Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hola todos!

Okay so sounds like the house is pretty set for Christmas.  It doesn't quite feel like Christmas yet. It is always super hot and don't tell the Argentinians but I don't think a big fat man in a hot red coat wants to come and give them presents in this heat, haha.  I guess that will be my excuse for not getting present. Santa doesn't belong where it's hot on Christmas. But hey trees look good outside the house at home. I dont think I'll recognize any of our house when I get home.  Especially with my queen size bed gone! I was pretty sad at that one. Ha black doors too? eh hey i guess whatever pinterest has is really getting in your head mom.

 Hey tell the older lurp hello, ha idk if he realized I was gone. He's been with that red head for some time now ha.  Tell him to watch for airplanes while he has his head in the clouds. And happy b-day to the red head también.

How bout that New Testament.  I dont spend a ton of time in it.  But hearing a testamony of Jesus is pretty cool. Jesus was an awesome Savior.  As for christmas I was asking a few members today and also my companion what goes on and what time we Skype.  I guess it's around 5 so that is like 1 at home ha but I'll let you know next week with more detail. We have the mission Christmas party the 22nd so maybe I'll get like a present haha that would be cool.  I was thinking about like a notebook or laptop or something but idk if that will happen.  ha No Last year they gave ties to everyone so hey that will be cool.

Also tell Devin that basketball is a mental game as well as a physical game. The average athlete will run until they feel like they are tired and then quit.  Then there are athletes that run until their body is actually tired.  Your body can go crazy forever and still be good but mentally we start breaking up and thinking we can't go on.  The mental part is when you have to quit thinking you're tired and just keep going and giving it everything.  So it's physical and mental at the same time.  If you master them both what do you get?  A real athlete like Michael Jordan.  Conquer the mental!

Well you asked if I have been in any scary situations haha well I guess you will just have to wait two years before you get that answer haha. Well hey I know I didn't have a lot to say but I'll be here in Rio Tercero for the next 6 weeks and prolly 6 more after that but for sure these 6.  Hope everything is going great and love you all and make sure you tell everyone Feliz Navidad for me.

Love you and cho.
Elder Lindsay 10

The fiesta antes Papa Noel llegar

Just messing around before the transfer ends.

Santa O'Hanley

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