Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015

So this week we were pretty crazy busy with kids in the pench sick or traveling and stuff like that. I worked in our part of the area for like 2 days and was helping out the ZL´s the rest of the week. The twins that we had don't want alot to do anymore cause their whole family is against the church pretty much but the triplets are a little better. They still are going for the 26th. Those are being taught by us and the ZL´s but me and Elder Willis are teaching another two girls Yohana and Brenda.  They are set on the 26th. The mom of Yohana is a Buddhist and the mom of Brenda is nothing.  We started to talk to them and they like what we teach and are good with their kids getting baptised. They both have the same dad so they're half sisters. They are pretty cool. They have a crush on me too so that's akward haha but they are 10 and 11 so don't worry.

Other than them we have some news from this week but I think the main one you could pray for is Yanina. A different Yanina from last time.  She was a solid new this week but when we called to set another appoinment she hung up. We were like freak man let's pass by anyways to see how she is and turns out her friend died that morning. So we taught her a little bit about the plan and where her friend is and she is gunna pray to see if it's true and is super cool. But pray for her.

The week flew by.  This is week 5 of 6 and I'm sure it's gunna be the same. Ha you asked if I got homesick and prolly once a week we get asked if we miss home.  I tell them of course you miss your family and friends and stuff but it's definitely worth it to be serving the Lord. You learn alot. More about being selfless and that's what the mission is about. If you ever get down it's not cause you are homesick it's alot more of the time you aren't doing what you should or not understanding your purpose. That's what it is when you have time in the mission. Ig you are new in the mission I would just say that the reason to be on the mission is good enough.  Even if you just went cause your mom said so or not. It's like the atonement. Jesus didn't want to suffer but he did anyways.  If you don't want to serve, serve anyway and in the end you will have your own convertion. But yeah that's how I feel about that. 

So everything is good.  This is longish so I'll cortarlo there and talk to you next week.

Love you guys!
Elder Lindsay 

The Crew in Capilla
Yahana and her brother Gaston
Elder Willis
Brenda and Yohana

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