Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014

Hola me mama amado!

Hey so this pday. We went to Rio Cuarto for our zone conference yesterday, so we didn't have time to email.  It was kinda crazy.  We were at this guys house named Gustavo and I was like man we got to go or we are going to miss the bus peeps! But we sat there forever and Gustavo wanted to make us an asado but we had to go.  We ended up still missing our bus at 7 so we had to get a bus to Almafuerte at 8:30 and then catch another bus to Rio Cuarto. We made it there about 11 but yeah ha good stuff. This happened Sunday btw.

But hey mission is doing ight. This week went a little slower because I swear I'm like the senior companion haha. No Elder O´Hanley is chill. He is from sin city but he's a good kid. He is fun to talk to.  It sucks though because I read better than him in Spanish so I'm like... Well crap now how am I gunna learn Spanish.  No i'ts good though.  This will help me learn to study and all that good fun stuff. He just never went over the grammar stuff so I'll be slower learning Spanish this transfer. He has the same time as Elder Biggs so he will prolly die here in Rio Tercero.  Haha hopefully I'm here so I can inherit all his stuff haha like the converter y los cosos. But yeah don't worry about me.  I'm not one to have a low head, unless its like the last game of ball or something. Those always got to me. 

But in answer to your email.
So big sis Ave be dating now. Thats crazy ha keep her around in case I need a fade haircut again. And yeah tell her to watch out for those stupid peacocks... Stupid things.

Ha good to hear you fixed the lawnmower, and even better you didn't get hurt. I'll still say maybe next time if that happens stay on the mower till dad gets home haha.

So man that hunk on the church board... Yeah who was that?  Said he was in Cordoba Argentina... Oh hmm would you look at that.  That's me! ha looks good, and tell Grandma Shields hello for me, and also let me know how Joe is.

Ha so yeah there are people here that if I don't shave for a stinking day they think I'm like 25.  One guy thought I was a doctor haha and then I talked. No but he really thought I looked like a doctor con mi poco barba. but yeah I feel bad for the kid that looks like he is 12, ha i can only imagine. Oh yeah hey good on CJ too. I wish everyone could see how important the stuff with church is. But hey ellas tienen su albedrío. Ha I hope you like these little inserts of Spanish once in a while. 

Super sad to hear about Pyper. Prayers to that family.

So idk if I've got any packages yet.  I think so but the dang elder over mail is lazy and didn't get it in time so we have to wait till December until we get mail ha yeah sucks but it's ight. Only 2 years.

Hope all the family is doing good. Ha don't be thinking I'll have an accent because I'm around my greengo comp and yeah already said that but just saying for Christmas.

Well hey love you all to death and back. Keep me updated on everything. Tell Ryan and Allen thanks for writing and emailing me.  I appreciated it and hey until next week. Buenas nachos! That's what I say at night...( I know its wrong btw) 

Love you and later
Elder Lindsay 10

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