Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Hola mama!

So this week went by all right.  Frustrating at times but yeah ha it was pretty cool. Got bit by my first dog haha. It only got me with like one tooth and so it wasn't bad. A little blood was all that happened so we are good. 

This could be the last week I'm in this area so we are going through the area book good and tracking down all the old investigators that we haven't yet so that the next transfer they have something to work with. 

Ha It's super wierd to see Elder Curtis finishing the mission here soon. He had like 18 months when we were together and now he is ending. Makes me scared how fast this next year will go. I honestly love the mission and all you learn here. But more than anything the change that you see with the people.  Just knowing they have knowlege of the truth is cool. What they do with it now is a different thing ha the whole albedrio thing plays a big role but it's still cool to teach.

Sounds like it was an interesting week in the states ha the big birthday of The USA and Elder Packer passing away. Crazy what goes down ha and how sad it is that we don't know until Mondays ha, pretty out of the world loop. But good to hear everyone is still going at home. 

Love all you guys and hope to hear from you next week. Oh and whoever reads this, its Shonia's Birthday so send her a Feliz cumpleaños.

Elder Lindsay 

The dog bite. 
A little of my cooking. 

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