Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23, 2014


Just imagine that Hello in a Spanish accent haha.
Hey good to hear from you.  So skype plans are to call from here at 2 to 2:30 anywhere in there and that means it will be 10 at home so let me know how that goes.

So you said it doesn't feel like Christmas with the rain??? Bienvenidos a mi mundo. Welcome to my world ha no it's pretty crazy to think I'll be spending Christmas away from home for the next two years. But also it's pretty crazy living the meaning of Christmas too. Like you aren't just thinking about what your gunna get people and all that stress stuff ha you put a lot of thinking into what the Savior actually means. Like Christmas being the nacimiento de Jesucristo. For some reason I feel like we never really celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, or we just skip over the fact that God gave us his perfect Son. That's pretty cool to think one baby that was perfect and yet denied by many, living a life in a way that gives everyone a perfect example to follow. We are pretty dang privileged to have that gift in our lives, like the gospel of Jesus, the teachings of Jesus Christ, all his life wasn't for us to over look the true meaning of Christmas. So for Christmas this year I guess that's kinda just one thing I'll change.  More than just presents and parties but what started it all, getting to be with family and stuff is pretty cool and stuff but Jesus is a stud so remember him at Christmas.

Well yeah now how about that picture frame?!?  Looks pretty dang good to me.  Especially with that mullet.  I was thinking the other day what all your grandkids will think haha freaking hick redneck, Aw man it was worth it though.  I at least have some mission pictures without it to show I wasn't totally messed up in the head.  I'll prolly grow another one with a beard when I get home. Now this time I'd be fat though. I got your package for Christmas, the one with the journal and high chews ha and as well as Shonias.  Good heck I hope you know she is pretty freaking awesome. Well I know you do but another reminder never hurts.

Mission is going good. Still super hard to get people to church here.  We had some "promises" and we went like heck on our bikes to get them to church.  The kid we were going to, when we got there he was like, oh sorry i have a girl here in the house I slept with last night and I cant just leave her here alone. So yeah stupid stuff like that happens about every Sunday, Satan really knows how to keep people in their home Sunday mornings I guess. Still no baptisms.  Frustrated, but I know it's not about the baptisms.  There are plenty of people to reactivate too so we'll try to knock 2 birds with one stone here this transfer.

Well hope everything is going good, Love you all and have a very Merry Christmas!

Elder Lindsay 10

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