Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014


So I'm writing this on a members computer and it's slow so this might be short. Things that I'm most thankful for on the mission... probably either my family or just the opportunity to give the gospel to the people here. It is sad to see how families are so spread out compared to our weird little family, Makes me grateful to have everything I have, including my socks. But yeah I'm for sure a lot more grateful for the examples we have in our town.  Lots of the people here aren't good examples for their kids or their neighbors or anything so it's awesome to come from a town where everyone is close and just makes the church special. Also I'm grateful for the family.  I don't think i realized how important a family was until setting down and reading my patriarchal blessing and just everything is so special and sacred.  Oh and I'm thankful for the states.  We are a blessed people with a blessed land for sure. 

Bueno that's what I am thankful for.  And yes I've had a good share of grido helado. Grido is the store name and helado is ice cream but yeah I've had a good amount of ice cream and only like 6 bloody noses so hey that's cool too ha.  Oh yeah i received 4 packages.  Ha you prolly should only send like 1 or 2 packages a month just cause they charge me to receive them.  That or put money on my card for them and then send away haha.  I got the freaking awesome Christmas tree and then the stuffing with candy and then also other candy ones.  Yeah i got 4 and everyone was so jealous haha awesome mom thanks.

Well like I said this was gunna be short.  Hope all the family is doing good.  Love you all and porta se bien. Lots of love, and have an amazing thanksgiving!

Elder Lindsay 10

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