Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016

Hola mother.... Or should I say Hello

Dear Mother....

Well looks like the last week has officially started. This last Sunday I had to talk in church and everyone was like oh freak you're leaving and I had to tell them it wasn't until next week but I really hadn't thought a lot about it until they were talking about my family and stuff. Crazy how fast time flies in the mission. Kinda gave me butterflies to think about it. Anyways one more week to work so best do it good. Today we are in Leones and we will go to Marcos Juárez to work with the elders there, All the Zone has baptized except Marcos Juarez and Lamadrid so we will see if we can help them out.  Last night we had a dinner with the family Franco for a despedido. We ate homemade pizza and listened to some Latin music jaja. Also Manuel got me back on arm wrestling so we are all tied up 1 to 1. 

Tuesday will be our last lunch with them and then in the night we have to go to Córdoba so I can be legal to go home. Also I seen Ruben today in the terminal before we headed to Leones. He is the karate dude that me and Pryor baptized. I was super happy to get to see him cause he lives in a different town now and the chances are like one in a million to see the dude. Also Friday we are gunna have a dinner with the family of Antonela. She is the lady me and Campelo baptized. 
Love the freak out of the mission. It will be a lot bigger culture shock for me to come home than leaving to the mission field. For sure is my second home.  Best 2 years, has a lot of meaning to it. Special time to be able to only have to worry about the Lord's work and not family, work, studies, and all that good stuff. 

Thanks for all the support the last not only 2 years but 20... Always been a super great mom in everything. Don't know how you do it but thanks for the example in everything. Love you almost as much as you love me :) 

Church is true, book is blue, see you in a few.
Elder Dylan Lindsay

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

Sounded like Dakoda's endowment session went well. I haven't been through the temple in over a year so I hope here in 2 weeks before I head out the new mission President will let us have some alone time with you know who. 

This week we talked a lot with Walter that was going get baptized but fua satan man.... He knows what he is doing. Ha he knows he needs to get baptized and stuff but doesn't have faith. He is a great guy and I won't say anything negative. Just know that the longer someone has been with satan the less agency they seem to USE, not have but use. Satan makes it hard for us to see the hope and faith in things and that's what happened to Walter. We are still helping him out but that's why he didn't get baptized this last weekend.

Although he didn't Maximiliano DID!!!! He is a stud and got out of the drugs and is a member of the true church now. Love the dude and has made a huge change in his life. His little brother came back from a mini mission in Rio Tercero (my first area) to baptize  and confirm him. Pretty special.

This week we will have interviews with President Correa. Pretty excited to get to know him. Going to miss President Alliaud but the works all the same.  Maybe the way we do it is a little different but the end purpose is all the same. 

Still not trunky jaja you said less than 17 days and it doesn't feel like it but then when I think I'll only email one more time it's kinda crazy jaja but Imma keep working and you keep praying ;)

Love ya ma 

Elder Lindsay

A blind snake we found
Servicio we had at the beginning of the week. Cleaned out the patio.
asado after aswell
then in the night we had another asado with the quorum
this is my breakfast.... six eggs and a nice ol protien shake jajaj 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 11, 2015

This week went by super fast. We ended up working like 3 or 4 days in the area cause we were traveling to Leones and Villa Maria to do intercambios and participate in the district meetings. In the end Walter made it to the church Sunday with all the boys and his wife. Walter will get baptized this weekend and we are super excited. He knows the church helps him and is in a rough situation in his life but is willing to keep pressing forward. 

Other news is that there has been a leak in nuestro pipe in the wall I guess and it leaked down to our neighbors. They are a nice bolivian family that are patient haha but my comp left the hot water turned on 2 times this last week and right know they are fixing it. The past week we haven't had hot water and had to take everything out of the kitchen and so the place is a mess ha. The first couple days we took cold showers after workouts and it wasn't terrible but it was super super cold so now we just go over to Gaston's house to shower. 

We are now starting week 4 of 6 and haven't really thought much about home ja so sorry for not saying a lot about the plans. Love the mission and the best 2 years is down to 3 weeks so best be enjoying it. It's pretty special to walk into a house and see people feel the spirit. Something that I think everyone forgets once in while but in the mission it's undeniable to know how the Lord molds the broken hearted and teaches the lost lambs. Dope stuff.

Hope everything is going good at home and I'll talk to you next week. I think this week we have interviews with Presidente Correa so we will see how that goes.

Love ya

Elder Lindsay

Cute little gringo girl.
Bathroom selfie. Classy?

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016

This week we planned for the Zone meeting Thursday and got everything ready for lunch and everything. Thursday we had everyone here in the zone. After our capacitation, we ate some tacos and then everyone left to there areas.

Oh yeah freak so Brady is super lucky. The girl Guadalupe that we gave a blessing to last Tuesday is still in a coma and they think that her brain isn't working. Just on a machine. Sad...

On a better note ULISES GOT BAPTISED. The three bros are members!! Got Elder Gomez to baptize him. Turned out pretty nice. The primary here is pretty strong ja super happy for people that fulfill their callings. Makes the church roll a lot smoother for sure. 

Funny story. My comp and I were heading to lunch on our bikes in this rainstorm. He was trying to cross behind me to get in front.  He isn't a biker type right. Yeah he clipped my back tire and hit the asphalt rolling through the water. Ha I stopped under a tree dying with laughter. Ha only broke his reflector and some pride ha love the kid. 

Everything is going good. Lots of stuff to do here. Lots of people that need the gospel and little time left so hey que trabajar.

Thanks for everything the last 2 years. Just keep it up for like 30 more days or however many I have left.

Love ya
Elder Lindsay

Baptism of Ulises