Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

Dear mother 

Ight this might be a little short. 

So what the heck haha that doesn't sound like a mistake dad would make haha. Thanks for letting me know though.  I will keep that in mind when he wants to drive my cars. I'm sure the chicken coop jumped out at him though so it wasn't his fault really. 

Sounds like Devin did alright this year. Or they are just giving them out to everyone ha no that's good though. Maybe if he tries hard he will deserve captian next year. 

This week was good we found two atheists that were interesting to talk to. Sure did stregthen the ol testimony.

Ight ha so sorry this is short. I wrote it down in my journal so don't worry ha.

Elder Lindsay 

Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18. 2015

hey so the shift button is stupid so i'm not gunna be using it here ha.-
     this week was pretty crazy.  we did a lot of inviting and stuff for the dedication. holy hey if you ever get the chance to go to a cultural event go to it. i don't know how they would be in the states but holy cow it was freaking cool.  i have some videos but my camera died halfway through. it was pretty dope though. the next day we got to see the dedication in the morning and then when we were getting ready to leave rodrigo, the councilor to the bishop asked if we could make sure everything was good for the next sessions.... that sucked but it was cool to see it three times. president uchdorf is awesome! his white hair is cool when he's dressed all in white.  i hope i get white hair so when i go to the temple i look like a stud apostle. 

    so that's what we have been up to this last week. we found this guy named fabian and long story short i asked if he was ready to change his life and follow god and he said yeah so we will try to get him set on date for the 30th and also almost the same story with the dad of alan. he wants to follow christ so we will get him on the list too. they are cool guys.

    so that's what's been going on here in the mission.  i think stuff will start to calm down a little now the dedication is over. but hopefully not.  hopefully we get families in the temple. that will be another gail, sellar una familia para todo eternidad que campo no?

    well hey love you all and know that temple work will bless not only you but the other side of the vail too. love you guys and have a great week.

elder lindsay

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

Hey mom! Happy Mothers Day!

It was super good to see you ayer.  It was weird but good.  It will be cool to just be sitting in the house talking and stuff and then later go out and play ball with dad and Devin. Ha and then go run and get fit. The little things that would go on are ones that you miss on the mission.

But the truth
I don't want to be home yet. The work of the Lord is incredible. The other day we were on a bus to Hogar 3 and this Miley Cyrus song came on and it was super weird not to know what it was and it was wrecking ball! A song that you always hear but when I heard it it took me a sec to realize what it was.  Then when I did and started listening it it was pretty weird. I could pretty much feel myself being sucked back to like the normal world stuff. I'm pretty firm on the testimony of how close you are with the Lord when you are doing the Lord's work.  How different life really is from the world. Some times we should do a fast not of food but of everyday world stuff. It's pretty cool but yeah just what's going on. 

Hey love you guys and was super good to talk to you ha I'll see you during Christmas then!

Con mucho Amor
Elder Lindsay 

Mary's Baptism - Look at Elder Lindsay in his whites.  Looks AMAZING!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 5, 2015

Ight mother this might be short but hey love you igual

So the comp is going good.  He falls asleep sometimes so I might pour some ice cold water on him haha.  It's pretty dang fun/funny. Ha this pension is a freaking blast when we aren't doing anything. Like just random stuff always happens and yeah ha I have videos so you guys will know.

As for the baptism, got Elder Aldas hooked up with Alan.  Yeah buddy felt nice to get him a baptism. Now we will go to work a ful ha.

He is a cool dude.  He pretty much is a dentist just faults like an exam and he has it.  He wants to go to BYU so I'm helping with Ingles and him me with Spanish. So it's all just tranquilo now.  We went to the temple with the Familie Zelada. That was pretty dang....... yeah idk ha the trip with the little kids was crazy but it was super spiritual when we got there.  I can't wait to check out temples at home.  The creation room reminds me of our mountains.  It's super similar and yeah just might be our mountains.

Well hey for skype I think we will shoot for lunchish, if not then before.  If I can I'll call and give you a heads up. Ha just have the fam and Shonia on speed dial ha.

Love Elder Lindsay 

PS Wish goober a happy bday for me 

Having an amazing time visiting the temple with Familie Zelada.

I walked right into THIS.

In the Center with our Sign.

Elder Lindsay LOVES the children!

Elder Lindsay worked so hard to set Alan's baptism up for Elder Aldas.  I think he actually felt like a proud father.

Passed out 3,000 cards at the Center during the day.

With Elder Aldas