Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014


Hey hope everything is going good en casa. It's easier to say stuff like that cause those kind of little phrases are printed in mi mente ahora. Sounds like that house has been getting a little make over. I'll probably think it's a different house when I get home. So a little story to get Devin scared! So I haven't played ball since ball season last year. I was like freak Devin might be able to touch me when I get home. So yeah yo tuve un poco miedo. But the other day I was walking with Elder O´Hanley and we passed a building with a door open and inside was a gym. We went in and there was some people in there so we asked if we could shoot around for a sec. They said sure.  The kids that were in the gym were on this championship team here in Rio Tercero.  They were anywhere from 18 to 28 so they were pretty good. My comp and I were and shooting around and then we asked if they wanted to play some 2 on 2. They agreed.  Ha might I add my comp has only played church ball before and is comparable to the wrestlers at ball ha ha.  But anyways we were playing these dudes in our church clothes with my slippery shoes that weigh like 15 lbs each.  We won! I was freaking on fire and yeah Devin better keep practicing. This extra weight I've gained just made me unstoppable haha.  But hey after they were interested in what we do so it wasn't just for a pick up game haha.

Well hey sounds like everything is going good. Transfers are this next week.  We will know by Saturday what's happening and then Monday are transfers. It's about 50/50 still but I bet I'm staying in Rio Tercero but no promises. 

The sisters here had a baptism this last week so good on them.  We cleaned the baptismal font and everything for them.  It's super hot here right now and they said to put just hot water in the font so we did haha.  I felt really bad.  Lets just say the investigator felt the spirit very warm haha. 

Well hey that's about all I have to say for this week so love you all and tell Dev good luck.

Elder Lindsay 10

Last week's baptism.

Before the haircut - Sorry about the scary face.

 After the haircut - Ready for zone conference.

 Companion Elder O'Hanley's bike.  It was a bad wreck.  There was a scorpion involved. lol

Her kidney stone. Yikes!  She is deaf and Dylan says she is AWESOME!!

With Elder O'Hanley
Being a King in a talent show.

She wanted a good picture with the missionaries.
I learned long ago that when Dylan cooperates for a picture, it's not going to be good.
I sure miss his goofball face!


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