Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hey dudes

This week we had the ol zone meeting here in Bellville and the APs came and we went on intercambios after. Me and Elder Pryor capacitated the zone and it was fun on the ol intercambios. 

This conference...... Dope

Loved the conference and for sure made me think about alot of stuff. Just like the little decisions in life we can change up to the biggest that make a difference . I've been thinking alot of the changes the mission has made on me and ma.... ha idk if you will know who I am. Pretty special being a missionary. 

Martina and Imanuel are planning on getting baptised this fin de semana and we gotta ask permission from the mom of Martina. We are going to Villa Maria tonight to do intercambios mañana and see how they are doing. It's pretty tight getting to travel but it makes me super tired. Right now I get up with Pryor to work out at 5:30 so we get a pretty mean workout going. I hurt right now but I really wanna help out my comp. He is a convert and the only member and needs a brother and father figure. Love the kid and hope I can help him out.

Hope eveyone is doing good. I for shizzle loved conference and there are alot of lessons to learn there so keep reading them up. 

Con mucho amor 

Elder Lindsay 

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