Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hey mother!

Hope the week went good for you guys. For Father's Day we went and visited some families that didn't have their dads or their dads left and stuff like that and it was pretty cool. At church we had 3 investigators there and they liked it a lot so we will see how they go.  And their snakes. Ask around someone might know what it means.

We had intercambios so I ended up with Elder Wilkinson in Santa Rosa.  He is a cool kid and we have a ton of stuff in common it was kinda too weird how similar our lives were. But it was cool to get to work there.  It was just like Utah.  I should be good for another year before I come home.  We were over there Monday night until Wednesday morning. We had to bike to this area an hour away crossing 2 rivers with a bunch of hills. We played a lot of soccer Monday so by Wednesday I was pretty dang sore. We talked to a preacher and changed his mind about religion and this less active family that was mad at God is now praying.  I think it went okay. We got a flat while there so by the time they got it fixed it was dark and we had to head back to Santa Rosa. 

Hope everything is going good at home. Wish I could have been there for Father's Day but hey someday we'll have an asado so it ain't that biga deal. 

Love you guys and be safe. Keep after Devin, 
Love Elder Lindsay 

(Elder Lindsay's letter to his dad)

Whats up papa!

Hey man what's a happenin?

Hope you had a good Father's Day at home. Wish I was there but at the same time I know it's better I was here with the families that lost their dads. Made me realize how cool a dad I got. Always been a big example for me and everything with sports and working and stuff.  Like that was to at least make you happy or proud. Hope me on the mission goes in that line but yeah just know you are a big reason for why I am the way I am. Ha and if I turn out rough... it's your fault haha no but yeah thanks for being the padre that you are. Maybe next year I'll make an asado for your birthday ha but I think some smoked food would be better ha we don't have any of that around here. 
So for Father's Day we had a lot of people in church.  It was really cool. We showed them the basptismal font and hopefully we can get them baptized. They are girls around our age so maybe. We found lots of drunk inactive members on Father's Day.  They were all at home and drinking so it was easy to find them and talk to them.  We will be passing by to straighten them up. And yeah other than that Father's Day was good.  We also went to this sisters house that her husband got killed by the town's people a year ago.  Me and Elder Aldas went and visited her to see if she was okay. Her kids go crazy when I get there.  They all want to talk to me about 50 different things and yeah all in Spanish haha.  It's cool but not at the same time. 

So yeah that's how it's been going.  This week I went to a place called Santa Rosa and it's just like a mix between Park City and Tabby Mountain.  It was cool. We road bikes an hour to and an hour from the area. It was pretty hard on the buns but it was worth it. Loved being in Utah again ha.

So yeah pops just know I'm safe and I love you. Hope everything is going good with the family. Keep after the midget and Koda. mom too ha. 
Elder Lindsay 

Coolest Missionary Picture Yet!

Feeling at home
Am I in Utah?

Our night time ride crossing two sketchy rivers.

Our Empanadas

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