Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hello family!!!

So I dont have a ton of time. We are in the terminal at Rio Cuarto waiting to get a ride back to Rio Tercero. Ha I had a ton of mail so I'll for sure have to finish reading it all later. That was crazy about Hanberg and Brooklyn. Poor kid. He is pretty chill. 

A map to show the distance from Cordoba to Rio Cuarto

Hope everything is going great back home.  Mission is going pretty good. We have a lot of work to do here. Some days it's frustrerating cause the people have a really hard time following through with commitments or we will ask when we can come back and when we get there they send their kids to the door and say they aren't home. But it's not bad. Only when we walk or ride or bikes along ways.

Ha so the other day we were eating at The Colasa families house and it was like this stew stuff but not really.  But anyways I thought it looked kinda really weird and had some interesting textures in it but I downed like 3 big plates of it.  They had talked about what it was while we were eating but because I don't know Spanish, I was like chowing down.  When I got done they asked me what it was and I had no idea.  I was like the insides of a cow so yeah that was fun. I just deciding I'm gunna eat everything and until i don't wake up in the morning I'm gunna eat everything.

Conference was good. We watched the first two seasons in Spanish which was hard but the next day, because bishop loves us, he set us up with English on so that was good. Made me think about just chillaxing when I get home with some female (Shonia) and you guys watching it. We should all prolly watch those ha. 

We found this guy that is very awkard to talk to.  He is super honest and shy and you guys would laugh soo hard at him.  Cause I mean it's very hard not to. I know that's mean. But he is a blessing because he has learned  English for 9 years and he is very interested in the church. But his wife definitely wears both pairs of pants in that relationship and she is super catholic so yeah hope that goes good.

There is another lady that I'm sure we will get to baptize. She is from Brazil I think.... ha I say think cause I don't speak Spanish but we have been to her house a few times and they are richish. It's super weird cause there is no middle class.  They're either super poor in a shack or rich and stuck up. So it's good to find the humble rich people. But yeah she is at Buenos Aires now voting for Brazil's president and then when she gets back we will teach her more. She had a dog that got hit by a car when we were there and she was crying and it was sad. We didn't know why till after. She had me pull up my facebook and so I showed her a picture of spud and told her what happened and idk maybe it helped her. Anyways yeah I don't have a ton to say right now. We left at 8 last night and got to Rio Cuarto about 10 so yeah we have a 2 hour bus ride here soon back. but it's good.

The weeks go by pretty good but at times a start thinking about home.  That's just the gringo in me. Thanks for making home perfect. Yeah it'll be super cool to meet back up with everyone after the mission and all the new friends too.

I didn't have any mail yet.  The only other time I think I might get some is tomorrow.  We have interviews with the president so maybe he might have some.

Yeah tootsie rolls, candy corn, idk I crave that stuff here ha.  So don't take anything for granted. 5 min showers suck and yeah joys of the mission. I still gotta love it but I like it now. Well I hope everything is going good. Tell Dork hello, and Devin. Dork is Dakoda, also give Kim a high five for getting his hands on grans house.

Love everyone 
talk to you next week.

Elder Lindsay 10

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