Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

This week was pretty crazy. Monday night we found and talked to Ruben for the first time.  The guy is 43 and can do the splits. He lost two of his fingers in an accident and loves us and wants to change his life. After we talked to him we went to Villa Maria for intercambios. I was with Elder Coombs and we found some pretty cool people for them over there. There is a family I found earlier with a different elder that they are still teaching so I wanted to swing by them. His name is Pablo and hers is Maria Jose. They need to get married but didn't understand why so we explained a little and in the end they promised to take out an appointment to get married.  We also helped them move in a new washing machine in their house ha.

We didn't end up coming back until Wednesday in the evening and when we got back my comp started to get sick. The weather here has been rainy all week and sweaters all day. We have hand sanitizer that was like our number 1 health support to keep me from getting sick........ But it didn't work haha.  Yesterday after lunch my throat started killing and after choir practice in the night.... Chau. Ha I woke up pretty sick and achy today but we finally got to play ball so I was good. We had all the elders and hermanas come to Bell Ville and I had a gym rented out for two hours so we played some V-ball and basketball for 2 hours then went to the church and watched movies on the projector and ate some sandwiches with lettuce and rice. Good times.

This week we will have interviews with president. I always ask him crazy Mormon doctrine stuff but idk this time.  I guess if I want to learn I best study.

Well hope everyone is doing good and I'll talk to you guys later. Don't be trunky mom! I know it's 20 something days but hang in there haha.  The same day we skype I will be in Villa Maria singing and stuff so it will have to be in the afternoon when we talk. Just a heads up.

Love you and hasta luego

Elder Lindsay-cito

Elder Lindsay and Elder Coombs
mata hambre a la pizza for Elder Pryors bday
Birthday Party for Elder Pryor
My hand I won with. Terrible hand but " the kid knows how to play his card" ha that's what they say anyways 
More Birthday celebration
Ruben, the super cool guy.
Elder Pryor and a cat
The Gym
The Zone

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