Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

So this last week was pretty interesting. We had a few services and I was the only one doing anything.  Maybe one day I'll have a comp that likes to work ha. No it was good though.  We shoveled a ton of sand for cement from the front of this house.  Then cut the grass.  Another service was cutting grass with a shovel again. Ha I cant imagine how nice a lawn mower would be. I found a big toad on one of the services.
This week I tried some cow heart, ha.  We were walking done the ghetto and seen this little parrilla stand.  We asked if they were selling and yeah long story short we got some cow heart with rice for 15 pesos.  It was pretty dang good to tell the truth. My rice is better though.

Last Saturday we had a really interesting day. We went to lunch in this super ghetto area.  Turns out the neighbors were fighting dogs.  So I grabbed my camera to go take a pic but I think they seen me before so they stopped and were just looking over in my direction.  So I did the whole secret camera around the corner thing and when I looked at the video after the dude was just looking at me haha I got kick out of that. Anyways after lunch we went and were walking through this other ghetto and this lady called us over and asked what church we were from and stuff .  She said that weird stuff had been happening in her house. She said to come by in like an hour so we went and found a couple of pretty cool new missionaries and came back to cast out the demons. When we walked in the house it was pretty weird dark feeling.  It gave both me and my comp a headache but after we explained the authority of God and that his priesthood is back on the earth we gave a blessing on the home and yeah it was pretty cool and peaceful. After we gave the mom of the family a blessing of health. We had to go to commercial, the city part, for a lesson and there we taught about the restoration and how they can understand the gospel and we then gave another blessing of health to the lady there.  She was getting ready to have surgery on her ears. So yeah then we had to go to the pension and while we were there my comp was like just in this weird mood and said he couldn't be himself and felt weird. So we blessed him to and then he felt better. It's super cool to be able to witness the priesthood and be a part of it. But yeah this is long now ha hope everyone is doing good.  I got to go now. 

Love you guys and chao
Elder Lindsay 

The dog from the dog fight.

This is a plátano.  It's not a banana.  You fry them and they are a lot like french fries


Tired Elders after their service.

The service crew.

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