Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hola Mama,

So Transfers are today but we are all staying the same in the pension. The only difference is that they closed down an area so they didn't have people in their zone.  So now we are going to be in a different zone. 

That's super cool that Westley and Rylee are getting out there.  I'm glad to be where I'm at now but I wouldn't be here if I never started.  So it's good to see them go out.  Watch and you will see the change. It's super weird how the Lord kinda just takes care of you when you are doing what you should and letting the natural man go. But hey things here are going good.  We are finding a ton but it's still just getting them to church that's a pain. We will be trying pretty good this week to commit peeps to church and we'll prolly just drag them cause if not they wont go. 

So with the Spanish translations, there really isn't another translator unless you use an Argentine person because they have their own slang and everything so no matter what you prolly won't understand it.  But if it bugs you bad, just save it and I'll translate it when I get home. 

So hey everything is going good. Hope everyone at home is good and let me know what the life is like. Can't believe graduation was last week.  Freak I have like 10 months in here soon and it is flying. Kinda makes me sad but it's all worth it. 

Love you guys and be safe. 

Elder Lindsay 

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