Monday, September 15, 2014

September 9, 2014

  Dear Mom, Dad, Devin, Dakoda, and whover else reads what I reply to my mom's letters

So It sucks to hear that your work wants you to go in the office. It's prolly cause they know you like your job at the school alot better. I imagine there is alot of drama involved with that whole situation but since I'm the missionary I'll just say pray about it. I'd rather see you be happy then frusterated. That's only if you have to choose between the two though. You can be frustrated and happy though haha.
     Sounds like Devin is doing good. Imma have to blame that one on dad ha. I mean I know your old and stuff dad but I'm thinking it's time to bring Shaq back. It wont be as hard to do cause it's Dev and not me ha. I imagine you'll let him beat you too cause you "feel sorry for us" ha. Devin..... Let me give you some words of wisdom.... We have the same blood. Just because I was fairly successful in sports and stuff like that doesn't mean you can't be either. It's kinda crazy what a little practice and a little want and drive can do for you. Success isn't given it's earned. 
     Oh and when you said that some people said I glow, you have to remember that although a gifted athlete I'm still white. So with the right amount of sun and sweat with the right angle it might look like I'm glowing ha. 
        O man today it rained like crazy for like 2 hours and there was like a river on the road. I'll send pictures to you.
            Man you are definatly redneck ha sending those leaves in the package.  Thanks btw for the drink mix and the ties and everything!!!! You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!
        In the evenings there are whistles from what i assume to be a team practicing and between that and driving by the track I get goose bumps and my adrenaline starts pumping pretty good. Ha even if I have gained 10 lbs it would be fun. 
      Dad. Sounds like you made the ride to the ranch a bit less sketchy ha. That rack was a pretty big problem I thought. I coulda sworn that everytime we drove to the ranch we were going to die because of how bad it would sway. 
     O mom you might be crazy yeah but that's not why the kids don't talk to you. They know your my mom and because I'm so disaplined they think your strict haha.
      So Sister Williams, our teacher came in and talked to me like last Saturday while I was writing our Mission President and kinda had like a little meeting thing with me for a sec.  She said for me to write you and let you know how I've changed. She said I'm super patient and humble so heyoo ha. No but I always used to think that I never felt the spirit and it was kinda hard for me to believe I guess you could say, in stuff like the church. But when I was reading my patriarchal blessing it talks about how I will be blessed and blessing will role forth in my vida (life). After reading this I know that I've had the spirit in my life almost all my life and thats why it's hard to feel the spirit unless it's super super strong. So thank you for raising me the way you have.
  Dad I dont tell you your the best dad in the world often or at all but I know and hope you know you're the best. Ha yeah you're right that was too gushy.  On the manlier side of things me and Elder Coombs wrestle some nights and he's got nothing on me. So you best watch yourself when I get back ha. 
      The garmets all worked out like I said.  They send them and I have the new ones already so thank you. Ha yeah um there wasn't a building called that and it was upstairs not down haha.
      We get our travel plans this Friday so then I'll know what's going on. Thats crazy to think it's almost time to leave. I don't feel ready yet ha but hey that's part of the experience. Gunna be kinda funny to try and talk with people in Argentina ha.
      Right now in the MTC or CCM we teach 4-5 investigators and soon we have to skype with members that are pretend investigators in Argentina so that's cool too. Also this Thursday is the day I have to get the shot, on the 11th. If I'm not better by then I'll go and see the doctor. 
      Ha so the new teacher we have is Brother Turley and he married his girlfriend that waited and he got a 22 on the act score. It's like looking at a future me haha there is still hope!!!! 
     Tell all the family hello and let me know how everyone is doing. Gma Sheilds, Hows Brady, And whoever else i dont hear about.

Well thats about it for ese letter, gracias por todo hacen, Thanks for all you do.

Love Elder Lindsay 10

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