Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

It was super hot so we went to the pencion to get some water.
Hey good to hear your talk went good mom, ha I was thinking about it Sunday. I'm sure I would have been proud. I didn't think you would actually frame that picture haha, guess I'll be more careful of what I send home.  No jk it looks good.. Really! Good. Ha tell Devin to take notes and maybe someday he will look that good. I'd say that to Koda too but he has a girl that likes him the way he is ha. No good to see they are alive. 
Oh and that present for you know who will be perfect! Tell Kristy Mushisimo Gracias for me. 
And Also Grandma Lindsay and Junior and Norita.  Money is always nice to have here. I promise I won't get robbed. Jk I cant promise that but I'll promise I wont have all the money on me when I do ha just to keep you on edge mom. 

So for Thanksgiving we had empanadas and then the bishop's wife, Hermana Matillio, had me write down some desserts that she could try to make so I wrote down everything I could ha and heck yeah she ended up making some pumpkin rolls and some other pie but yeah pumpkin rolls.  Tell grandma not to worry hers are still the best.

This Sunday was super good, except our investigator Natacha didn't make it to church because her 10 year son Kevin didn't want to.  We went to the house and she wanted to but he didn't so they didn't make it.  The sisters in this area have an investigator that is de 10, her name is Irma and she is getting baptized this Saturday so that's awesome. 

Well hope all is well back home ha mom yeah dulce means sweet but maybe amable is a better word to use ha the words literally mean what they mean here ha so yeah not as much slang, just saying. I knew what you meant but hey good job with it.  I enjoy reading it and seeing if you did it right ha. Castellano is fun.

Love you all and have a great first week of ball. Miss it but hey I can still grab the rim. The only difference is I score a soccer goal before I go grab it ha.

Bueno le amo mucho y porte se bien.
Love Elder Lindsay 10

Dylan's Letter To Dean:

So the packages of candy were good.  I ate some and my comp ate some and then I gave a lot to some members so they are all pretty well gone. I'll make sure to let you know if I need something else. Socks and everything are good. Shoes are wearing down slowly but they are still good. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that my pants were getting tighter but I haven't been eating near as much as before, which is a good thing. I think I've actually lost some weight. Ha good thing cause I don't want to buy new pants at 2 transfers into the mission ha. I've been doing my workouts still and my comp is like a big kid and I'm stronger than him. So yeah you best be scared when I get back ha. I look like a mut right now cause haven't cut my hair for a bit.  My comp didn't have money for it so we have been waiting but we will go this week. We have a conference in Rio Cuarto this Wednesday so I'll get it cut before we go to that. Well everything is still going ight.  Hope work doesn't get too crazy and have a good one padre
Love you and cho
Elder Lindsay

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