Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hello family!

Okay so this is in reply to your email first mom. So yeah you know the situation with my wallet ha yeah i feel super dumb and irresponsible for that but hey we'll figure it out. 

It was good to hear Drake made it out alive.  I was worried for him for a bit ha just cause he's a bud I guess.

So the food that president was talking about was empanadas and they were pretty good, and the drink was pritty. They have siesta here so for lunch we always usually go to members houses for that and yeah they have some pretty good food here. I eat like three plates full cause I'm used to eating like 6 plates in the MTC. But thats also because we dont have very big breakfasts and dinners cause the one at lunch is big. There aren't many members here. It's super weird cause we had so many in our ward. But back to the food and the pritty. President said that without those two things we won't get baptisms. He is a really cool guy. He let's us watch Disney movies if we want on p day. But we couldn't today because I guess it's some holiday here in Argentina so all the rental places were closed.

So about the package and mail stuff.  In your emails send away! Ha I could get like 5+ pages and be good, I like reading English stuff.  It makes me feel not so dull ha.  But yeah packages take like 3-7 months to get here.... You can send them I'm just saying don't send stuff that will go bad.  There's always the chance it wont make it too and they send it home. But yeah American candy would be amazing!!! Like star burst and all that, high chew, laffy taffy.. idk anything ha their candy they give us is pretty much cough drops ha. But it also costs a ton to send stuff out like letters so thats why I'll not be sending hardly anything home.  I'll just bring you stuff in 2 years.

Who did Dev go with to homecoming? Ha curious. Oh and you all better watch yourself.  So far I'm up to like 100 push ups every morning so yeah imma keep gaining too ha, call me hulk if you'd like it's up to you.

So this week, it was pretty hard, idk if it's cause I lost my wallet or what.  It was just hard, I feel naked without one and yeah.... worst feeling ever to be 5000+ miles away without something like that. But as soon as I get over that I'll focus on the mission I think. 

Trying to understand the people is hard because most of them are old and they I would swear slur there words but I get the most part of what they say I think. OH YEAH ha hey so this area is a biking area and we ride like a flipping ton on our bikes like definatly over 12 miles some days.  Ha and they don't have shocks and after the first day with the rock hard seats I'm pretty sure I damaged my butt, haha.  I couldn't sit on the bike the rest of the week so I road it standing up. O MY GOSH that was the craziest pain ever haha but it's fun. 

My area is Rio Tercero. It means the third river but it's like 2 hours south of Cordoba so yeah look it up. 

We got a bit of good contacts this last like Friday and Saturday.  So possibly we can get them to be baptized.  You have to teach them the principles and get them to go to church 2 times before you can baptize them. There is conference this week that if they go to a session that counts too.  So we have the opportunity to get some baptisms here soon. 

My trainer's name is Elder Biggs from Gilbert, Arizona and he is a pretty cool guy.  He has been doing a good job with me from what I can tell ha. I'm suppose to ask a guy to get baptized tonight. His name is Oscar.  There are many people that we are gunna ask but he was the first person I ever seen here so yeah that would be cool to get him. 

I had to share my testimony Sunday in Spanish and all the stuff I wanted to say left my head.  So yeah I felt dumb but its ight. It was like my 4th day here. Oh so I ended up leaving those charger attachments at the mtc and turns out I needed them... Ha yeah another dumb move but I can get them here so that's ight. This is prolly good for this week.  I have more but I can save it for next week, ha this is getting long as well. I'll try to send some pictures.

Keep me up to date on how all the family is and whats going on.

Love you all and talk to you next week.  I expect emails ha. Oh yeah your letters aren't here either so ya might just want to email.

Love you and peace!
Elder Lindsay 10
Saying goodbye to Elder Minaga.

The District before leaving

The spider in his place in Argentina. 
Yes I will be checking his luggage thoroughly 
when he gets home to make sure there are no hitch hikers.

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