Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Dear Family

So this week was kinda sad. We had transfers and Elder Biggs got transferred.  Now I have a new companion from Las Vegas named Elder O´Hanley. He is pretty cool but I can tell it won't be like Elder Biggs.  We were pretty close. But that's alright.  I'll just have to grow up I guess haha. 

I had to go to Cordoba this last week for some legal stuff and seen my district.  I guess the rest of my district from the MTC comes this transfer too,  so that's cool.  Also went to sleep at like 2 in the morning during this transfer because I had to go with Elder Biggs and drop him off. So that was a late night.  But I was with the office elders and they took me to a McConalds haha, it was cool. But yeah I'm back in Rio Tercero right now.  I'm still being trained but I'm like helping him out to know the area.  Man, mission is crazy.

When I went to do all that legal stuff I guess the people in the office thought I was a Visa waiter too so they had all my mail in the office.  I had like 10 letters.  So yeah, tell people to send them and have their emails on their letters so I can at least email them back, I'll try to send a letter to grandma and you guys and Shonia like once a month if I can.  It's just real pricey so don't be offended if you don't get them. Also I hear some packages are getting here faster.  One elder got his in a month and I asked the elder in the office if I had one and he said he thought I might.  But he also said some got sent home cause they couldn't go pick them up right away.  So let me know if you get one back.  I doubt it was mine but yeah. Ha Mail is so cool to recieve cause it is tangible and stuff so send away.  I'll try to keep it all.  When you send it, you should send a nice journal that has an okay amount a paper cause my two little ones idk if they will make it. 

Have devin get a 17 for Christmas we can have shoot offs and he can't complain haha

We have a ward in our area.  We are also over an area called Almafuerte.  It's to the west of us. But we don't go there very often anymore unless they have someone ready to get taught or something. But no only like 20-40 people go. So yeah it's small.  There are places in Cordoba with like 150+ people. Church is new here.

Mission is great. At times I miss you peeps.  Ups and downs of living in a small town.  You get really attached to the people you have in the town. Just a warning for anyone. 

Anyways I'm about 160-165 pounds right now and solid as a rock....Or mud.  I think they are about the same, but imma keep working out haha I might get fat but I'll have a layer of muscle under that fat at least haha

Love all you to death y tanga buena semana
Le amo mucho y gracias por toto ustedes hacen para me . No se si esta es correcto pero suerte. 

Ha Love you all and bye

Elder Lindsay

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