Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

Hey mom! Happy Mothers Day!

It was super good to see you ayer.  It was weird but good.  It will be cool to just be sitting in the house talking and stuff and then later go out and play ball with dad and Devin. Ha and then go run and get fit. The little things that would go on are ones that you miss on the mission.

But the truth
I don't want to be home yet. The work of the Lord is incredible. The other day we were on a bus to Hogar 3 and this Miley Cyrus song came on and it was super weird not to know what it was and it was wrecking ball! A song that you always hear but when I heard it it took me a sec to realize what it was.  Then when I did and started listening it it was pretty weird. I could pretty much feel myself being sucked back to like the normal world stuff. I'm pretty firm on the testimony of how close you are with the Lord when you are doing the Lord's work.  How different life really is from the world. Some times we should do a fast not of food but of everyday world stuff. It's pretty cool but yeah just what's going on. 

Hey love you guys and was super good to talk to you ha I'll see you during Christmas then!

Con mucho Amor
Elder Lindsay 

Mary's Baptism - Look at Elder Lindsay in his whites.  Looks AMAZING!!!

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