Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Momma

So I got the ol birthday packages this week.... I am honestly super excited to make some cake ha and as for those socks.... yeah those were the best as well. I have proselyted in the Jordans a few times already ha. Thanks a ton for that. We will get some cake in us as soon as we all feel a little better. Weather changed pretty fast the other week and I think that's what gave us all this little cold. I ate some ceviche, aka raw fish just cooked in lemon acid. I think that could be a little bit of the reason I started to get sick and now its just a normal sickness. 

Mission is going good. This lady came to church this week and just sat by herself.  None of the members or us missionaries invited her and so I was like freak yeah.  I went and put a baptismal date with her and she's gunna get baptized next week.  At least that's the plan. Her name is Meli or Meri. I couldn't understand her really and she has a little 2 month old boy named Luca. Haha  I was sitting by her during Sacrament and then BAM feed that baby. Ha yeah yesterday was national breast feed your baby day soooo yeah. I'm used to it, but yet do you ever get used to that? lol

Ha anyways hope your knee surgery goes good and clean and if you are laid up in bed you can always watch conference all day ha That's something we should have prolly done more of but then again we did get a lot of projects done haha.

Ight hey love you guys and be safe.
Elder Lindsay 10

(Dean's letter)
Hey pops, 

This might have to be fast. Learning that work ethic pays off.  We had a service last week and it was fun working with the city kids.  We had to dig these holes down a little further.  They were at 3 feet already.  I had three down and cleaned by the time they had finished one.  But yeah we are working a fool here.  We found some other potential baptisms but that doesn't mean anything unless they keep progressing so we will see how it goes. 

We eat almuerzo everyday.  If not I ask around and we get some so it's all good.  Ha freaking march madness.  I remember when I was a want to be... ha jk I wish I could fill one out. Hey tell goober hello when he comes out with his redhead. Might have to ruff him up a little. Tell mom goodluck for me and hey we will be skyping in like a month and a half so be ready ha. I have actually lost some weight, my pants fit a little better and yeah i think ive lost like 8 lbs but thats just guessing ha. 

Hey love you dude, and be safe.
Elder Lindsay 10

Got his packages.  HAPPY DAY.

Elder Lindsay's random leaf art. 

Elder Castro from Columbia

Elder Lindsay and Elder Shelton on pday.  The hand sign is like the way of saying cool, capo is the actual word.  It's an Argentine thing.  It's like the hang loose sign but the Argentina one. :) 

Couldn't resist picking this flower. 

Loves his skittles.

We all know the way to his heart.  FANCY SOCKS!

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey mom,

Ight so this week was pretty eventful. The first of the week we had these intercambios cruzados they're called.. it's like where any Elder goes with any Elder pretty much.  I was with an Elder Lopez from Mexico. He is a little crazy but I did learn from him. Since Elder Biggs I haven't really had a super good example so it's kinda just been like me going around with them and stuff but I figured that if I keep that up I'm not gunna be the missionary I want to be.  So this last week I just changed and it was cool. In the lessons I do most of the animating and talking and getting people what they need and I feel like we are doing a ton better. We have been working like a fool this week and I noticed that a ton of the members here don't even really know my comp who has been here for 3 months.  So I mean I think this will show him how we should be working too. 

Anyways something cool that happened was we were in this lady's house, Ana, and we were talking to her trying to see what she needed. And then both me and Elder Shelton both felt strong impression that we needed to give her baby a blessing. The baby is deaf by the way. But so while this lady was breast feeding her baby, haha it was kinda awkward, but we gave this baby a blessing. Now I was thinking that we were going to heal this baby right there but I ended up anointing the baby and Elder Shelton game her the blessing. In the blessing he asked that the docs could find a way to help the baby. Anyways long story short we came back the next day and she said the doctors think they can put a implant in to help. So yeah I thought that was a pretty cool milagro. We are working a fool trying to get some peeps to be baptised. Ha now that I've kinda taken over. Not really taken over but like I'm the one doing all the stuff. But anyways I've just kinda got this little fire to get some baptisms. But yeah that's where it's at.

As for the weather we just started fall so it's cooling down here. It is pretty nice. My shirts, a few, are starting to get a little yellow in some spots ha but here we have a member that washes them.  Haha sucks for her I know. But we go without the clothes for like 4 days so I kinda have to try to not over use them. Ight this is kinda just a long blob so I'll send it and then some pictures.

Love you and let the family and friends know I'm alive and yet to get robbed, bitten or poop my pants. Ha Those are the 3 things that they say happens to a true missionary ha so until then I'm a fake I guess.

Ight love you and chau

Elder Lindsay 

Someone lived here.  Their house blew down.

Central Cordoba

Central Cordoba with Elder Shelton

Nasty Soccer Blister

The New Living Space.
(Dean's letter)

Hey so this is the Elder Son talking.

So this week was pretty good.  We did see a bracket of the line up before they started playing but that's crazy they are over with.  Yeah anything can happen in sports. Like a freshman taking state. Tell me that wasn't crazy. 

Ha shoot sounds like you guys are just buying toys now, The camera sounds pretty cool and then the camper shell ha that's funny. I didn't think you would buy my truck a shell but thanks I'm sure when I go camping I will use it. 

This week was a good learning week for me.  So this whole week it's like I'm just here solo listening to a kid talk about video games. It gets frustrating sometimes.  But yeah it will help me a lot.  I feel like my comps have been pretty bad since Elder Biggs. Like they are cool yeah but with the work they aren't helping hardly at all.  But this transfer is different.  It's like my transfer to change and so yeah I'm learning a lot. I do pretty much all of the talking in the lessons.  It's cool.  It's one of those other challenges that I like. But yeah this week I put down 3 baptism dates.  They have to get married but hey at least I'm getting people somewhere.  I don't want to just be in an area and not help anyone. So yeah we have 5 couples we are working on getting baptized right now and a couple other peeps that are looking good for baptism. 

Ight there's the mission part. Ha keep me updated on what else you guys buy and how Devin does in track. I also herd that Nikole is getting married. That blew my mind. But yeah keep up the family stuff and tell granny happy birthday for me. 

Oh hey and also the 21st was the first day of fall here so yeah we will start getting cooler finally. 

Ight pops. Talk to you later old man stan 

Elder Lindsay 

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hey hope all is going great this week for you peeps.

This week was a great building thing for me.  Like I was saying earlier, my comp Elder Shelton, he has insomnia.  IDK if he doesn't like to work of what but I kinda feel like a dad ha. I have been doing all the contacts and everything. This will prolly be a rough transfer but hey I love a challenge ha. 
So as for my birthday week we went and did some services for this Peruano family almost everyday for a little while. It's awesome because we get done and are like ight we need to go and they flip out and are like no.  No matter what, you are eating before you leave.  So they fed us some dinners. They are awesome! The lady was having a baby shower on Saturday so that's why we were helping clean up and move a bunch of big stuff. There is an older grandma that lives there that makes the food. One night when we went to eat we were all sitting there and she went to sit down.  We heard this cat scream super loud hahaha she had sat on it.  She stood up and just threw it ha when you see the pics of her you have to imagine her.  It was so funny.

But the new area is good. We didn't have any investigators in church but we had 101 people there.  I had the introduce myself and I kinda freaked out because there was so many people. I'm use to like 10 to 15 people at church ha but it was cool. 

Right now the weather is pretty warm still. My nose is red again. I'll prolly have cancer for sure. Ha but in like May it will get colder they said.  It will start to cool down more by the end of March though I think. It rained the other day and was pretty fridged.

Dear grandma Shields... YOU'RE THE BEST ha some of that money will prolly go towards scripture cases. Ha love you!

So the area here is a little more dangerous. Ha now that's what you wanted to hear. But I won't have money or stuff with me so it's not that bad if I do get robbed.  The other elders in our pension got robbed of like 62 pesos the other day.  2 guys just pulled up and had a gun. That kinda stuff happens here a lot, so I'll just be smart and try not to beat them up. There is this very villa place called Hogar 3 that is dangerous. Ha but don't let that bug you. I'll just baptize the robbers.... in the dirt... with my fist. No but I'll let you know if anything happens.

Well that's where we are at now. Ha oh yeah soo Elder Coombs is in my district too.  That's pretty cool news for you.  We don't do a lot together but maybe we will go on exchanges here soon and work together.  That would be awesome. 

Hey love you guys and hope the best for the old longhorns in track.  My work outs have gotten pretty good here.  We have weights so I'm getting pretty swole. Ight that's all for this week.  

Love you guys.
Elder Lindsay 10

This is one cool dude.

My birthday night!

Ha, I have a dog too.

My birthday cake.

The birthday crew

Add caption

Someone lives here.

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Whats up Mother, Mom, Lady that I love?

Hey so yeah we were at the Lencina's for a bit last night and seen them this morning before I left. They said you talked to them so that's pretty cool. They are pretty awesome! I'll miss them for sure. But like they said I am in Cordoba.  I went from the smallest area to one of the biggest. It's called Las Flores.  It's in the South of Cordoba. It's the church we go to with the whole mission. Ha so it's the biggest Capilla in the mission. 

I was pretty sad to leave Elder Curtis.  He is a cool kid. I'm with Elder Shelton now. He has the same time in as Elder Curtis with like 19 months. He has a sleeping thing, insomnia.  Ha so we will see how that goes.  Today at like 6 we need to go to the hospital because he has bad kidneys too.  

But hey our pensión is prolly smaller and without a washing machine.... Ha but there are members that do our laundry so I guess we will see how that goes too.

Oh so yeah I think I was pretty dehydrated yesterday. We went and ate at this place and when we were walking back I felt like super light headed and some other stuff but long story short, I'm okay now.  I will just drink more water.

That's awesome Rylee got his call.  Ha hey tell him he will have to be an OKC Thunder fan now.  Freak yeah that's where it's at. But also it's ight he's in states.  It'll still be fun. Nothing like being in Argentina but every mission has its perks and downfalls. Just means something is waiting for him in OKC.

Mission is going good.  Still with greengos but hey I mean maybe God ain't worried about my Spanish idk ha but I love it. Thanks for the happy birthday wish.  I'll go cash that for a baptism or something.

Hey wish dork a happy birthday.  Oh and just wondering when that question will pop up with him and his girlyfriend ha but yeah happy birthday to that dork.

Well hope everything is going good at home.  We will get to go to the church and play some ball and watch a movie, so I'm pretty pumped about that.  Oh.. we have weights in the pensión too so Imma get swole haha prolly not but we will try.

Love you guys have a safe week.
Elder Lindsay 

Oh hey yeah my comp is from Utah too ha so yeah another one bites the dust.

The Chapel

Our Church in Almafuerte

Claudia's wonderful familia

Claudia's son.  Waiting for his mission call.

Got the freezer defrosted just in time for transfers.

Elder Mitchell from Vernal

Last picture with Elder Curtis

New companion.  Elder Shelton

The sandwiches he's been eating in Almafuerte

Weird butterfly/dragonfly bug

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hey so I heard about Devin's dog.  What the heck is doing? Ha really trying to take my shoes. But just worn him it will get his head stuck in a pipe the day of his farewell.. Good to hear you know what is wrong with your knee. That has to suck not being all limber like me. 
So this week for testimony meeting we got to hear and share testimonies. The branch president here is pretty cool.  He has cancer and is super faithful and living his life like it's not there.  You would never know.  So that's pretty cool. 

So yeah 200 days.. I didn't know that but thanks.  Hope everything is going good at home. We are still trying to get some less actives to church. We had intercambios this week with the zone leaders and I  was Elder Alanzo from Mexico again.  He's a cool dude.  We found some families and also this menos activo named Harley.  He is 73 and has a super crazy life story.  It's super long but long story short, he is a member.  We will be working with him to get him the priesthood and stuff.  Idk if I will see that happen though.  This Saturday will be the call to see where we go for transfers. I will prolly be leaving but not for certain yet. 

Oh hey yeah today we went to buy some empanades and this super drunk like 50 year old dude was like pestering us right.  He was like que lindo ojos tienas, like what beautiful eyes you have and then he like went to take my watch.  But I was like ight have a good day and we just walked off.  Ha so it was a pretty funny of an attempt to rob in the middle of the day. 

Butt yeah love you guys hope everyone is doing okay and that Devin sends a pic of his dog. Let me know what he names it.

Love you guys and have a great week.
Elder Lindsay

Going with the Zone Leaders.  Front, Elder Curtis & Elder Lindsay. Back Elder Alanzo and Elder Purser

The freezer.  It might need defrosted but it still works.

The Utah Crew - Elder Curtis - Springville, Elder Purser - Provo, Elder Lindsay - Altamont
He might not starve if he can buy this in Argentina.

Going on splits with Zone Leader Elder Alanzo.