Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

"Elder... Está trunki?"

This week we had interviews with the President and the first words he said were Elder.... are you trunky? Ha not as bad as my mom I said. No jk just said no. But prollly the last interview I'll have with him here in the mission. Pretty sad but pretty happy with what has happened in the mission up to this point. Says I've changed a lot as a missionary so hope that's a good thing ha. 

Last Saturday we baptized Rubén. Super cool guy, the picture i sent was of him when he broke a brick for us after his demonstration to kicks and stuff. Dude is dope as ever. 42 years old haha tell dad to pick up his game.

This last week we went and helped the Sisters in Leones. They have had a hard time there cause it's one of the "harder areas" so we went and found them some news and talked to a few of their investigators. Cool people there. Also we talked to some evangelists.... They are so close in a bunch of stuff ha we talked to this guy that is super into that religion and led him to the good ol truth and you could tell he really wanted to believe it but he isn't willing to change. 24 years old, married and with a kid. That doesn't happen a lot here but just for knowing a lot of truths he is living happy. Makes it look like we are the bad guys saying that people need to change but if it's for salvation..... It's all worth it. People need to know there is true church and someone has to say that they aren't in it ha so he will be praying this week he said.

This week will be week 4 of this transfer, after mother's day we have transfers and if I go that will prolly be where I die and if I stay also I will prolly die here so yeah just letting you know ahead of time. 

Got your package mom. Ha and first I thought..... what..... ha and then I used the sweater fixer thing. Pretty dope and I also am the coolest elder in the mission with that toothbrush. Thanks for that. And it's the birthday of a sister from Columbia here tomorrow so I guess we could use the cake for that ha she is turning 20 too so the candles work perfect. 

Love you a bunch and talk to  you next week.

Elder Lindsay

After the trip to Leones, Sister Salomon from Buenos Aires and Sister Aguilera from Mexico
Meet Ruben, he showed us how to break a brick with a karate chop.

Ruben got baptized

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