptized.

Friday we had a zone meeting.  I had to capacitate (train) again there.  I always try to make it interesting so we learned some ways to get people to church. Hey you aught to have Devin go out with the missionaries. That would be good for him. But yeah that's what went down Friday.  We had a noche de hogar with this awesome lady Monica Barrionuevo. Her daughter Celeste is a ful with the work ha she introduced us to twins AND triplets.  Ha the triplets are the Lindsell's so maybe the name connection will help them with baptisms ha. 

Sunday the lady we healed came to church, the twins and two of the triplets, and also I wheeled this lady that was like 90 years old to the church and talked her grandkids into coming.  So 4 of her grandkids came too. Brenda and Joana are the only ones that can get baptized but we put a date with almost all of them and yeah pray for the 19th of this month.

It was cool. My first Sunday we had 49 people in the church and this last week we had 79 without 2 families.  So it's increasing. And the news that President had is that here in our zone, we won't be part of the mission anymore.  We will be our own district apart from the mission.  So it's like we are evolving ha. But yeah that's what went down this week. 

We had another service with our President of the branch. But it was only me and Elder Sparks that went and we took the bikes. It takes the bus about 20 minutes to get there and we got there in 30 minutes on bikes haha it was cool. On the way back we were sling shotting each other. Later that night the other elders had the bikes and we showed up to one of our appointments and they were there so we took the bikes.  Haha and they both broke on us... Freaking Carma..

That's about what went down this week.  Love you guys.  Say hello to the family and to Blake for me, Give Gma Shields a hug for me. I had no idea she was 80.  Ha people with 80 years here are in pretty bad shape so yeah thumbs up to her. 

Elder Lindsay 

noche de hogar with Monica Barrionuevo.  We have a set of twins and a set of triplets. The triplets last name is Lindsell  so I mean maybe a Lindsay was meant to find them.
Family Valle

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