Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Hey mother,

Hope the heat isn't getting to you guys too bad.  Sounds like you have a sauna room working. Ha or the AC is out. Same thing.  That sucks but sounds about like here during the summer ha it's super hot everywhere. Right now it's pretty chill. It's perfect lately.  The weather stays the same all through the night and day. It's just cause it's been cloudy but it is like the perfect fall weather.  Everyone loves it all day. It's weird cause it's suppose to be cold but it's nice right now. 

Yesterday we had the family that we cast the demon out of their house at church. They like everything so far. The mom smokes but yeah we are helping them with that and just to understand the commandment of what they should and shouldn't do. Here in Argentina it's normal to go sleep with your mate without being married so that's always kinda a problem with the law of chastity. Ha so yeah changing people or making them realize what they are doing is wrong is hard at times. I was reading in the end of Alma when the 2000 Warriors and stuff and just how cool they are being youth and how important it is to strive in the gospel when they are little. Ha might be weird but makes me excited to teach my little dudes or dude-ets the gospel.
So yeah the church building is a little different here.  The building is unique for sure.  They are all tile and yeah they don't have the same design. 

Hey hope you guys have a great 4th of July and I'll talk to you on Shonia's birthday ;) ha love you guys and chao.

Elder Lindsay 
Before our service
After the service

The hamburgers for the activity.

The fattest dog I've ever seen.

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