Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Week one in Cross of the axle was pretty good. Cruz del Eje is a Branch but it's like the center of the branch.  My area is the only one that has a church, the other areas in our zone are all houses. I'm in the zone Noroeste or north west. All the areas here are ran by the mission not the church so it's pretty cool. In my district there is Chamical which is 2 hours away in LaRioja and then Dean Funes is about an hour. I have 6 elders in my district and live in a pension with the Zone Leaders. My Comp is Elder Tabares from Columbia with 3 months in the mission. He is from the same group as my son. In the pension there is Elder Muños from Nicaragua with 22 months and also Elder Southwick from Kanab with 22. Ha ight so that's what the area and mission is like here.

The people here are a bit different than in Las Flores. There are a bunch of folks that don't know how to read or write and those that do just learned recently but it's a cool place.  There are alot of nice peeps that like to talk so in that sense it's good ha. 

This last week we went to the branch president's house and dug down an olive tree ha. Yeah dug down. It was funny. The Nicaraguan kid was watching me work and asked what I did before the mission and stuff. In the end he would ask me what to do.  Like how to work haha and then he would tell everyone that I'm from the country. Ha I don't know what it means but I guess being from the country means you work hard.

So as for the camera it's lost for sure I'd say. Ha if anyone sees a camera here or anything of value it's automatically theirs so yeah I will prolly get a camera I seen in a shop. Its a nikon too. There was that and then a olympus but the nikon had lots better optics and stuff for like 10 bucks difference so yeah I'll see if I can get that soon so you can get your pics. 

The language is going good. I dont have a problem talking or understanding.  It's more just working on the accent and fixing little mistakes.

Ight mother mam. Love you, hope your week goes good and that the little kids pórtense bien y hasta la semana que viene. Les amo Mucho!!

Con todo mi amor 
Elder Lindsay 

Thank goodness for Companions.  These pics are all from Elder Lindsay's new companion. 

He's always wanted to be a cowboy. lol

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