Monday, September 22, 2014

And He's Off

After a phone call in Salt Lake City this morning and one this evening from Atlanta, Georgia Elder Lindsay is off to Argentina. He will arrive tomorrow morning in Buenos Aries, Argentina. From there he will have another flight to Cordoba. So by tomorrow night, he should be in Cordoba, Argentina. And let me just say, I definitely recommend a disposable cell phone for missionaries traveling out of the country. Without the cell, we would not have been able to talk to him in Salt Lake City because they were running close on time and the conversation in Georgia would have been very brief. And one of the other elders borrowed the phone because his calling card wasn't working. Anyway, note to self - get a disposable cell for kids traveling to missions outside of the US. A real must. Dylan sounded GREAT! Loved hearing some of the language that he has been working so hard on for the last six weeks. And as for his pneumonia... He sounds like he is feeling much better. No coughing and no fever. We are so excited for Elder Lindsay. I can't wait to hear from him when he arrives in Cordoba, Argentina. :)

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