Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hola mother

Ha so thanks for the heads up... 14 days... It's actually the same day as the creation of the stake Bell Ville here. It's been 18 years and finally they are gunna make the Bell Ville stake. We will be going to Villa Maria the 7th and 8th of may and no matter what they said I have to go cause I'm in the Choir haha.  Best seats in the house I guess. I was in Zona Punilla when they made district Punilla and now I will see a stake be made. Pretty lucky dude. Every Sunday at night we have to practice for the choir and now they said Saturday we have to go to Villa Maria to practice. Then Sunday night we need to travel to Córdoba for the consejo. 

Last week we went to Leones for the District meeting and then we went to Marcos Juarez for intercambios. Found a bunch of peeps and got some baptismal dates put so hope some stuff goes down there. The Zone has stepped it up a lot in the last 4 weeks haha prolly cause we don't let them think too much. We have done a bunch of traveling and it sure makes a difference. Makes me think about the church in general. Like with the Bishops and Stake Presidency. Good thing there are people that know their calling and for example the 70´s that travel all the time to help keep the church running. The mission is kinda like a mini church program en si. Hay que trabajar. 

Hope everyone is doing good and let me know what happens in the NBA ha I mean not that I care but I mean OKC is still playing. I hear stuff once in a while here but mostly it's about soccer ha.

There is a guy that played with the missionaries hace 40 años atras and he wants to get together and set up a team against us cause he heard me and my comp play pretty good haha so pray Juan Carlos can find some ballers here to play against.

Con amor
Elder Lindsay 

We could only pose for a second because there were a million mosquitoes! 
Birthday Cake.
The cake was super good. We ended up eating it for Hermana Durans birthday. She is from Colombia. 

Another pollo al disco.

That's Juan putting salt into it. His a burly guy but every time I see him I go give him a hug. Don't know if any other missionary hugs him as much haha he gets a big ol grin on his face. Cool guy. 
When we went to Leones.

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

"Elder... Está trunki?"

This week we had interviews with the President and the first words he said were Elder.... are you trunky? Ha not as bad as my mom I said. No jk just said no. But prollly the last interview I'll have with him here in the mission. Pretty sad but pretty happy with what has happened in the mission up to this point. Says I've changed a lot as a missionary so hope that's a good thing ha. 

Last Saturday we baptized Rubén. Super cool guy, the picture i sent was of him when he broke a brick for us after his demonstration to kicks and stuff. Dude is dope as ever. 42 years old haha tell dad to pick up his game.

This last week we went and helped the Sisters in Leones. They have had a hard time there cause it's one of the "harder areas" so we went and found them some news and talked to a few of their investigators. Cool people there. Also we talked to some evangelists.... They are so close in a bunch of stuff ha we talked to this guy that is super into that religion and led him to the good ol truth and you could tell he really wanted to believe it but he isn't willing to change. 24 years old, married and with a kid. That doesn't happen a lot here but just for knowing a lot of truths he is living happy. Makes it look like we are the bad guys saying that people need to change but if it's for salvation..... It's all worth it. People need to know there is true church and someone has to say that they aren't in it ha so he will be praying this week he said.

This week will be week 4 of this transfer, after mother's day we have transfers and if I go that will prolly be where I die and if I stay also I will prolly die here so yeah just letting you know ahead of time. 

Got your package mom. Ha and first I thought..... what..... ha and then I used the sweater fixer thing. Pretty dope and I also am the coolest elder in the mission with that toothbrush. Thanks for that. And it's the birthday of a sister from Columbia here tomorrow so I guess we could use the cake for that ha she is turning 20 too so the candles work perfect. 

Love you a bunch and talk to  you next week.

Elder Lindsay

After the trip to Leones, Sister Salomon from Buenos Aires and Sister Aguilera from Mexico
Meet Ruben, he showed us how to break a brick with a karate chop.

Ruben got baptized

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

This week was pretty crazy. Monday night we found and talked to Ruben for the first time.  The guy is 43 and can do the splits. He lost two of his fingers in an accident and loves us and wants to change his life. After we talked to him we went to Villa Maria for intercambios. I was with Elder Coombs and we found some pretty cool people for them over there. There is a family I found earlier with a different elder that they are still teaching so I wanted to swing by them. His name is Pablo and hers is Maria Jose. They need to get married but didn't understand why so we explained a little and in the end they promised to take out an appointment to get married.  We also helped them move in a new washing machine in their house ha.

We didn't end up coming back until Wednesday in the evening and when we got back my comp started to get sick. The weather here has been rainy all week and sweaters all day. We have hand sanitizer that was like our number 1 health support to keep me from getting sick........ But it didn't work haha.  Yesterday after lunch my throat started killing and after choir practice in the night.... Chau. Ha I woke up pretty sick and achy today but we finally got to play ball so I was good. We had all the elders and hermanas come to Bell Ville and I had a gym rented out for two hours so we played some V-ball and basketball for 2 hours then went to the church and watched movies on the projector and ate some sandwiches with lettuce and rice. Good times.

This week we will have interviews with president. I always ask him crazy Mormon doctrine stuff but idk this time.  I guess if I want to learn I best study.

Well hope everyone is doing good and I'll talk to you guys later. Don't be trunky mom! I know it's 20 something days but hang in there haha.  The same day we skype I will be in Villa Maria singing and stuff so it will have to be in the afternoon when we talk. Just a heads up.

Love you and hasta luego

Elder Lindsay-cito

Elder Lindsay and Elder Coombs
mata hambre a la pizza for Elder Pryors bday
Birthday Party for Elder Pryor
My hand I won with. Terrible hand but " the kid knows how to play his card" ha that's what they say anyways 
More Birthday celebration
Ruben, the super cool guy.
Elder Pryor and a cat
The Gym
The Zone

Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hey dudes

This week we had the ol zone meeting here in Bellville and the APs came and we went on intercambios after. Me and Elder Pryor capacitated the zone and it was fun on the ol intercambios. 

This conference...... Dope

Loved the conference and for sure made me think about alot of stuff. Just like the little decisions in life we can change up to the biggest that make a difference . I've been thinking alot of the changes the mission has made on me and ma.... ha idk if you will know who I am. Pretty special being a missionary. 

Martina and Imanuel are planning on getting baptised this fin de semana and we gotta ask permission from the mom of Martina. We are going to Villa Maria tonight to do intercambios mañana and see how they are doing. It's pretty tight getting to travel but it makes me super tired. Right now I get up with Pryor to work out at 5:30 so we get a pretty mean workout going. I hurt right now but I really wanna help out my comp. He is a convert and the only member and needs a brother and father figure. Love the kid and hope I can help him out.

Hope eveyone is doing good. I for shizzle loved conference and there are alot of lessons to learn there so keep reading them up. 

Con mucho amor 

Elder Lindsay