Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hola mama y amigos (Hi mom and friends)

Dear Mother and family and whoever else that reads this.

In reply.
So that's crazy you are friends with President.  You prolly have more contact with him than me but hey that's cool. He is a cool guy.  Fun to talk with in the English that he learned and he has a thick accent so that's fun. Yeah I keep track of how many days I've been out.  Today is like 75 or 76 I think. But I'm not trunky, That's what they call people that are ready to go home.  I'm here for the long run so don't think me keeping the date is bad.  It's just cool to know. 

Devin Devin Devin............. You should prolly get your work in when it's due.  No one is gunna hire an employee that waits till the due date to turn stuff in.  Teachers will be a lot easier and willing to give you an A if you just turn it in and they don't have to grade late work... Easier to brown nose is what I'm sayin ha.

Still no packages.  They say it's like 4 months mom! But I haven't gotten any mail like letters or anything so yeah.  There could be stuff at the mission home that we have to wait till the zone meetings to get.  Which the next one will be like the 15 of November.  They're usually at the beginning of the transfers but not this one. So I'll let you know if I get anything then. 
Oh I also bought a jersey so that's why I don't have any money... It's nice mom and I'm a sucker for cualidad (quality), 

Suits fit fine.  I was smiling weird in that pic and it made my cheeks look fatter than they are.  I'm really not that swollen. Nothing is too tight.  This nice work out plan will keep me lean.  Even if I ate a tub of ice cream today.... That killed my stomach haha bad idea but we have 2 more haha.

Well mission is going good I guess. It's still a bit nerve racking to talk to people in Spanish.  Just cause I freak out when they talk to me.  When they talk to other people I can understand them fairly good I think but then they talk to me and it goes right over my head. But it's good. I like it. Struggles are good for me right now. I learn more I think.

We have a bunch of people we are talking to but none came to church so that sucked. Elder Biggs said it's always been like that so I guess we will just keep working on them.  The Lord can definitely soften there hearts though.  I wouldn't mind that at all. But no the mission makes you realize a lot of things for sure. Cool to have a better understanding of what life is really about. Well hey hope all is well with the family, let me know if anything new happens. I'll send some pictures now. 

Elder Lindsay 10 

Hanging with members. I'm pretty sure this 
picture needs enlarged and on my wall!  Love it.

Elder Lindsay and Elder Biggs

Elder Lindsay making friends. :)

Touring a Museum on Pday

The work out plan is working.  He is determined to not 
come home chubby. LOL  We'll see about that.

Hanging out with members

The pench owner's dog.  His name is Oso (bear) and they let him in all the time.  

Elder Lindsay on Pday

Elder Lindsay and Elder Biggs with their Zone Leaders

Back in the day they had a bomb factory and one day some went off and blew up
some of Rio Tercero. It killed 7 people and this is one of the bombs they found

Our District

A boxer's trophy collection in a Museum.  If only they could see 
Elder Lindsay's room full of trophies and medals.

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