Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Dear Mother Mia 

So sounds like it was a pretty active week. I guess since you sent 50 pics I'll send a picture or two.
That was pretty cool to see my name on the plaque. Loved that. As for Chet. That's super crazy! I did know him and holy freak that's crazy. Kinda makes you open your eyes to possibilities. Sad.

Ight so now for your questions...
Investigators are good. This week we found a kid named Lioneli.  We went and picked him up for church and he WENT. He has a date for the 20th the be baptized. He is cool. We were contacting and everything and his dad looked outside and then left and then this kid came out. He is 13 and pretty dang cool. He said he was the only one that believes in Jesus in his family and that he wasn't baptized.  So yeah we got him on list. Also he has a couple siblings that hang around and listen when we talk, trying not to be interested but you can tell they are. 

There is this girl, Jessica, that has 4 kids and her husband died. She is 24 years and yeah we are helping her out. A guy named Fabio that we are trying to get to church. He knows the church will help him ha he is just going to the wrong church and likes to work alot on Sunday.  This mom named Dora that has a daughter that is a member.  She isn't married so she can't get baptized. There are a few like that but yeah we have lots of people that we are working with right now. Ha the days go by soo fast it's hard to plan and visit them all but it's the life.  Having to think about planning for someone's salvation. Wow!

The Temple here is a blessing a ful! We are getting the message across easier in how they can be sealed forever to their family and help their loved ones get their ordinances. It's cool to see that the work on both sides of the veil gets increased pero mal with just one temple. The people that weren't sealed are and the people that weren't married have a little more drive so yeah it's pretty nice.

The temple is like 45 minutes away from my area by taxi so no we can't see it. Ha I don't think anyone can unless they are pretty close.  The houses and everything are really close together so not much room to see in the air around you.  But yeah it's by the Mission President's home so he can see it and we get pics from them.

So we have lunch everyday here from members.  If we don't it's cause we didn't have their number to confirm it or they had to do something else, or they just forgot but then I have time to practice cooking rice, ha mom... I bet I cook better rice than you now ha. But that's how the food is.  And for laundry... just know I have my ways in the mission.  Ha we have a lava la ropa now. look it up.

So that's how everything is going. It's still hot here.  Last week was like summer but here soon it's supposed to get cold. 

Oh hey the other day this super super drunk guy was talking with these kids and then was like "hey Mormons!" So I went over and we started talking.  He was out of it and knew how to say "hello" in English and asked me to tell him something else in English.  So I said "You. Are. Drunk."  So he went around saying "you are drunk" and then when we were going I went to salud him and his legs gave out and I was holding him up ha. Things that happen are pretty funny here. 

But yeah that's just one of the many stories. Hope you guys are doing good. 

 Love you and talk to you next week.

Elder Lindsay 

Elder Aldas and Elder Lindsay

I got this France shirt from this plava for 10 pesos, ha a freaking buck man! but I just got it cause it was small and I thought it was funny, fits my form huh?

A selfie for my momma

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