Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Hey mother,

Hope the heat isn't getting to you guys too bad.  Sounds like you have a sauna room working. Ha or the AC is out. Same thing.  That sucks but sounds about like here during the summer ha it's super hot everywhere. Right now it's pretty chill. It's perfect lately.  The weather stays the same all through the night and day. It's just cause it's been cloudy but it is like the perfect fall weather.  Everyone loves it all day. It's weird cause it's suppose to be cold but it's nice right now. 

Yesterday we had the family that we cast the demon out of their house at church. They like everything so far. The mom smokes but yeah we are helping them with that and just to understand the commandment of what they should and shouldn't do. Here in Argentina it's normal to go sleep with your mate without being married so that's always kinda a problem with the law of chastity. Ha so yeah changing people or making them realize what they are doing is wrong is hard at times. I was reading in the end of Alma when the 2000 Warriors and stuff and just how cool they are being youth and how important it is to strive in the gospel when they are little. Ha might be weird but makes me excited to teach my little dudes or dude-ets the gospel.
So yeah the church building is a little different here.  The building is unique for sure.  They are all tile and yeah they don't have the same design. 

Hey hope you guys have a great 4th of July and I'll talk to you on Shonia's birthday ;) ha love you guys and chao.

Elder Lindsay 
Before our service
After the service

The hamburgers for the activity.

The fattest dog I've ever seen.

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hey mother!

Hope the week went good for you guys. For Father's Day we went and visited some families that didn't have their dads or their dads left and stuff like that and it was pretty cool. At church we had 3 investigators there and they liked it a lot so we will see how they go.  And their snakes. Ask around someone might know what it means.

We had intercambios so I ended up with Elder Wilkinson in Santa Rosa.  He is a cool kid and we have a ton of stuff in common it was kinda too weird how similar our lives were. But it was cool to get to work there.  It was just like Utah.  I should be good for another year before I come home.  We were over there Monday night until Wednesday morning. We had to bike to this area an hour away crossing 2 rivers with a bunch of hills. We played a lot of soccer Monday so by Wednesday I was pretty dang sore. We talked to a preacher and changed his mind about religion and this less active family that was mad at God is now praying.  I think it went okay. We got a flat while there so by the time they got it fixed it was dark and we had to head back to Santa Rosa. 

Hope everything is going good at home. Wish I could have been there for Father's Day but hey someday we'll have an asado so it ain't that biga deal. 

Love you guys and be safe. Keep after Devin, 
Love Elder Lindsay 

(Elder Lindsay's letter to his dad)

Whats up papa!

Hey man what's a happenin?

Hope you had a good Father's Day at home. Wish I was there but at the same time I know it's better I was here with the families that lost their dads. Made me realize how cool a dad I got. Always been a big example for me and everything with sports and working and stuff.  Like that was to at least make you happy or proud. Hope me on the mission goes in that line but yeah just know you are a big reason for why I am the way I am. Ha and if I turn out rough... it's your fault haha no but yeah thanks for being the padre that you are. Maybe next year I'll make an asado for your birthday ha but I think some smoked food would be better ha we don't have any of that around here. 
So for Father's Day we had a lot of people in church.  It was really cool. We showed them the basptismal font and hopefully we can get them baptized. They are girls around our age so maybe. We found lots of drunk inactive members on Father's Day.  They were all at home and drinking so it was easy to find them and talk to them.  We will be passing by to straighten them up. And yeah other than that Father's Day was good.  We also went to this sisters house that her husband got killed by the town's people a year ago.  Me and Elder Aldas went and visited her to see if she was okay. Her kids go crazy when I get there.  They all want to talk to me about 50 different things and yeah all in Spanish haha.  It's cool but not at the same time. 

So yeah that's how it's been going.  This week I went to a place called Santa Rosa and it's just like a mix between Park City and Tabby Mountain.  It was cool. We road bikes an hour to and an hour from the area. It was pretty hard on the buns but it was worth it. Loved being in Utah again ha.

So yeah pops just know I'm safe and I love you. Hope everything is going good with the family. Keep after the midget and Koda. mom too ha. 
Elder Lindsay 

Coolest Missionary Picture Yet!

Feeling at home
Am I in Utah?

Our night time ride crossing two sketchy rivers.

Our Empanadas

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

So this last week was pretty interesting. We had a few services and I was the only one doing anything.  Maybe one day I'll have a comp that likes to work ha. No it was good though.  We shoveled a ton of sand for cement from the front of this house.  Then cut the grass.  Another service was cutting grass with a shovel again. Ha I cant imagine how nice a lawn mower would be. I found a big toad on one of the services.
This week I tried some cow heart, ha.  We were walking done the ghetto and seen this little parrilla stand.  We asked if they were selling and yeah long story short we got some cow heart with rice for 15 pesos.  It was pretty dang good to tell the truth. My rice is better though.

Last Saturday we had a really interesting day. We went to lunch in this super ghetto area.  Turns out the neighbors were fighting dogs.  So I grabbed my camera to go take a pic but I think they seen me before so they stopped and were just looking over in my direction.  So I did the whole secret camera around the corner thing and when I looked at the video after the dude was just looking at me haha I got kick out of that. Anyways after lunch we went and were walking through this other ghetto and this lady called us over and asked what church we were from and stuff .  She said that weird stuff had been happening in her house. She said to come by in like an hour so we went and found a couple of pretty cool new missionaries and came back to cast out the demons. When we walked in the house it was pretty weird dark feeling.  It gave both me and my comp a headache but after we explained the authority of God and that his priesthood is back on the earth we gave a blessing on the home and yeah it was pretty cool and peaceful. After we gave the mom of the family a blessing of health. We had to go to commercial, the city part, for a lesson and there we taught about the restoration and how they can understand the gospel and we then gave another blessing of health to the lady there.  She was getting ready to have surgery on her ears. So yeah then we had to go to the pension and while we were there my comp was like just in this weird mood and said he couldn't be himself and felt weird. So we blessed him to and then he felt better. It's super cool to be able to witness the priesthood and be a part of it. But yeah this is long now ha hope everyone is doing good.  I got to go now. 

Love you guys and chao
Elder Lindsay 

The dog from the dog fight.

This is a plátano.  It's not a banana.  You fry them and they are a lot like french fries


Tired Elders after their service.

The service crew.

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Dear Mother Mia 

So sounds like it was a pretty active week. I guess since you sent 50 pics I'll send a picture or two.
That was pretty cool to see my name on the plaque. Loved that. As for Chet. That's super crazy! I did know him and holy freak that's crazy. Kinda makes you open your eyes to possibilities. Sad.

Ight so now for your questions...
Investigators are good. This week we found a kid named Lioneli.  We went and picked him up for church and he WENT. He has a date for the 20th the be baptized. He is cool. We were contacting and everything and his dad looked outside and then left and then this kid came out. He is 13 and pretty dang cool. He said he was the only one that believes in Jesus in his family and that he wasn't baptized.  So yeah we got him on list. Also he has a couple siblings that hang around and listen when we talk, trying not to be interested but you can tell they are. 

There is this girl, Jessica, that has 4 kids and her husband died. She is 24 years and yeah we are helping her out. A guy named Fabio that we are trying to get to church. He knows the church will help him ha he is just going to the wrong church and likes to work alot on Sunday.  This mom named Dora that has a daughter that is a member.  She isn't married so she can't get baptized. There are a few like that but yeah we have lots of people that we are working with right now. Ha the days go by soo fast it's hard to plan and visit them all but it's the life.  Having to think about planning for someone's salvation. Wow!

The Temple here is a blessing a ful! We are getting the message across easier in how they can be sealed forever to their family and help their loved ones get their ordinances. It's cool to see that the work on both sides of the veil gets increased pero mal with just one temple. The people that weren't sealed are and the people that weren't married have a little more drive so yeah it's pretty nice.

The temple is like 45 minutes away from my area by taxi so no we can't see it. Ha I don't think anyone can unless they are pretty close.  The houses and everything are really close together so not much room to see in the air around you.  But yeah it's by the Mission President's home so he can see it and we get pics from them.

So we have lunch everyday here from members.  If we don't it's cause we didn't have their number to confirm it or they had to do something else, or they just forgot but then I have time to practice cooking rice, ha mom... I bet I cook better rice than you now ha. But that's how the food is.  And for laundry... just know I have my ways in the mission.  Ha we have a lava la ropa now. look it up.

So that's how everything is going. It's still hot here.  Last week was like summer but here soon it's supposed to get cold. 

Oh hey the other day this super super drunk guy was talking with these kids and then was like "hey Mormons!" So I went over and we started talking.  He was out of it and knew how to say "hello" in English and asked me to tell him something else in English.  So I said "You. Are. Drunk."  So he went around saying "you are drunk" and then when we were going I went to salud him and his legs gave out and I was holding him up ha. Things that happen are pretty funny here. 

But yeah that's just one of the many stories. Hope you guys are doing good. 

 Love you and talk to you next week.

Elder Lindsay 

Elder Aldas and Elder Lindsay

I got this France shirt from this plava for 10 pesos, ha a freaking buck man! but I just got it cause it was small and I thought it was funny, fits my form huh?

A selfie for my momma

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hola Mama,

So Transfers are today but we are all staying the same in the pension. The only difference is that they closed down an area so they didn't have people in their zone.  So now we are going to be in a different zone. 

That's super cool that Westley and Rylee are getting out there.  I'm glad to be where I'm at now but I wouldn't be here if I never started.  So it's good to see them go out.  Watch and you will see the change. It's super weird how the Lord kinda just takes care of you when you are doing what you should and letting the natural man go. But hey things here are going good.  We are finding a ton but it's still just getting them to church that's a pain. We will be trying pretty good this week to commit peeps to church and we'll prolly just drag them cause if not they wont go. 

So with the Spanish translations, there really isn't another translator unless you use an Argentine person because they have their own slang and everything so no matter what you prolly won't understand it.  But if it bugs you bad, just save it and I'll translate it when I get home. 

So hey everything is going good. Hope everyone at home is good and let me know what the life is like. Can't believe graduation was last week.  Freak I have like 10 months in here soon and it is flying. Kinda makes me sad but it's all worth it. 

Love you guys and be safe. 

Elder Lindsay