Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Dear family.

Ha so it's crazy dad actually got an elk.  Like what is this ha but don't be too proud it was just a baby.... Nah it's good ha maybe he will actually let me get one when I get home.. Ha but no that's good.

Hope Dev does good at region.  Just remember it's mental Devin.  Just think of how bad it sucks while your running.  And remember if you're behind someone there is always the chance that they poop themselves and it gets on you.  So just run past them and all of a sudden you'll be at the finish line. Ha enjoy the activities while you have it cause i think I'm gonna be way out of shape when I get home. 

So while you say it's cold at home it's getting super hot here. I am starting to get a little tanner so that's cool.  Send me some pics of the snow so I can look at them for Christmas haha.  We had like a picnic kinda get together thing today with the sisters in the district and also a family Colaso. Colaso is the last name.  Instead of saying the Lindsay family here we would be the familia Lindsay.  But yeah family Colasa was there and they fed choripán so it was good. We did our shopping today also and I am starting to get more healthy stuff.  Oh and milk doesn't do anything to me here! Haha I've had bags of yogurt and nothing happened so yeah that's awesome!! The humidity sucks when it's really bad. Like right before or the day after a storm. We are suppose to be going into the rainy season here so we'll see how that goes.

I've got to ask Dylan to be sure but this is what I found when I searched for choripan.

Ha how's about you can hang one of my mullet pictures and then when I get home you can put up my after mission picture.  That would be cool.

And no we don't get to use iPads.  We have one cell phone that Elder Biggs has to call members and to talk to the other missionaries.  We are like one of the only ones that have a washer.  President is trying to get washers in every penchion. That's what our house thing is called. I cant wait for a dryer!! Clothes aren't as nice when they aren't fluffed up.

Ha the awkward guy named Javiar that we teach learned English for 9 years in his house, so we teach him in English.  He was super surprised when I said I was 18.  Also he was super impressed that we aren't all caught up in sex and drugs and that we are serving a mission and only get to talk to our families 2 a year.  So yeah he is gonna get baptized.  We just got to get his catholic wife on board and I'm pretty sure that'll be easy.

Oh and I haven't even got the letters that you guys sent.  Packages take many months so yeah.... Ha I'll be lucky to get it for my birthday I think. But hey it's all good.  I'll let you know what and when stuff makes it.  Ha just plan on me having a Christmas in 2016.

So about divorce... they just passed a law here, well they all voted on it. But there are a lot of famalies that are living together but can't get married cause they were married before.  To get a divorce you had to pay a ton of money, so they would just not get divorced.  But now they passed a law that all you have to do is send in a peice of paper and then they pass it off, then you can get remarried. But yeah if they aren't married they are breaking the law of chastity and stuff so yeah now people can start getting divorced and remarried so we can baptize them!!! how about that ha.

But hey that's about all for now.  Stay humble always cause this is crazy compared to the USA, Love you all tons and talk to you next week.

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