Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Dear Mother Carol

Sorry for revealing your name there.  So about Knudson.  He was in Rio Tercero before me with Elder Biggs. He was a good kid. He knew Kyle so we were best friends. 

Ight that's all I have about him now. So Christmas, hey if you could send me a picture of the presents I got.  The screen was blurry the whole time so I couldnt see anything but hey it was super cool to see and talk to you guys.  It felt like I was home for a little bit.  Next time though you should just pass it around so I can talk to peole individually.  That's what Elder O´Hanley did and it was better I thought, but hey not saying to do anything.  Next day is mother's day so I'll talk to you the most for sure, but if Shonia is around that's cool too haha. 

Aw I know how Grandma Shields feels. It's super hot here too.  I couldnt sleep very good last night just cause it gets hot but it's all good. 

Hey I forgot to tell you this but.... FELIZ CUMPLE AÑOS!!!!!!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever ha now how old are you? 32? man you're still a young buck ha. 

That's cool someone still remembers me haha I hope they realize they helped my decision for the mission too.  They have some pretty good kids too. It's crazy to think we are all growing up and all that good stuff.

Wish Devin good luck for me. I don't have a ton to say. We will be going to Rio Cuarto this Wednesday so maybe we will have some good stories for you guys then. 

This Sunday I blessed the sacrament again.   I bless it prolly every other Sunday but anyways it was me and Elder O'Hanley blessing it.  I did the pan or the bread, because it was longer ha and he did the agua.  I read pretty fluent, so I was like a freaking latino.

Hey if you have questions ask me.  I don't know what to say so yeah ask me stuff for a longer response.

Just know I'm good here and love you all and hope you have a great new years and birthday and that Devin steps it up in sports and all that good stuff ha. Love you and talk to you next week.

Elder Lindsay

MTC District at the Cordoba Argentina Christmas Party
New kicks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23, 2014


Just imagine that Hello in a Spanish accent haha.
Hey good to hear from you.  So skype plans are to call from here at 2 to 2:30 anywhere in there and that means it will be 10 at home so let me know how that goes.

So you said it doesn't feel like Christmas with the rain??? Bienvenidos a mi mundo. Welcome to my world ha no it's pretty crazy to think I'll be spending Christmas away from home for the next two years. But also it's pretty crazy living the meaning of Christmas too. Like you aren't just thinking about what your gunna get people and all that stress stuff ha you put a lot of thinking into what the Savior actually means. Like Christmas being the nacimiento de Jesucristo. For some reason I feel like we never really celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, or we just skip over the fact that God gave us his perfect Son. That's pretty cool to think one baby that was perfect and yet denied by many, living a life in a way that gives everyone a perfect example to follow. We are pretty dang privileged to have that gift in our lives, like the gospel of Jesus, the teachings of Jesus Christ, all his life wasn't for us to over look the true meaning of Christmas. So for Christmas this year I guess that's kinda just one thing I'll change.  More than just presents and parties but what started it all, getting to be with family and stuff is pretty cool and stuff but Jesus is a stud so remember him at Christmas.

Well yeah now how about that picture frame?!?  Looks pretty dang good to me.  Especially with that mullet.  I was thinking the other day what all your grandkids will think haha freaking hick redneck, Aw man it was worth it though.  I at least have some mission pictures without it to show I wasn't totally messed up in the head.  I'll prolly grow another one with a beard when I get home. Now this time I'd be fat though. I got your package for Christmas, the one with the journal and high chews ha and as well as Shonias.  Good heck I hope you know she is pretty freaking awesome. Well I know you do but another reminder never hurts.

Mission is going good. Still super hard to get people to church here.  We had some "promises" and we went like heck on our bikes to get them to church.  The kid we were going to, when we got there he was like, oh sorry i have a girl here in the house I slept with last night and I cant just leave her here alone. So yeah stupid stuff like that happens about every Sunday, Satan really knows how to keep people in their home Sunday mornings I guess. Still no baptisms.  Frustrated, but I know it's not about the baptisms.  There are plenty of people to reactivate too so we'll try to knock 2 birds with one stone here this transfer.

Well hope everything is going good, Love you all and have a very Merry Christmas!

Elder Lindsay 10

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hola todos!

Okay so sounds like the house is pretty set for Christmas.  It doesn't quite feel like Christmas yet. It is always super hot and don't tell the Argentinians but I don't think a big fat man in a hot red coat wants to come and give them presents in this heat, haha.  I guess that will be my excuse for not getting present. Santa doesn't belong where it's hot on Christmas. But hey trees look good outside the house at home. I dont think I'll recognize any of our house when I get home.  Especially with my queen size bed gone! I was pretty sad at that one. Ha black doors too? eh hey i guess whatever pinterest has is really getting in your head mom.

 Hey tell the older lurp hello, ha idk if he realized I was gone. He's been with that red head for some time now ha.  Tell him to watch for airplanes while he has his head in the clouds. And happy b-day to the red head también.

How bout that New Testament.  I dont spend a ton of time in it.  But hearing a testamony of Jesus is pretty cool. Jesus was an awesome Savior.  As for christmas I was asking a few members today and also my companion what goes on and what time we Skype.  I guess it's around 5 so that is like 1 at home ha but I'll let you know next week with more detail. We have the mission Christmas party the 22nd so maybe I'll get like a present haha that would be cool.  I was thinking about like a notebook or laptop or something but idk if that will happen.  ha No Last year they gave ties to everyone so hey that will be cool.

Also tell Devin that basketball is a mental game as well as a physical game. The average athlete will run until they feel like they are tired and then quit.  Then there are athletes that run until their body is actually tired.  Your body can go crazy forever and still be good but mentally we start breaking up and thinking we can't go on.  The mental part is when you have to quit thinking you're tired and just keep going and giving it everything.  So it's physical and mental at the same time.  If you master them both what do you get?  A real athlete like Michael Jordan.  Conquer the mental!

Well you asked if I have been in any scary situations haha well I guess you will just have to wait two years before you get that answer haha. Well hey I know I didn't have a lot to say but I'll be here in Rio Tercero for the next 6 weeks and prolly 6 more after that but for sure these 6.  Hope everything is going great and love you all and make sure you tell everyone Feliz Navidad for me.

Love you and cho.
Elder Lindsay 10

The fiesta antes Papa Noel llegar

Just messing around before the transfer ends.

Santa O'Hanley

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014


Hey hope everything is going good en casa. It's easier to say stuff like that cause those kind of little phrases are printed in mi mente ahora. Sounds like that house has been getting a little make over. I'll probably think it's a different house when I get home. So a little story to get Devin scared! So I haven't played ball since ball season last year. I was like freak Devin might be able to touch me when I get home. So yeah yo tuve un poco miedo. But the other day I was walking with Elder O´Hanley and we passed a building with a door open and inside was a gym. We went in and there was some people in there so we asked if we could shoot around for a sec. They said sure.  The kids that were in the gym were on this championship team here in Rio Tercero.  They were anywhere from 18 to 28 so they were pretty good. My comp and I were and shooting around and then we asked if they wanted to play some 2 on 2. They agreed.  Ha might I add my comp has only played church ball before and is comparable to the wrestlers at ball ha ha.  But anyways we were playing these dudes in our church clothes with my slippery shoes that weigh like 15 lbs each.  We won! I was freaking on fire and yeah Devin better keep practicing. This extra weight I've gained just made me unstoppable haha.  But hey after they were interested in what we do so it wasn't just for a pick up game haha.

Well hey sounds like everything is going good. Transfers are this next week.  We will know by Saturday what's happening and then Monday are transfers. It's about 50/50 still but I bet I'm staying in Rio Tercero but no promises. 

The sisters here had a baptism this last week so good on them.  We cleaned the baptismal font and everything for them.  It's super hot here right now and they said to put just hot water in the font so we did haha.  I felt really bad.  Lets just say the investigator felt the spirit very warm haha. 

Well hey that's about all I have to say for this week so love you all and tell Dev good luck.

Elder Lindsay 10

Last week's baptism.

Before the haircut - Sorry about the scary face.

 After the haircut - Ready for zone conference.

 Companion Elder O'Hanley's bike.  It was a bad wreck.  There was a scorpion involved. lol

Her kidney stone. Yikes!  She is deaf and Dylan says she is AWESOME!!

With Elder O'Hanley
Being a King in a talent show.

She wanted a good picture with the missionaries.
I learned long ago that when Dylan cooperates for a picture, it's not going to be good.
I sure miss his goofball face!


Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

It was super hot so we went to the pencion to get some water.
Hey good to hear your talk went good mom, ha I was thinking about it Sunday. I'm sure I would have been proud. I didn't think you would actually frame that picture haha, guess I'll be more careful of what I send home.  No jk it looks good.. Really! Good. Ha tell Devin to take notes and maybe someday he will look that good. I'd say that to Koda too but he has a girl that likes him the way he is ha. No good to see they are alive. 
Oh and that present for you know who will be perfect! Tell Kristy Mushisimo Gracias for me. 
And Also Grandma Lindsay and Junior and Norita.  Money is always nice to have here. I promise I won't get robbed. Jk I cant promise that but I'll promise I wont have all the money on me when I do ha just to keep you on edge mom. 

So for Thanksgiving we had empanadas and then the bishop's wife, Hermana Matillio, had me write down some desserts that she could try to make so I wrote down everything I could ha and heck yeah she ended up making some pumpkin rolls and some other pie but yeah pumpkin rolls.  Tell grandma not to worry hers are still the best.

This Sunday was super good, except our investigator Natacha didn't make it to church because her 10 year son Kevin didn't want to.  We went to the house and she wanted to but he didn't so they didn't make it.  The sisters in this area have an investigator that is de 10, her name is Irma and she is getting baptized this Saturday so that's awesome. 

Well hope all is well back home ha mom yeah dulce means sweet but maybe amable is a better word to use ha the words literally mean what they mean here ha so yeah not as much slang, just saying. I knew what you meant but hey good job with it.  I enjoy reading it and seeing if you did it right ha. Castellano is fun.

Love you all and have a great first week of ball. Miss it but hey I can still grab the rim. The only difference is I score a soccer goal before I go grab it ha.

Bueno le amo mucho y porte se bien.
Love Elder Lindsay 10

Dylan's Letter To Dean:

So the packages of candy were good.  I ate some and my comp ate some and then I gave a lot to some members so they are all pretty well gone. I'll make sure to let you know if I need something else. Socks and everything are good. Shoes are wearing down slowly but they are still good. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that my pants were getting tighter but I haven't been eating near as much as before, which is a good thing. I think I've actually lost some weight. Ha good thing cause I don't want to buy new pants at 2 transfers into the mission ha. I've been doing my workouts still and my comp is like a big kid and I'm stronger than him. So yeah you best be scared when I get back ha. I look like a mut right now cause haven't cut my hair for a bit.  My comp didn't have money for it so we have been waiting but we will go this week. We have a conference in Rio Cuarto this Wednesday so I'll get it cut before we go to that. Well everything is still going ight.  Hope work doesn't get too crazy and have a good one padre
Love you and cho
Elder Lindsay